With Bloodborne: The Old Hunters releasing in just under a month, which weapons are you going to take with you into the second half of the game?  For the sake of keeping things concise, there will only be ten weapons included in this list, and only two of them will be considered weapons that you will probably be able to get in the game itself (as opposed to unlockables).  Obviously there will be exceptions, but you will probably be able to get your hands on most of these in the game proper, with the exceptions marked in red.  The only weapons that I will be considering unachievable in game are the Dual-Wielding Axes and Dual-Wielding Waltzes, and I will be

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters is coming out later this year, and we’ve decided to give you a sneak peak at what is coming in a new feature called the “Top 10 Bloodborne Weapons in 2021”. These are the weapons from the “Bloodborne” video game franchise that we predict will be the most useful and popular in the “Bloodborne: The Old Hunters” DLC

As bloodborne weapons in video games keep becoming more and more realistic, we could see a lot more bloodborne weapons in video games in the near future. One of the most interesting bloodborne weapons that we could see in video games in the upcoming years is the Vampire Killer. This bloodborne weapon was first introduced in the previous Bloodborne game and is a weapon that was used to fight the monsters in the game. In the upcoming Bloodborne 2, we could be able to buy the Vampire Killer as a weapon and use it to fight against the monsters in the game.

This article is about the 10 Bloodborne weapons you should try. For gamers, Bloodborne will always be one of those games that proves to be a real challenge, no matter how many years they have played the game and become familiar with everything. Bloodborne will be much easier though with this Bloodborne Weapons List. Blood borne weapons word-image-3118

Where is the best weapon in the blood?

To survive in Bloodborne, players must acquire the right weapons to defend or protect themselves. The game will teach you to be good at finding these tricky weapons that can be found in different locations. Like the game itself, these weapons are hard to find, so players will have to be aggressive if they want to finish the game before the end. Here are the best weapons you need to survive the end of the world. Reading: Bloodborne 2 release date, system requirements and news

Top 10 Blood-Borne Weapons | Blood-Borne Weapons List

You need to have the best strategy and weapons to win each game, so here are 10 best Bloodborne weapons. The list of weapons will help you defend yourself better in the game. Each of the weapons listed below have different abilities.

List of blood-borne weapons
Blood letter
The Church’s decision
Kos Parasite
Hunting axe
Whirling saw
Mortuary knives.
Simon’s knife.

Top 10 blood transmissible weapons


This is a basic weapon that can be obtained at the beginning of the game, after visiting the hunter’s dream. Players can also obtain it later by defeating the cleric beast. The hacksaw is most commonly used for hunting; the sharp saw is an effective tool for drawing blood from any animal encountered. It can also be made into a long splitting wedge that can be used for centrifugal force. Reading: Witcher 4 Release Date, System Requirements, Trailer and Rumors Saw blade for bloody weapons

Blood letter

This weapon is included in the expansion. This is the unique weapon of the formidable assassin of Brador, with which he can inflict enormous damage on any opponent. Players can obtain it by first getting the key from the underground room, then finding Brador’s room and defeating him. Blood Weapons Blood Letter


The Chikage is one of the other weapons in Bloodborne that become available after you join the Cainhurst Vileblood Alliance. It can be bought at Cainhurst Castle for 50,000 echoes of blood. These are alien weapons used by the guards who protect the queen from the horrors. When this weapon is dipped in blood, the sword takes on a scarlet hue. bloody arms chikage word-image-3119

Church point

When used superficially, this weapon is indistinguishable from other weapons in the game. However, when properly stunned, it becomes one of the most powerful weapons, as its range ensures that the game is over for the opponent once it is stunned. It can be obtained in the underground chambers after defeating Ludwig. Don’t miss: Fable 4 release date, news, trailers and rumors Church Pick Blood Transferable Weapon

Kos parasite

In terms of range, these weapons are not impressive, but with the right tactics, players can take out enemies before they die. It is very fun to use, despite its slowness, the movements of the weapon are excellent. The Kon Parasite is a Bloodborne weapon that can be purchased from the Bath Herald in Isz Chalice for 60,000 Blood Echoes. Kos Parasite Bloody Weapons

Hunting axe

This is one of the other hunting weapons in Bloodborne that you can choose from at the beginning of the game. It offers a wider range of axes to attack enemies comfortably. Most players will use this weapon if they want to play the executioner in Bloodborne. If not selected at the beginning of the game, players can buy it later at the market after getting the Saw Hunter badge. Hunter’s axe Bloodarms

Whirlpool saw

Among the weapons in Bloodborne is the whirling saw, which looks very simple, but is very deadly to use. This formidable weapon in the game is considered to be very effective in destroying enemies. Because it is a powerful weapon, it takes a lot of courage and strength to obtain it. The gun is somewhere near Nightmare Church. Output: Shadow Fight 4 Release date, system requirements and rumors Eddy saw – Blood borne Weapons

Tomb sheet

This is the weapon shown by the first hunter, Herman. Its blade is forged from siderite that fell from the sky; the weapon is made to say goodbye to any enemy it encounters. The weapon can be purchased for 60,000 Blood Echoes after defeating Heermann. Funerary Blade – Blood Weapons


When it comes to the weapons in Bloodborne, the Rakuyo is considered the best version of the Chikage weapon. It’s a two-handed weapon that changes the player’s controls. After you learn to use a weapon, that weapon can become the weapon of the beast. To obtain this weapon, players must go to the fisherman’s cottage, find the well near the large lake, and descend the stairs. Rakuyo’s blood-covered weapons

Simon’s knife

This is one of Bloodborne’s weapons. This is a standard scimitar, but it is very powerful and excellent in many battles. He can turn into an arch that can inflict devastating damage on enemies if his blood level is higher. Weapons can be obtained after killing Simon or found in the research hall. Recommended: Path of Exile 2: release date, system requirements, trailer and news Simons Blood Sword Bow FAQ 1 : How do I upgrade my weapon in Bloodborne? Upgrading weapons in Bloodborne, or even customizing them, is probably one of the most important things players can do to survive in the game. You can do this in the workshop in Hunter’s Dream, along with the requirements for each weapon and the Blood Echoes. FAQ 2: How do I equip my weapon in Bloodborne? If players want to equip a weapon, simply click on the weapon, then click on the radio button to open the menu and highlight the second line. The rows represent the right and left hand, with the first two squares on the left representing the right hand and the other two squares on the right representing the left hand. That’s it for Bloodborne Weapon List, these weapons will help you win the game. If this is your first visit to omggamer, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and share this article with your friends on your social networks.In the multiplayer game Bloodborne, there are many weapons to choose from. Each one has its own unique effect on the battle and characters. In this article, we will create the top 10 Bloodborne weapons in 2021.. Read more about best bloodborne build and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest weapon in bloodborne?

In Bloodborne, the core gameplay revolves around the hunter defeating monsters by using a variety of weapons and items. When looking for the best weapon, it’s important to find the right balance between power, accessibility and synergy. Bloodborne is one of the most beloved ps4 games, and has had a lot of support within the community. So, what would be the strongest weapons in the game? Well, we are going to take a look at the most powerful weapons you can buy in Bloodborne. The weapons are ranked based on their base damage, how many hits it takes to kill an enemy, and how much they cost.

Which origin is best in bloodborne?

A lot has happened since Bloodborne and it’s sequel came out in 2015. We got a bunch of new weapons (and a few new enemies), but the most interesting new addition is the origin of the weapons. Bloodborne isn’t the only horror game with a plethora of weapons, but it does have a few unique weapons that stand out above the rest. So, who’s weapon is the best? In this article, I’m going to compare which Bloodborne weapon is better: the Saw Cleaver or the Bloodletter.

Whats the best starting weapon in bloodborne?

There are a lot of different firearms throughout Bloodborne and some are better than others. I am here to tell you the top 10 weapons in Bloodborne to use in your playthrough as of 2021. I am not saying these are the best, but they are the best weapons to use for the time period of 2021. I will also add some reasons why you should use these weapons as of 2021. The best weapon in Bloodborne is in no way an easy choice. There are a lot of different choices out there, in different game genres, with different strengths and weaknesses. So, which one is the best? Or, to put it another way, what is the best weapon in Bloodborne, and why? As a bit of a disclaimer, I should mention that this is not a definitive list. While I will try and list the most powerful weapons for my playthrough (I did not use every weapon in my playthrough; I tried to stick to weapons that I can reliably get the most use out of during my playthrough), I do not promise that my choices are the most powerful weapon per se in the game.

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