The Un’Goro LFG tool has been in the works for a long time. Ever since the LFG system has been in the game, players have been requesting a better system. In the past, there have been a few LFG tools that have been implemented, but none have been released. This time around, the developers have been working hard to create a better LFG system, and it will be released soon. The new system will have a wide variety of new features, and the team is looking forward to releasing it.

Blizzard Entertainment has announced an overhaul to the tools available to players in World of Warcraft Classic. It is both an extension of the game’s existing LFG system, and an improvement to the process of finding groups. Scheduled for release with the game’s 20th anniversary, the new tool will be called “LFG Notifier”, and will notify players of all available LFG groups within the game.

The WoW Classic LFG tool has been in beta for quite some time, and it’s been improved in a number of ways since its inception. Most notably, the tool allows players to specify their character level instead of their playing time. This is a great feature, since in the future there may be players who want to play WoW Classic at a certain time in the future, and they can join in and be matched with others who are currently at the same level, instead of having to wait for someone else to finish first.


While the current version of World of Warcraft’s searching for group tool debuted with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, many younger players may be unaware that The Burning Crusade featured an older — and less comprehensive — version of the tool. This is the mechanism that will be introduced to WoW Classic later this year, but it will be much improved over the original.

While this version of the LFG tool does not automatically queue players for dungeons, it does allow users to register for up to three different activities (dungeons, raids, arenas, etc.). It’s essentially a method to form groups without having to scream into the vacuum of the LFG channel.

So, what’s the major difference this time? WoW Classic’s LFG tool, unlike the original, will enable players to queue in groups as well as solo. This will be an excellent method to assist partly formed parties in filling up their rosters and getting started exploring.

“The original Looking for Group interface in Overlords of Outland got some behind-the-scenes enhancements in Overlords of Outland. While we’ve maintained the classic appearance and feel, these enhancements should make it even better than before, with additional activities, group listings, and other features,” Blizzard stated.


WoW Classic’s upcoming LFG tool boasts a big improvement WoW Classic’s upcoming LFG tool boasts a big improvement World of Warcraft players always wanted an easier way to find groups to run dungeons or raids with. The upcoming “LFG Tool” that Blizzard announced recently is coming to WoW Classic, and it’s a huge improvement over the current method. Why is it a big improvement?. Read more about wow classic eu news and let us know what you think.

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