It’s not easy being a LoL pro. You have to know all the tricks—and the big secrets—to be the best. However, there are some champions that manage to pull through even the toughest of solo queues. These champions have the skill to get through any match, and are the ones that are able to carry you to victory. They are the best solo queue champions in LoL [2021]!

League of Legends has been a top-tier competitive game for more than a decade. With every year that passes, more and more players are joining the pro scene. However, the number of dedicated solo queue players has been shrinking as the pro scene continues to grow. Despite all this, there are still a handful of dedicated gamers who are willing to play as a duo or a team even in solo queue and put in the extra hours to reach the top.

This article will be about my best solo queue champions, and which ones are more effective than the rest. For beginners, I will start with general champions. The first one I want to point out is any mage. The reason why I say this is because any mage, no matter what role, can work well with other mages. I have tried playing different mages and have found that a few are really good. The first one I want to point out is Shyvana, as she doesn’t need many things to be effective. She can be a great solo queue mage, as she can ward and gank to help out and have a great escape. Another good mage is Sona; she can use her melle melle to help out in lane

Usually the competition is played alone. It’s much easier to join a game on your own than it is to coordinate schedules and convince friends to join you on Discord to play a few games, but this has its drawbacks.

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If you play alone, you won’t be able to communicate much with your team. Champions that require a lot of teamwork aren’t very good if you play alone (sorry, Calista), so you should know what the best single-move champions are before you start playing.

We’ve put together a list of the best champions for the League of Legendssingle player queue. We look at all the champions on our list and then move on to the specific analysis of the top 10 to give you a better idea of what to choose.

Here we go!

LoL Solo Queue Tier List


Image: Brett Moss / HGG

Let’s take a look at the top champions in the solo queue for each level.


  • 1. Regulation (51.05% success rate)
  • 2. Katarina (49.94% success rate)
  • 3. Zed (49.51% of victories)
  • 4. Xin Zhao (52.46% win rate)

The best solo queue champions are determined by their ability to excel in the queue and lead the game without much help. Our four S-players can do it without any problem, as long as the person playing them is experienced enough.

Seth is a formidable brawler who can take on anyone in a fight, Zed and Katarina are deadly assassins who can kill anyone and turn the tide in a team fight, and Xin Zhao is just plain insane. If you’re traveling alone, try one of these methods.


  • 5. Riven (50.41% win rate)
  • 6. Wukong (53.20% of victories)
  • 7. Camille (50.91% success rate)
  • 8. Yasuo (51.52% of victories)

This group is similar to the S-level champions, only a little smaller. Strong 1v1 champions are generally great for solo queues, and that’s what we usually have in our A-level.

Riven and Yasuo are glass guns, but they can be very reliable if used safely. But that’s just how some champions are – sometimes when you play in the single player queue, you either have to win hard or lose impressively. Just ignore the people who try to blame your favorite champion for their defeat. No matter how good or bad your work is, they will never shut up.

Level B

  • 9. Fiore (51.02% of victories)
  • 10. Lux (50.84% of victories)
  • 11. Malzahar (52.51% of victories)
  • 12. Diane (50.84% of victories)

Our B team is a safer group of posts (more Lux). Malzahar is my favorite because he can take out almost any champion in the game, while the others are complete opposites.

Diana, Pantheon and Lux are still safe options, but in a more aggressive way. If you’re hoping for a snowball effect but don’t want to play too risky, any of them is a good choice. Be careful with Lux, because it’s very easy to die with her. That said, there are riskier options, so I still recommend it.

Low C

  • 13. Tristana (50.39% win rate)
  • 14. Sona (51.75% of victories)
  • 15. Vel’Koz (51.03% of victories)
  • 16. Urgot (51.57% of victories)

C-teer is beginning to interfere with the choices of others. My point is that the reason these champions are ranked so low is not because they are bad. It’s just that most of them are either bot laners (who suffer the most from a lack of proper communication), or need communication for some other reason.

Tristana, Sona and Vel’Koz are good options. However, you are much better when you are online in a pair with another person. And Urgoth always seems worse when I’m in line. He just needs to talk too much about his positioning, but it’s still not a bad choice.

Level D

  • 17. Calista (46.84% of victories)
  • 18. Quinn (49.56% pass rate).
  • 19. Cassiopeia (49.13% of victories)
  • 20. Ryze (46.23% of victories)

Tier D consists of objectively bad solo champions – Calista and Rise in particular. When Calista uses her ultimatums without being able to talk to her teammates, nine times out of ten it ends in absolute disaster.

The same can be said of Rice. I have yet to see a skilled ultimate Ryze in singles, and I don’t expect to ever see one. Playing with one of these champions in a round is a very difficult decision to make. So if you want to play with them, I recommend finding people to join.

Top 10 Solo queue champions in League of Legends

The top ten solo queue champions in our tier list win based on their ability to play effectively with little or no teamwork. Of course, you still want to communicate as much as possible, but if you don’t have voice communication and can’t talk during combat, here are the best options available to you.

Before I get into the specific classification of champions, I want to talk about the solo row in general. If you play in a solo queue, you are participating in a game where communication is minimal, except for people getting angry in chat. For the most part, this is the case. To make your one-on-one experience as pleasant as possible, you can turn off the sound if necessary. Of course you do your best to get along with everyone and work as a team, but that’s not always possible.

There will always be players whose sole purpose in life is to piss off and insult as many people as possible. When you’re up against players like that, turn off the sound and ignore everything they do. Do that, and you’ll have a much better time – no need to force a bad gaming experience on yourself.

10. Lux

Image: Riot Games

I love Lux for many reasons, and one of them is that she can easily go to the center court and just hang out there. No one expects Lux to run the top lane and the robot lane, and since none of her abilities require teamwork, she’s at least a top ten champion for solo lanes.

Lux is an excellent champion, allowing you to stay in your lane and use abilities during teamfights without needing much communication. If Lux is playing solo, be aware of your surroundings and try to help your teammates by using ultimates from long range if possible. Who knows, maybe you’ll steal a victim or two while you’re at it.

9. Fiore

Image: Riot Games

Fiora is a masterful duelist, so fighting alone is nothing new to her. Fiora is probably the strongest one-on-one champion in the game, and that’s exactly the kind of fight you want in a single player game. Sure, you can still participate in team fights and battles, but why not focus on what you’re good at?

If you take Fiora solo, you will almost certainly encounter less annoying situations than if you try to pick someone who is team-oriented. Don’t forget to join your team when the time comes, or you risk getting banned from the chat room.

8. Yasuo

Image: Riot Games

Nothing embodies the spirit of the best individual masters better than Yasuo. You want to carry the heavy? Choose Yasuo. You want to die fifteen times in ten minutes and blame your stand? Choose Yasuo. He is the answer to all questions, so he should be the answer to Who are the best singles champions?

All kidding aside, Yasuo is very good at playing solo. His strength lies in his potential to carry the game, and while it’s a joke to assume that all of Yasuo’s players feed off and rage when they don’t, it’s great to have such a player on the team.

7. Camille

Image: Riot Games

Camille is a beautiful champion, but she can be risky in the solo lineup. Her duelist nature makes her strong, but she has skills that can benefit her team. Your ability to block a specific champion is a wonderful advantage, and one of the few aggressive skills that helps your team without you having to cooperate. Camille isn’t the smartest champion, but she’s a solid choice for a solo queue where you need to prioritize skills that require cooperation.

6. Wukong

Image: Riot Games

Since Wukong improved last year, he’s been great to play. Having a really strong champion on your team is a necessity, and the fact that he’s fun to play is just a bonus. I recommend Wukong to everyone these days, because it’s rare to find a champion who is good enough to not be boring. Wukong’s ult is an incredibly good combination of crowd control and damage, and his generally useful set means there’s no reason not to play him.

5. Riven

Image: Riot Games

Riven is of the same caliber as Yasuo in terms of solo queues, but he’s less one-sided. Riven is a pretty safe choice if you know how to play her, and she generally does well in Ian without too many problems. She’s also capable of beating multiple people at once, and she’s good enough that you can’t play with her.

It all depends on your skill and experience with Riven though, so make sure you understand how to play with her before you start. I recommend watching some videos or reading the full Riven manual first.

4. Xin Zhao

Image: Riot Games

Xin Zhao has long been one of the strongest janglers in the solo lineup. His style of play is so aggressive that he can carry his team, and none of his skills require any action from his teammates.

Xin Zhao’s solo character places him at the top, meaning he’s one of the best junglers out there right now. When you play with Xin Zhao, it’s important that you know how to deal with the jungle. Don’t worry if you’re not very experienced in the jungle, but if you can use this skill, Xin Zhao is one of the best to do so.

3. Zed

Image: Riot Games

Assassins have a distinct advantage over most other champions in a solo row. Since they usually want to be alone, they have nothing to lose by standing in line alone. Zed in particular is one of the best champions for solo queues, as his ultimates allow him to go alone and get out safely.

If you decide to play Zed, make sure you know his best combos. Also, don’t try to kill tanks if you can avoid it. Zed is best used against weak champions to collect kills before taking on tanks.

2. Catherine

Image: Riot Games

Like Zed, Katarina can easily play a solo line with no drawbacks. She’s a less explosive killer than Zed, which means you can’t just jump on someone, kill them and walk away. Katarina specialises in targeted damage and group damage, so she can deal with several people at once.

Zed tends to fall apart in any situation that isn’t 1 vs 1, but Katrina excels in those situations. This makes her one of the few LoL champions for a solo carry, with plenty of pts potential. This trait, unique to an Assassin, has kept her at the top of the meta for so long, and you can’t go wrong with her in a solo queue.

1. Regulation

Image: Riot Games

Sett is one of those champions you love to have on your team, love to have solo, but hate to see in the lane. When you play Sett, it doesn’t matter what the other members of your team do. You run to your enemies and kill them.

Sett has been severely weakened since his release, but don’t let that stop you. You can play with him in one round, as you would with your teammates. It’s not complicated, so you don’t have to worry too much about your playing style. Use teamwork as often as possible, but you’ll also get good results if you just do your best. That’s why Sett is our pick for the best solo champion in the league.


Playing a single row is like trying to move a house without a truck. It’s inefficient, but sometimes that’s what you have to do. The key to success in the one-on-one game is to have a champion who doesn’t need teamwork, and to be able to work with a team of strangers.

We hope this article helped you find a good singles champion! Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media for more guides like this one.

Enjoy the game!


Solo queue is a game mode that is seen by many as the most important aspect of League of Legends in any competitive game. But what qualities are the best to have to be the best in Solo Queue?. Read more about lol tier list nerfplz and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best champion to carry solo queue?

The best champion to carry solo queue is a champion who can farm well and has good burst damage. What is the best champion to carry ranked? The best champion to carry ranked is a champion who can farm well and has good burst damage.

Who is the best solo queue player in lol?

The best solo queue player in League of Legends is Faker.

What is the best role to carry solo queue?

The best role to carry solo queue is usually an AD carry.

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