Foxhole, an online WWII military MMO game developed by the Daybreak Game Company, is facing a labor strike involving the in-game manufacturing industry. The employees of this Chinese company were fired after they raised complaints with their boss and decided to go on a virtual work stoppage (so that everyone wouldn’t have to lose out due to layoffs) which resulted in Foxholes players engaging in combat against them.

WWII MMO players Foxhole stage in-game labor strike over virtual manufacturing issues


One of the things that sets Foxhole apart from other World War II games is that it enables players to participate in the conflict’s production and supply processes (in addition to, you know, fighting in it). And it’s precisely this element that gamers are using to influence the game’s evolution.

A group of 1,800 gamers has vowed to go on a virtual strike until the game’s makers fix some of the game’s most serious issues. Players are putting the fight to a stop with this attack. After all, if no one is building the tanks, who is going to deploy them?

The strikers listed 11 faults with the production process that they want rectified. Furthermore, it seems that snowstorms might occur “on the opening day of a conflict.”

“We have no wish to upset the game’s balance, and we have no intention of making the game less interesting or enjoyable for anybody,” the player group said. “We want to foster a positive relationship between the devs and our community, as well as boost user retention and improve the gaming experience.”

If this is your first encounter with Foxhole, we recommend reading Sam’s Fite or Kite column, which discusses this unusual title.


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