The top 12 places with the highest levels of homescapes are listed below. Homescaping is a growing trend in which people decorate their outdoor areas to make them more beautiful, functional and enjoyable. This includes gardening, landscaping and seasonal decorations like Christmas trees.
1) Nevada 2) Florida 3) California 4) New York 5-8t…

The “highest level in homescapes 2021” is the highest level that Homescapes has to offer. It is a game that can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android.

What is the highest level of homescapes? |


So, how many levels does Homescapes 2018 have?

There are now 2505 levels. Every Thursday, 15 new ones are added. I’m on a Mac and the highest level is now 2,310, so it must be dependent on your hardware.

Also, in terms of gardenscapes, what is the highest level? YouTube – GARDENSCAPES HIGHEST LEVEL 2601

As a result, what level does Homescapes reach?

Get on Facebook as soon as possible! While Homescapes enables you to join a team after you reach Level 36, the top teams are almost always already filled.

In Homescapes 2020, how many levels are there?

Now that the game has surpassed 300 levels, it will begin to reveal all of the mansion’s secret chambers. To proceed in the game, you’ll need to finish all of the puzzles in your own time. Your Homescapes area will become fresh and filled with new stuff as you continue through the game.

Answers to Related Questions

How many levels of Homescapes are there in 2019?

Homescapes has tens of thousands of levels. The highest level is 2850 as of August 11, 2019. They used to add 25 levels every week on Thursdays, but in the past few weeks, they’ve started adding 35 levels per week.

Is it simply a matching game in Homescapes?

Playrix launched Homescapes in September 2017 as a free-to-play video game. Gardenscapes spin-off Homescapes has the same gameplay premise as Gardenscapes, mixing basic match-3 mechanics with a well-developed plot. Austin the Butler, the game’s protagonist, is likewise the same.

Gardenscapes or homescapes: which is better?

The main difference is that there are more prizes for Gardenscapes than for Homescapes. You may cultivate plants and spin a gaming wheel to get a range of power-ups as well as a few hours of unlimited lives. Read on to learn all there is to know about the game, including how to make butterflies emerge in Gardenscapes!

In Homescapes, how can you win cups?

Champion’s Tournament

  1. The goal of the Tournament is to win fantastic prizes, which you may earn by finishing in the top 10 on the scoreboard.
  2. By completing unique levels and winning gold cups, players may move up the leaderboard. For each level you complete, you get one cup.
  3. The earlier you join the Champion’s Tournament, the better the prizes!

What are the different types of rooms in homescapes?

  • Lake House is a house on the water.
  • Cabin.
  • Studio.
  • Bakery.
  • Dock House is a place where you may stay if you

In homescapes, what follows after the Orangery?

The game returns to the home after the orangerie/garden, and you redecorate the Living Room.

How many levels does Gardenscapes 2019 have?

15 new levels are added every Thursday. There are 3720 levels as of this week (March 6, 2019).

In homescapes, what are keys?

What are the keys that my teammates are gathering? Players that complete all of the current levels get access to the Key to Victory event, which has a unique set of levels. Players get keys after completing these levels, which they may use to open prize chests. You won’t be able to get keys any other way.

In homescapes, how can you obtain complete lives?

2) Go to your iOS or Android device’s settings. 3) Select Airplane mode. 4) Go to your date and time settings and disable auto date and time so you may change the current date to the next day. When you open Homescapes immediately, you’ll have all five lives back.

Are you able to finish all of the homescapes?

Homescapes is a match-3 game with levels. Unlike other match-3 games that utilize a map and enable you to relive previous stages, Homescapes simply allows you to play the current stage. You’ll gain one star for each step you finish, and you’ll be able to advance to the next level.

Is there a game that is similar to Homescapes ads?

“Homescapes” is a story-driven Match 3 game that has been rather popular. This gaming commercial problem has been around for years, with even advertising on the Super Bowl — excuse us, the Big Game — getting chastised for presenting video that didn’t look anything like the actual game.

In homescapes, what role does the hand play?

You can switch two neighboring pieces without executing a move by using the glove. This booster may only be purchased while playing a level.

Does it cost money to create gardenscapes?

Gardenscapes is a wonderful place to visit. Restore a beautiful garden to its former splendor by raking your way through a plot packed of surprising twists and turns! Gardenscapes is a free game with certain in-game purchases that may be made with real money.

On Gardenscapes, how can you go beyond level 25?

Level 25 is the game’s first difficult level. To defeat it, first clear some room to work with, and then then begin gathering the gnomes. 1. As quickly as feasible, destroy the boxes around the field’s edges, then concentrate on unchaining the lower pieces.

What is the location of Playrix?

Playrix is a Dublin-based worldwide developer of free-to-play mobile games.

What is the best way to earn gardenscapes coins?

You may push yourself to a broad range of activities in the game, and you’ll need stars to accomplish them. You will be awarded with a considerable quantity of money if you accomplish the jobs that the game sets you and fill up the completion bar in the task menu to 100%. The number of coins varies.

What is the total number of levels in Homescapes 2018?

The highest level is 2850 as of August 11, 2018. They used to add 25 levels every week on Thursdays, but in the past few weeks, they’ve started adding 35 levels per week. I am now at level 3050 as of 10/04/2018.

The “homescapes level 7000” is the highest level of homescapes, and it is not even the final one. The game continues to have levels that are harder than this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many levels are there on Homescapes?

A: There are currently 5 levels and one bonus level.

How many days are in Homescapes?

A: Homescapes is a game with 210 days.

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