This is a complete guide to GTA V’s story mode, which is the best way to start playing. It includes an overview of all the missions and how to beat them with minimal effort.

The the big score gta 5 best approach is a guide to completing the Heist in GTA V. It includes information about how to get inside the Bank, how to find and steal the money, and what you need to do once you have it.

Grand Theft Auto V’s Story Mode heists are some of the most thrilling missions in any game. They let us choose our own methods, making us feel like we were in control of stealing millions of dollars. It felt like being in Reservoir Dogs without the death and treachery (yes, there is a Reservoir Dogs game, but let’s not go into that right now).

The methods and crew members you choose are the most essential elements of the Grand Theft Auto V Story Mode heists; after you get beyond them, you won’t need much more assistance with the heist. For our GTA V heist tutorial, we’ve concentrated on those aspects, so let’s get started!

I. The Job at the Jewelry Store

The first of all GTA V heists is the Jewel Store heist, which only includes two of the game’s characters (Michael and Franklin). For the finest experience, go with the latter.

jewel-store-1024x559 Image courtesy of Rockstar Games

The Ideal Team

  • Karim Denz is the driver.
  • Packie McReary is the assailant.
  • Rickie Lukens is a hacker.

You’ll want Karim Denz as your chauffeur. Because his motorbike isn’t as excellent as the dirt motorcycles you can acquire with other options, he makes the robbery a little more difficult, but he’s inexpensive. It’s also beneficial to give him the experience early on so that he’ll be better prepared for subsequent heists. In the end, your choice of driver doesn’t matter all that much, so there’s no reason not to go with Karim.

For this task, you’ll need a good shooter; if you choose a poor one, they’ll crash their bike, costing you a death fee and perhaps a part of the treasure. Packie is the greatest option for shooter since he is less expensive than the others but equally capable. However, you must unlock him before to the heist, so finish his extra task as Franklin and you’ll be all set.

Hiring Rickie as a hacker is a hazardous move, but it pays off in the long run. Rickie will appeal to you in the same way that Karim does. Having him acquire experience while the stakes aren’t as high is a nice trade-off for the final robbery. Technically, the other hacker options are superior, but you don’t need them.

The Merryweather Heist, Part II

The Merryweather Heist is easier than the others in our GTA V heist tutorial since your crew is already assembled. You play as one of the three characters in this robbery with no backup.

merry-heist-1024x577 Image courtesy of Rockstar Games

The Ideal Team

  • Michael De Santa is the first driver.
  • Trevor Philips is the second driver.
  • Franklin Clinton is the assassin.

Despite the paucity of choices for crew members, you do have two approaches to the theft. The freighter is the first choice. Michael boards a ship to search, as Franklin guards him with a sniper rifle while Trevor prepares the submersible. I suggest choosing the other choice since this one may be a bit dull. 

The second strategy is to go offshore. This method necessitates the use of a cargobob to get the submersible to the ocean, where Trevor will control it and look for the item. Franklin guards the submersible with a Combat MG after retrieving it from the water. 

The Paleto Score is the third item on the list.

The Paleto Score Image courtesy of Rockstar Games

There is just one crew choice for this robbery, and there are no other options.

The Ideal Team

  • Chef or Packie McReary, who is the gunman?

It doesn’t really matter whether you choose Chef or Packie since the outcomes will be almost identical. There isn’t much to say about this robbery; the most of it is quite straightforward. The primary gimmick is that you’re wearing armor during the final pursuit scene, so any “injury” you receive simply affects the amount of money you’re carrying (you lose some each time you get shot).

It’s also worth mentioning that any inexperienced shooters you send in will be murdered during the robbery, rendering them unavailable for future robberies. You’ll need plenty of choices for The Big Score, so don’t invite anybody else into this robbery except Chef and Packie.

The Fourth Raid on the Bureau

I suggest the roof method for the Bureau Raid since it’s a bit more fun and a little more profitable.

bureau-raid-1024x569 Image courtesy of Rockstar Games

The Ideal Team

  • Taliana Martinez or Karim Denz are the drivers.
  • Gunman: I’ll take the cheapest one you’ve got.
  • Rickie Lukens is a hacker.

Taliana Martinez is someone you’ll want to have as your driver. During her chance encounter at Mount Chiliad, you may unlock her by rescuing her from a burning car. Otherwise, Karim should be OK, particularly if you employed him in the first theft we discussed.

Rickie Lukens makes a triumphant comeback as the mission’s top hacker. This is an excellent location to build up his experience for the final heist, even if you didn’t utilize him in the first theft. Rickie can handle the heist’s brief hacking phase with ease, and his low cost makes him the obvious choice.

In the roof approach, you may choose whichever shooter you like. If you choose the fire crew (covert) strategy, keep in mind that less-skilled shooters will perish.

The Big Score (V)

big-score-1024x567 Image courtesy of Rockstar Games

If you’re wondering how to earn the most money in GTA V heists, here is the place to go. This is by far the most crucial robbery to pull off, since the total amount of money at stake is more than forty million dollars! There are two ways for approaching this problem, and I suggest the obvious one.

The Ideal Team

  • Taliana Martinez is the first helicopter driver.
  • Karim Denz (Train) is the second driver.
  • Packie McReary is the first gunman (or another good one)
  • Gunman 2: It’s the cheapest you’ve got.

Taliana is an excellent choice for your helicopter pilot since she is experienced enough to fly with ease. Karim may make a mess of helicopter duties, particularly if you haven’t employed him before in prior heists. However, he can manage the train just well, so have him on standby for that.

For this robbery, the shooters don’t matter all that much, but you’ll want one of your best on the squad. Packie is a good choice if you’ve leveled him up in previous heists. For the second, I went with Norm, although it doesn’t matter too much; any of the choices would suffice.

Because there is so much money on the line, choosing the proper crew members for this robbery is more essential than the others. If you choose a poor helicopter pilot, the aircraft will crash, causing you to lose a large amount of money as well as the goodwill of the rest of your heist team.

Except for the second shooter, you don’t want anybody on this squad to be awful, so choose individuals with good basic stats or who you’ve used sufficiently to level up.



The Grand Theft Auto V Story Mode heists are a joy to go through, particularly the first time you perform them. They provide a gameplay style that few (if any) other games can match. We hope you’ve gained a decent grasp of how to tackle each robbery after reading our GTA V heist tutorial.

Have fun gaming!

The the big score gta 5 most money is a guide that has been created to help players complete the story mode of Grand Theft Auto V.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the heists in GTA 5 story mode?

There are a total of 12 heists in GTA 5 story mode.

How do you get 100% completion on GTA 5 story mode?

There is no 100% completion for GTA 5 story mode.

What is the highest paying heist in GTA 5 story mode?


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