WoW-Fanatic:  You are a hardcore fan of World of Warcraft, and are inarguably one of the most popular bloggers on the WoW community.  You have played for a long time and have seen the game go from essentially nothing to a global market success.  You are often interviewed by gaming news sites and are a go-to for interviews and opinion pieces.

The gaming industry is no stranger to influencer marketing. But, should MMO companies host influencer programs? In a recent post on the MMO community site Gamewar , a community member writes “I feel like it is a lot of energy wasted for little return. I don’t think the influencers get much of anything out of them except for a few followers.” Well, let’s take a look at the numbers, and why it’s still a worthwhile investment.

We already know that most MMO companies host influencer programs. We’ve seen it, we’ve heard it. It’s a critical part of the marketing process, right? Except that we don’t really know if they work, do we? You see, the people who run influencer programs in the gaming world have been pretty tight lipped about the results of these programs. So what’s it all about? Well, it’s really not surprising that companies are attempting to show a positive return on their marketing spend. After all, testimonials from influencers are one of the most effective ways to market a game.

word-image-4492 Today’s Daily Grind thread comes from commenter Rndomuser, who enjoyed reflecting on the new Ashes of Creation program for content creators and other similar programs. This program is not really new, and many other game developers have similar programs, he wrote. On the one hand, content creators have the advantage of simply covering the game in their videos even if no one uses their referral links, and this can attract more people to the game, benefiting both the developer and other players who would like to see more players in the game. On the other hand, it will certainly encourage content creators to be more positive about the game, as they have always been afraid of being removed from the program if they criticized the game too much. So this program will reduce the amount of criticism of the game and its developers. Honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of these programs; they lure players into free or low-paying marketing efforts and flood social media with content that is biased in favor of the company, putting the creator in harm’s way. I also don’t like that they teach companies to treat journalists like agents of influence, which always leads to a rude awakening (for them) when we don’t want to toe their line, like an agent of influence would under their thumb. But as Rndomuser notes, more than one major streamer and artist have managed to turn an influencer position into something much bigger in the industry, and that’s definitely a good thing. Should MMO companies implement impact programs? Are they a positive factor for gender? Every morning, the editors of Massively Overpowered, accompanied by mascot Mo, ask MMORPG players sharp questions about the genre of massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Grab a cup of your favorite drink and try to answer the question in today’s Daily Grind! word-image-4493 ViewThe Daily Grind is a weekly blog series that looks at the latest news surrounding games and how it can affect the gaming industry. Over the past week in the office, we’ve been discussing the latest trends in the industry, and if we’re honest, we’re all still waiting for the day when we see a new major release. And, of course, the reasoning behind why we can’t get excited for new games.. Read more about mmorpg and let us know what you think.

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