When it comes to The Binding of Isaac, the DLC has never been very good. Fans of the original title know this all too well, which is why The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth was such a surprise. It was a remake that didn’t just improve the game by making it prettier (which it did), it was a remake that improved all the game’s parts. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth is also a great DLC (it’s actually part of the main game now), but The Binding of Isaac: Repentance is a different story. The gameplay is mostly the same, but Repentance is the first DLC that truly breaks Isaac.

It’s hard to believe that The Binding of Issac has been with us for almost 5 years now, and with the game being rebuilt from the ground up, it continued to amaze with new content releases throughout. Not only that, but the game continues to be popular, with the base game, Wrath of the Lamb expansion (which added a ton of content to the already massive game), Afterbirth expansion (the next big content drop), and Rebirth remake selling a combined 10 million copies to date.

The Binding of Isaac is an incredible indie game success story. Originally released in 2011, the game was part of the indie roguelike boom, but the combination of seemingly endless variations with a charming, scatological style and deep biblical references helped the game stand out from the rest. It’s been ten years, andThe Binding of Isaac Repentance is another full DLC that will give you dozens more hours in this deceptively complex bullet hell game. Repentance brings nothing particularly new to the formula; it won’t appeal to you if you don’t like the roguelike style. On the other hand, it adds a huge amount of content to the already huge base game (and other DLCS) that isThe Binding of Isaac. In addition, the game offers more challenging endgame content, including a number of new characters that can break the game. Not bad for 15 bucks.

The Binding of Isaac: Regret DLC Review

word-image-14124 If you don’t know anything about it, we’ll get you started quickly. The Binding of Isaac is a top-down roguelike with some old-school action and bullet-hell gameplay elements. Looking at some of the screenshots, it might remind you of exploring dungeons in the original Legend of Zelda. You move between rooms, picking up items and fighting enemies until you finally reach the final boss and descend to a new floor. It’s a simple concept that anyone who has played video games can quickly master. It starts with elements of roguelike. As you go deeper, the enemies and bosses become incredibly difficult. You have to scale to have any chance of success, and some of the combos you find while playing are ridiculous. You’ll put together combos that make you virtually invincible and defeat the toughest bosses. In other cases, you only need a few bad moves to have your health destroyed by a single opponent. And then there’s a crazy story that crosses the line between joke and truth? You are a child named Isaac (or one of his other friends with a biblical name), and your mother is slowly losing her mind. As soon as it tries to kill you, run to the basement. Or maybe not. There is a lot of background and story information, as well as many little clues as to the true nature of what is going on. word-image-14125 Which brings us toThe Binding of Isaac. Repentance. Basically, this DLC is a current fan mod that has been refined for an official release. One of the big advantages is the endgame content: There is a new official end zone, with new bosses and new endings. The game also includes two new characters and a corrupted version of each character, many of which offer new play styles and extremely powerful abilities. In fact, Repentancebrings the number of playable characters in the game to nearly three dozen. The Binding of Isaac: Repentance also completely revises the way we work together. Instead of the additional players who participated in the game as regular kids in previous versions, inRepentance up to four people can participate in the game as real characters. This changes a lotThe Binding of Isaac , and the screen becomes extremely chaotic. And that’s not all: over 100 new items and enemies, new bosses, new environments, new challenges, new achievements….. There are many new things inRepentance. The Binding of Isaac is so expansive that even after hundreds of hours of play, you’ll still find new combinations and interactions, discover new items, and find new ways to slap your forehead in frustration after succumbing to a particularly late final boss. It got even more unfair inRepentance, but it’s fun to come up with your own perfect designs to overcome the game’s steep challenges. word-image-14126 Fortunately, all the new features ofRepentance are not limited to the endgame. From the start, you’ll encounter new enemies and environments, though you’ll need serious killing skills to get to most of the new playable characters. Unlocking the corrupted characters and successfully defeating the new bosses is no mean feat, and should be a challenge for even the most demandingIsaac fans. Repentance Recommending someone is not difficult : Die-hard fans ofThe Binding of Isaac have probably already read through it. If you’ve never playedIsaac or it’s been sitting unused in your library for a long time, grab the new DLC and give it a try. For $15, you’ll add dozens of extra hours to an already addictive game. How can you not like it?

The Binding of Isaac: DLCRepentance overview – the heart of the matter



  • Excellent endgame content
  • The many new characters are exciting and offer new twists.
  • New items can be found everywhere, providing new enemies and items even in older areas.
  • New challenges and the cooperative offer opportunities for solutions


  • In the end, it’s just more. If you already hateThe Binding of Isaac,Repentance won’t change your mind.
  • The biggest surprises come at the end of the game – a large proportion of players will never find out.

It’s hard to review something likeRepent : It’s just more content for an already excellent and long-running title. Perhaps the revamped co-op game will appeal to those who wouldn’t otherwise pay attention, but that’s about it. That is,The Binding of Isaac Regret is more of the same, and we all know that’s usually what we want from a roguelike. If you’re already a fan, you can rest assured. If you have already moved fromIsaac, your mileage may be different. [Note: Reviewer has a copy of The Binding of Isaac :purchased Repentance is used for this exam. GameSkinny paid the fee].

Frequently Asked Questions

Is repentance the last Isaac DLC?

When Edmund Mcmillen announced that the final piece of DLC for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth was close to being finished, fans were excited—until it was revealed that the expansion would be titled Repentance, and would add nothing but a cemetery to the game. We were hopeful that this DLC would launch alongside the just-released Mac and Playstation versions of Rebirth, but no; nothing has happened since the DLC was announced, and Mcmillen has yet to comment on the expansion’s progress. Just what is he waiting for? The Binding of Isaac: Repentance was the last DLC pack released for the original game, and it’s one of the most controversial. The DLC earned wide praise for its new content, but it also managed to alienate a lot of long-time fans because of how it adapted old content to the new game. The add-on brought back a few characters from the original game, but they were redesigned to look like completely different characters. (For example, the original Judas now looks like a robot, and the original Eve is a giant blob.) The new characters are also difficult to kill, and they wear items that used to be exclusive to other characters.

What was added in binding of Isaac repentance?

The Binding of Isaac’s latest DLC, Repentance, adds more than 100 new items, five new enemies, and one new character. The content is as absurd as it is challenging, which is par for the course for The Binding of Isaac. When combined with its predecessor, Repentance doubles the size of the game; but is it worth your time and money? Let’s take a look. Nintendo’s history with DLC has never been the best, but recently with games like The Binding of Isaac and Undertale, it seems like the Big N is making a push to make DLC more than just a way to make a quick buck. One of the first pieces of free DLC Isaac received was The Forgotten, a challenging new wave-based mode that pushed veteran players to the limit—and beyond.

How many items did repentance add?

In the latest DLC for Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, a few of the best items from old Binding of Isaac games have been added, including the Doctor’s Remote, which has been in every The Binding of Isaac game, including Rebirth, Rebirth Rebirth, and Afterbirth+ (The DLC was called “The Binding of Isaac: Repentance” after the item). But, how do they stack up against the best items in the game, such as the D6 and the D20? These items are often seen as the best because of their combination of high damage and high luck, which also makes them the best items for gaining a lot of character and item levels. While the DLC in question is about the Binding of Isaac’s Afterbirth expansion, the characters in this particular game are of the Binding of Isaac: Genesis days, but the DLC does have new items that add to the game’s six items that are associated with repentance. While the original six items are associated with the virtue of repentance, the amount of items that repentance brings to the game is nine. The number nine that makes up the items in question is three + three + three + three + three + two + one.


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