Valorant is excited to announce the release of 4.7 and features a new, improved LATAM feature which allows players from Latin America to play with their friends on our platform. Readers can join Valorant at, where they will have access to amazing games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and DOTA 2 for free!

The “valorant update today” is a patch that was released by Valorant. The patch includes a new LATAM region, as well as other minor changes.

Valorant Patch 4.7 Notes - Release Date, New LATAM

Patch 4.7: Valorous Notes - Release Date, New LATAM Servers, Bulldog and Stinger Changes

Valorant’s version 4.7 is expected to launch this week, with the patch notes confirming the date as well as the inclusion of additional servers for the LATAM area and other features.

The release date for Valorant’s patch 4.7 is set for April 13, which also happens to be the day both League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics get new patches.

Patch 4.7: Valorous

Patch 4.7: Valorous Notes - Release Date, New LATAM Servers, Bulldog and Stinger Changes

Patch 4.7: Valorous Notes - Release Date, New LATAM Servers, Bulldog and Stinger Changes

Changes to the Bulldog and Stinger weaponry, as well as additional detections for various sorts of AFK-like behavior, are included in the latest patch for the free-to-play shooter.

All of the improvements that Valorant 4.7 will bring to the game once it becomes live, as disclosed by developer Riot Games, are listed below.

Server Updates for Valorant 4.7

  • In Latin America, we’ve added a new set of servers that should assist with latency there.
    • Not long after 4.07 goes online, it’ll switch on!

Weapon Updates for Valorant 4.7

  • While pulling up the weapon to aim down sights, Bulldog and Stinger now delay firing inputs (ADS)
    • Prevents you from gaining accuracy boosts in burst mode before they complete lifting your weapon.
    • Switching to burst shooting in the middle of a battle comes at a modest penalty.
    • While going back to full auto/hip fire mode, you may still shoot right away.
  • Ability-based weapons* may now be queued to be equipped once the current action is completed.
    • *Chamber weapons and ultimates for Neon, Jett, and Raze are included.

Updates to the Valorant 4.7 Store

  • The VP purchase page should now load in a fraction of a second (previously, it would take more than thirty seconds in some instances)

4.7 Social Updates that are Valorous

  • In rotating game modes, additional detections for various AFK-like behaviors have been included.

Bug Fixes in Valorant 4.7


  • Yoru could utilize a weapon right after his ultimate by leveraging an undesired interaction with ropes, which was fixed.
  • It was no longer able to detonate the Spike while channeling abilities due to a glitch.
  • On Ascent, Skye’s Seekers can once again break past the impenetrable doors.


  • Fixed a problem that prevented comms-restricted players from hearing team voice chat.
  • Fixed an issue in which players were not always removed from the game immediately after being banned.


  • A issue that caused performance incentives to appear at inopportune periods has been fixed.

System of Games

  • Fixed an issue where you may end up holding the Spike instead of your last equipped weapon if you momentarily tapped the “Use Spike” button to plant the Spike.

Valorant is a free-to-play PC game that is currently accessible.

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The “valorant 4.0 update size” is a patch that was released on the 9th of June, and has some new features for LATAM players. The release date for this patch is unknown, but it will most likely be released in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the new Valorant update out?

A: Yes, the update was released on January 23rd.

How do I fix patch Valorant?

A: Please see the following link on how to fix your PS4 game file.

How do I upgrade early Valorant?

A: You can upgrade early by purchasing a Season Pass for the game.

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