Just had an update to the TitanReach launcher. I’ve been considering adding the ability to have a Google doodle on the home screen above the launcher icon. I’m also considering adding a setting to boot into Android for customizing and not using the launcher. Here’s what’s new in the launcher:

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A number of minor fixes have been made to TitanReach. The notes for both were shared on the same thread since they were so tiny. The addition of three unique “design an armor” sets, as well as a Founders Armor and Golden Cape; the addition of Lava Fox, Blood Hound, Storm Cat, and Mystic Squirrel creatures; a new launcher update that is required for players to enter the game; and a variety of fixes to things like the minimap, player trading, and more are all worth mentioning.

Via other TitanReach news, the game has made alpha access packs available for a short period in the shop. Players may buy one of three bundles between now and Tuesday, October 5th (adjusting for AEST), each containing closed alpha access, subscription time, and other bonuses depending on the pack. These packs may be purchased for 50, 70, or 100 Credits — the game store’s joke money, which must be purchased before buying packs. If you’re serious about playing the game’s closed alpha and those hoops aren’t too high for you, you may now do so.

TitanReach launched an unsuccessful $430,000 US Kickstarter last year, then announced intentions for a fixed-funding Indiegogo that never materialized despite the company’s assertion that financing was critical. Instead, the studio launched a crowd-funding platform, which was quickly followed by controversy over a secretly deleted statement regarding working conditions and compensation. It started $70-turned-$38 early access in March and became free-to-play for a short period earlier this month; Square Root claims it currently has 16 devs working on the game ahead of its planned 2022 release.

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