Paladins is a team-based hero shooter game in which players take on the role of an immortal champion. As with most MOBA games, Paladins has dozens of different classes and abilities to choose from. While Blizzard initially plans for this variety to make it easier for newbies to pick up, seasoned pros can still dominate their opponents by picking the best race for them.

The “best paladin race wow shadowlands” is a question that has been asked many times before. There are so many different races to choose from, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The Best Races for Paladins in World of Warcraft (Shadowlands)

The paladins of Azeroth, clad in heavy plate armor with religious emblems imprinted on it and wielding holy weaponry, fight any danger that arises from the darkness in devotion to the Light.

Paladins are masters of all combat roles, capable of tanking, healing, and DPSing, and are unwavering in their ideals. Paladins are known for their many boosts and strong emergency cooldowns, which allow them to do the seemingly impossible.

If you wish to be able to play any role in the game and cover any holes your group has, you should probably listen to the Light’s call. But, if you want to be an embodiment of justice, whose race should you choose?

While paladins are capable of handling practically any obstacle, having a strong racial ability on standby may be a game changer or help your team push through the boss’s 1% remaining health. With that in mind, let’s look at the finest races for paladins in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. We’ll be addressing all forms of gaming with iconic paladin choices for both Alliance and Horde players.

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Paladin’s Best Race for PvE

Unfortunately, there is no obvious top race on either side for all three roles that a paladin may play. Because each function has a race that is better suited to it, we’ll go through each portion separately.

If you want to play all three roles on a single character, Human or Blood Elf are the best choices since their broad all-purpose racials provide some benefit in any circumstance.

Lightforged Draenei/Blood Elf are the best races for Retribution Paladins.

When your procs and cooldown windows match up, you’ll want to boost your burst as high as can for those who are all about doing damage and handing down justice.

Alliance: Draenei Lightforged/Dark Iron Dwarf

Lightforged-Draenei-1024x703 Lightforged Draenei One of the rare occasions where flaunting your tattoos is always okay. | Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

Due to their Light’s Judgment ability, we’ll have to go with the Lightforged Draenei as the greatest alliance race for retribution paladins. After a 3-second wait, you may call down an artillery attack of AoE holy damage every 2.5 minutes.

Because the mastery stat of a retribution paladin boosts any holy damage they do, this may convert your Light’s Judgment into a rather powerful AoE blast on top of your other nukes. Given how essential add control is in many encounters, the Lightforged is by and away the greatest for AoE damage.

Your Light’s Reckoning may technically be used to heal your teammates, but it’s not ideal since it needs you to die. However, since you’re intended to die a lot as you advance, it could be useful in certain specific scenarios.

Before we go on to the Horde, it’s worth noting that Dark Iron Dwarves are a strong candidate for the greatest race for retribution paladins, thanks to their Fireblood racial, which grants substantial main stat bonuses. The only issue is that it is entirely dependent on the scenario, since you must be affected by a cleansable impact. This is widespread in certain conflicts and non-existent in others.

Blood Elf Horde

Blood-Elf-Retribution-1024x637 Blood Elf Retribution Let’s see what a hammer to the face can accomplish. Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

On the Horde side, the greatest race for retribution paladins is a close call amongst the three races that may be paladins. However, because of how powerful Arcane Torrent is and how it might assist smooth out your rotation, we’ll have to do so with Blood Elves in this situation.

Given that paladins lack a mechanism to remove bonuses from foes, Arcane Torrent’s assistance is always welcome. Especially because it’s an AoE that has the ability to paralyze specific enemy groups. Furthermore, it creates Holy Power!

During end-game content, you’ll primarily be rapidly button bashing through your rotation without stop, but there will be times when all of your Holy Power generators are on cooldown. You may use Arcane Torrent to cover the downtime and keep up your attack if you know there aren’t any significant buffs that need to be removed.

In addition, Arcane Acuity’s continual 1% increase in crit chance is always welcome for dealing even more damage.

Human/Blood Elf are the best races for a Holy Paladin.

If you like to keep your buddies alive and well, make sure your heals are as fast and hearty as possible, and that your mana never runs out. Unfortunately, no race’s talents can aid much in terms of manhood.

Human-Human Alliance

Human-healer-1-1024x671 Human healer Aim for cut-scene healing power levels. | Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

It’s difficult to resist The Human Spirit’s massive stat boosts. Giving your secondary stats an extra 2% boost from all sources is enormous, and it will go a long way toward boosting your performance as your gear improves.

Stunnedness is also a death sentence for you and your squad. Someone is dying if you don’t heal. Thankfully, the Will to Survive of humans is a terrific get out of jail free card, allowing you to store your pally bubble for more serious problems.

Blood Elf Horde

Blood-Elf-Healer-1024x577 Blood Elf Healer You’ll need an IV of healing Light juice right now. | Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

Given how essential crit is for holy paladins, the Blood Elves’ Arcane Acuity’s 1 percent crit chance enhancement is a welcome boon.

When it comes to Arcane Torrent, being able to create a charge of Holy Power instantaneously might be a lifesaver when someone is struck several times by a big blow, allowing you to chain cast your greater heals. It does not replenish mana for paladins, but it is still useful to have an AoE purge.

Dwarf/Tauren are the best races for a Protection Paladin.

You’ll want to be as tough as possible and have racials that increase your survival if you intend on leading the charge and absorbing all the strikes to the face.

Dwarfs are allies.

Dwarf-Protection-1024x471 Dwarf Protection It’s good to have a shield that can cover your complete body. | Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

Dwarves are unquestionably the finest race for protection paladins, and their tanking prowess is nearly unfair. This is primarily due to Stoneform’s status as the game’s greatest tanking racial.

For 8 seconds, it eliminates practically every negative affect in the game and decreases all physical damage incurred by 10%. This one skill practically lets you cheese battle mechanics, given how many monsters need tanks to taunt off each other owing to stacks of some debuff.

It’s fantastic for when your other tank need a little more time for their defensive cooldowns to be ready. Stoneform also has a 2-minute cooldown, allowing you to utilize it numerous times throughout a lengthy battle.

Some of the greatest Horde raiding guilds faction traded just for their tanks to have access to this ability for raid/mythic+ advancement, which speaks volumes about how excellent this ability is.

You also have Might of the Mountain, which increases all critical damage and healing by 2%. Given how frequently you use Word of Glory to recover yourself, an additional 2% on a critical heal may go a long way toward surviving large strikes.

Tauren (Horde)

Tauren-Paladin-1024x623 Tauren Paladin Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG | Holy cow.

The towering bovine race is the greatest horde race for protection paladins, which is suitable. They get a nice small advantage to stamina (ie. greater health) because to their higher Endurance, making them tougher than the other races.

They also have War Stomp, which gives them a near-instant AoE stun. When tanking, you’ll often be surrounded by groups of adds, and having this added crowd control may help you kite them. When your Shield of the Righteous is on cooldown, you may use it to disrupt foes. Keep in mind, though, that it is restricted to just 5 foes.

Brawn gives them a 2% increase to critical damage and healing, same like their dwarf counterparts. Once again, once you receive a critical heal with Word of Glory, this is pretty great.

Dark Iron Dwarf/Zandalari Troll are the best races for PvP Paladins.

In terms of PvP, you’re looking for a race that provides your paladin a little more survivability or the ability to nuke your opponent. In contrast to PvE, the greatest race for PvP paladins is a no-brainer.

Dark Iron Dwarf, Dark Iron Dwarf, Dark Iron Dwarf, Dark Iron D

Dark-Iron-Dwarf-1-1024x614 Dark Iron Dwarf Blizzard Entertainment through Jeffrey Hsu / HGG | Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

When you’re battling other players, you’ll be hit with a slew of debuffs. They’ll attempt to persuade you to bust your pally bubbles so that they can suffocate you. As a Dark Iron Dwarf, you can transform all those debuffs into a big boon.

After they’ve debuffed you as much as they can, use Fireblood to cleanse yourself and get 600 to your main stat for each debuff eliminated. Activate all of your offensive cooldowns and wipe out your opponent within this 8-second timeframe.

No other racial in the game comes close to the power boost that Fireblood can provide, so learn to know when it’s the best time to use it.

If you’re battling inside, Dungeon Delver gives you a great 4 percent move speed boost, making it simpler to catch up to adversaries that are attempting to kite you. In addition, the 1% reduction in physical damage from Forged in Flames is a fantastic bonus.

Trolls of the Zandalari Horde

Zandalari-Paladin-1024x711 Zandalari Paladin Is it a troll paladin? You’ve seen everything now. Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

All paladins are recognized for one thing: bubble hearingthing. Add bubble regeneration to your list if you’re a Zandalari Troll paladin. Due to Regeneratin’, a channeled ability that completely restores your health over 6 seconds but is interrupted by damage, we suggest the Zandalari Troll as the finest horde race for PvP paladins.

This skill is only helpful for any other class if you can get to a safe distance. However, as a paladin, you have a handful of abilities that render you immune to damage for just long enough for Regeneratin’ to completely recharge.

As you recover from near-death to full health, your adversaries rage, flailing violently over their inability to accomplish anything (unless they’re a warrior or a priest with Mass Dispel).

You may also select from one of six distinct ethnic boosts to boost your stats even further. Kimbul, for bleeding your enemy, Pa’Ku, for random procs of 4% more crit, and Akunda, for sometimes triggering another heal on your victim, are notable examples. It’s worth noting that this boost may only be changed every 5 days.

In the case that you were blown over a ledge someplace, you may employ Pterrordax Swoop as a free slow fall. You’ll be able to preserve Blessing of Protection for more vital things this way.

Human/Blood Elf are the best races for Lore Paladins.

Human-Human Alliance

Turalyon-1024x565 Turalyon Turalyon demonstrating what the Light can do for a 500-year-old complexion. | Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG Turalyon demonstrating what the Light can do for a 500-year-old complexion.

It’s only appropriate that we chose humans since they were Azeroth’s first paladins. The first paladin order was founded by Lordaeron in reaction to the destruction caused by the Second War. Noble and virtuous knights were especially sought out to create the order. They were taught the arts of magic and set out to aid in the healing of the war-torn country and the restoration of the people’s faith.

The paladins’ teachings and word spread over Azeroth as a beacon of hope and justice, led by Uther the Lightbringer. Despite the fact that the paladin order will eventually perish owing to Arthas Menethil’s corruption, its ways remained to be followed across the globe.

The paladin order began to dwindle when it was disbanded for refusing to accept Arthas’ command to remove sick people of Stratholme. Unfortunately, when the freshly transformed death knight Arthas returned to capture his realm, things took a turn for the worst. Uther sadly died in battle with Arthas, and the paladin order was mostly annihilated as a result. Survivors, on the other hand, continued to follow the paladins’ methods.

Humans continued to follow the teachings of the original order of paladins to defend justice and protect the vulnerable, especially in Stormwind, where trust in the Light remained strong. They taught the dwarves of Ironforge and exemplified the holy warriors’ creeds by sharing their knowledge and traditions.

Humans have produced several of Warcraft’s most renowned paladins. Uther and Arthas, a sad story of how the road of a paladin is not for everyone, has previously been mentioned. Tirion Fordring, who restored paladin order, wielded the legendary Ashbringer, and led the attack on the Lich King, is one of the others. Even today, the Light-blessed Turalyon, who has spent millennia battling the Burning Legion throughout the galaxy, is briefly in charge of Stormwind.

Perhaps one day you, too, will be included among the Light’s champions. We’ll have to wait and see.

Blood Elf Horde

Liadrin_Hearthstone-673x1024-1 Liadrin Hearthstone Lady Liadrin, Blood Knights’ commander | Original art by Blizzard Entertainment via HGG

The Blood Elves provided the Horde with its first paladins. Though, considering how they originally gained their abilities, calling them paladins may be in terrible taste.

Many Blood Elves turned away from the Light after the Third War because it had failed them in their greatest hour of need. Many people lost their capacity to channel the Light’s energies as a result of this rejection, but they refused to give up their desire for it. They would forcefully seize the Light’s power if it did not willingly provide it.

The Blood Elves had found and captured a naaru known as M’uru during an attack on the extraterrestrial Tempest Keep. The Blood Elves started attempting to discover a method to draw out and utilize the naaru’s power since they are creatures of pure light. They succeeded after numerous tests and terrible pain.

A new order of paladins was founded, led by Lady Liadrin, who earned their abilities by draining the vitality of M’uru itself. Though very successful, most people thought the method was barbaric, and M’uru would eventually darken into a Void creature before being snatched away by the disloyal Kael’thas.

This course of events, on the other hand, only fulfilled a prophesy at work. Lady Liadrin and her order had no option but to turn to the naaru A’dal in Shattrath City and ask forgiveness after being deceived by Kael’thas.

This was predicted by A’dal to bring the Blood Elves back to redemption. Lady Liadrin devoted her troops to battling against her maddened prince and redeeming her paladins, surprised and thankful for pardon.

M’uru would eventually be met and defeated, leaving only a crystal as evidence of its existence. The prophet Velen, on the other hand, would utilize this crystal to rekindle and cleanse the Sunwell, enabling the Blood Elves to be resurrected as genuine paladins once again, free of their dependency on fel energy.

Wear your armor again and start out to rectify the road your people choose, even if your past is stained with evil.

Lightforged Draenei/Blood Elf is the most attractive race for a Paladin.

Alliance: Draenei Lightforged

Light-Forged-heritage-1024x566 Light Forged heritage Blizzard Entertainment through Jeffrey Hsu / HGG | Shiny.

Given the literal nature of the Lightforged Draenei’s moniker, it’s no wonder that they’re the best-looking race for paladins. They are physically filled with the Light, as shown by the bright tattoos that cover their whole body.

The Lightforged Draenei shouts light warrior more than anything else. You are the archetypal picture of a paladin, with your golden shining eyes, tattoos, and devout enthusiasm for serving the Light.

However, if you want to view your characters’ tattoos, you’ll need to transmog into some more revealing equipment.

Blood Elf Horde

Blood-Elf-Heritage-1024x579 Blood Elf Heritage | Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment and Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

To no one’s surprise, the Blood Elves are the best-looking Horde race for paladins. It’s only appropriate that a blood elf dressed up in shining golden armor looks fantastic, given their culture’s predilection for red and gold color palettes everywhere.

Their beautiful, flowing golden hair only adds to the opulence of their appearance and bolsters their claims to a lengthy aristocratic heritage. It also helps that they seem considerably more at home in glowing light-infused armor than the Tauren and Zandalari Trolls.

Alternatively, if you want to take the term Blood Knight a little more literally, you may dress in dark crimson armor and seem as if you’ve just returned from a battleground. You’re still a holy warrior, but caked in the blood of your foes.

Human/Blood Elf is the best race for a Paladin in WoW Classic and Burning Crusade.

Human-Human Alliance

TBC-Paladin-1024x655 Human-Human Alliances as Paladins Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

In Classic, it’s a no-brainer which race to choose as a paladin (even factoring in the addition of the Draenei with Burning Crusade). Given the likelihood of you carrying a mace or sword, the +5 advantage to your skill with such weapons conferred by Mace/Sword Specialization may go a long way toward ensuring you strike your targets.

Furthermore, considering how rapidly paladins deplete their mana reserves in Classic, The Human Spirit’s 5% boost to your spirit stat is quite valuable for restoring mana.

In PvP, perception might offer you an advantage over stealthers. Nothing spoils a rogue’s day like being yanked out of stealth just as they’re about to open fire on you.

Blood Elf Horde

TBC-Paladin-2-1024x666 TBC Paladin 2 Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

Given that the Horde couldn’t play paladins in Vanilla and had to rely on Blood Elves for access in Burning Crusade, the option should be simple.

Because this is before the introduction of Holy Power, the Blood Elves’ Arcane Torrent will instead recover mana when used against opponents. It’s rather helpful, given that maintaining your mana is still a mechanic in this age.

You also have Magic Resistance, which reduces the probability of being struck by hostile spells by 2%. It’s hardly much, but it could help you dodge a spell or two.

Be a part of the High Ground

That concludes our discussion on the top races for paladins in World of Warcraft. Subscribe and leave a comment below if you have a different perspective or other remarks you’d want to share!

Have fun gaming!

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The “best race for paladin tank shadowlands” is a question that has been asked by many people. In this blog, I will be answering the question and explaining what are the best races for players who play as a Paladin in World of Warcraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best race for Paladin in WoW Shadowlands?

A: Gnome

What race is best for Paladin in WoW?

A: The human race is the best.

What races can be paladins in Shadowlands?

A: There are only two races that can be paladins in Shadowlands, and theyre the humans and elves.

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