In this article, we’re going to talk about the best races for mages in WoW: Shadowlands. We’ll also share what each race has to offer as a mage and why you might want to pick them. With so many different races available now, it can be hard deciding on one that fits your needs exactly but don’t worry-we’ve got you covered!

The “best race for mage alliance shadowlands” is a question that many people are asking. The best races for mages in WoW: Shadowlands include the Draenei, Night Elf, and Tauren.

The Best Races for Mages in WoW: Shadowlands

There isn’t a more traditional caster than the Mage. Anyone with a great mind may follow the teachings of a magician and delve into the world’s secrets in search of knowledge and power. Mage casters launch spells like no other, tapping into the raw magical force of the ley lines that link all of Azeroth and beyond.

Choose between deepening your knowledge of the magical Arcane arts, igniting the globe with ever-burning Fire, or turning the battlefield into an icy wasteland with Frost. Mages are the masters of magical damage and routinely one of the strongest DPS classes in World of Warcraft.

But, of course, you’re here to take as much damage as possible while avoiding death. Choosing the finest racials for mages is one approach to accomplish it. That is why today we will discuss the greatest races for Mages. We’ll be addressing all forms of gameplay with iconic mage choices for both Alliance and Horde players.

Let’s get this party started.

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Void Elf/Nightborne is the best race for PvE mages.

It’s no surprise that some of Azeroth’s most ancient races are the finest for mages. Both the Void Elves and the Nightborne hail from a long line of casters, have a tumultuous past with demons, and are new to their respective factions.

1 Void Elf But for the Alliance (and with superior passives)! Blood Elves! | Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment and HGG’s Jeffrey Hsu

Alliance: Elves of the Void

The Void Elves are the most powerful Alliance race, because to their racial passive Preternatural Calm. Unlike all other races, Void Elves are not affected by spell casting pushback when they take damage. Given the abundance of engagements involving random adds and passive AoE damage, this ability is important for ensuring that your spells are delivered quickly and reliably.

Entropic Embrace is also a wonderful passive that increases your damage output by 5% every 60 seconds. Most mages’ primary cooldowns are 2-minute cooldowns, thus they should be able to match them up perfectly with the proc of this passive.

While Spatial Rift is a situational ability, Void Elf mages may use it in conjunction with Alter Time and Blink to do some very sneaky repositioning during boss battles and mechanics to cheese them.

2 Nightborne Blizzard Entertainment through Jeffrey Hsu / HGG | Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

Nightborne Horde

Because to their Magical Affinity passive, the Nightborne are the finest race for mages in the Horde. Given that all of your damage as a mage is magical, and most racial benefits only provide a 0.5 percent boost to overall performance, providing a straight up 1 percent increase to all magical damage delivered is substantial.

Arcane Pulse, their second racial ability, adds to this. Given that mages prefer to avoid being wailed on, having a rather powerful AoE blast that DoTs up foes and slows them down by 50% for free is pretty good. The only drawback is that it has a 3-minute cooldown, so plan ahead to get the most out of it.

Human/Orc is the best race for PvP mages.

Humans vs. Orcs epitomizes the Alliance vs. Horde war more than anything else, and this is reflected prominently in PvP, even for mages, owing to the two species’ ability to reduce/negate common CC effects.

Human-Mage-1024x477 Human Mage The Alliance’s most renowned living mage, Jaina Proudmoore. Blizzard Entertainment through Jeffrey Hsu / HGG | Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

Humans have formed an alliance.

It’s difficult for Humans to give up Will to Survive as a free stun remover. It allows you to use one of your trinket slots for anything other than Gladiator’s Medallion. This is especially amazing given that patch 9.2 brought additional unique PvP items.

It also helps that the 2% increase to secondary metrics from all sources is extremely helpful for just improving your overall performance. Especially when adaptability is so important for surviving and defeating your adversary.

Orc-Mage-1024x696 Orc Mage PUNCH is cast by a muscle mage. | Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

Orcs are the Horde.

The Orcs are regarded as the greatest race for mages in PvP owing to Hardiness, which reduces all stun effects by 20%. Given that mages are often targeted and imprisoned for their burst potential, this may be critical in allowing you to escape or counterattack in a split second.

On a fair 2-minute cooldown, Blood Fury is also simply straight up free damage for 15 seconds. Perfect for aligning with the active window of your cooldowns and nuking your opponents when their survival abilities are depleted.

Night Elf/Nightborne is the best race for Lore Mages.

Well-of-Eternity-1024x534 Well of Eternity - Night Elves Say no when a demon offers to utilize your most valuable relic as a source of strength. | Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

Night Elf Alliance

The ancient Night Elf aristocratic society known as the Highborne is mainly responsible for the realm of Azeroth as we know it today. The Highborne, led by Queen Azshara, were enticed into a bargain to call Sargeras’ Burning Legion by utilizing the Well of Eternity as a source of power and a portal.

Consorting with demons, on the other hand, almost always ends badly. Very, very bad. The summons disturbed the energy flow to the Well, cutting off the old Night Elf empire’s power source.

The land itself fractured into the continents we know today without the sustaining force of the Well of Eternity, in what is now known as The Sundering. The same immortality that the elves took pleasure in was taken away. It sparked the division of elvenkind into the three primary races we know today: Night Elves, High Elves (the bulk of whom would split off to become Blood Elves), and Nightborne.

Arcane magic was loathed and blamed by Night Elves for the cataclysmic events that devastated their way of existence. Being a Night Elf mage was unfathomable, implying that Azshara had learnt nothing from her succumbing to the temptation of increased magical might.

Night-Elf-Mage-1024x785 Night Elf Mage They didn’t want Night Elf wizards to accidently set Teldrassil on fire. The hunters should’ve been a bigger concern… | Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment and HGG’s Jeffrey Hsu

Despite this, there were still arcane knowledge practitioners among the Night Elves. Many of them went into exile or split apart to become the High Elves. They persevered and studied in the hopes that their expertise would be required again.

The Night Elves hesitantly recognized that arcane knowledge will be required once again to adapt to the new reality after the Cataclysm reawakened Deathwing and reshaped the universe. This allowed Night Elves to rekindle their interest in the arcane arts.

Step up as a Night Elf mage if you want to be one of the first to heed the call and find what caused the Night Elves to rise to power so long ago.

Nightborne Horde

The Nightborne, on the other hand, are a living remnant of ancient times. When the Sundering happened, instead of leaving, the leader of Suramar built a great barrier over the city. As a result, it is cut off from the rest of the globe. The Nightborne stayed secluded for 10,000 years after establishing a source of power known as the Nightwell in their city.

Nightborne-Lore-1024x554 Nightborne Lore Consorting with demons by Elisande, former Grand Magistrix of Suramar. This can’t possibly go wrong again. | Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

One might argue they’re fixed in time, representations of a bygone period, with little variation in habits since the old Night Elf reign. Their dependency on the Nightwell, on the other hand, has altered them physiologically and transformed them into a new kind of elf.

Unfortunately, the city’s barrier would be breached during the Burning Legion’s third attack on Azeroth. With their backs against the wall, the majority of the city’s residents and its commander opted to ally with the demons in order to survive.

Nonetheless, the citizens of Azeroth were able to expel the demons and their treasonous lord, and the Nightborne eventually joined the Horde as time passed and their ties to the Blood Elves became stronger. The Nightborne are unrivaled in their skill of magic due to their ongoing dependence on the arcane arts throughout their seclusion. Being a Nightborne mage entails being one of Azeroth’s oldest practitioners.

Gnome/Blood Elf is the most attractive race for a mage.

Classic-Gnome-Mage-1024x625 Classic Gnome Mage This is the peak leveling physique, and you may not like it. In World of Warcraft Classic, Jokerd is the first level 60 character. Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

Gnomes, Gnomes, Gnomes, Gnomes

In terms of the Alliance, we’ll have to go with Gnomes. Yes, we realize that’s a polarizing option for some gamers, but bear with us. Martial prowess is probably not your race’s strong suit when you’re small and barely come up to the ankles of most races. Magic, thankfully, is unconcerned with your size, just with your ability and understanding.

Gnomes are great wizards because of their love of learning and researching. You may even strive to emulate the legendary Milhouse Manastorm, the finest gnome mage that ever lived (or at least most memorable). There’s something magical about seeing a little creature unleash tremendous storms of fire and ice to annihilate all of its foes.

Also, if you’re into PvP, there are few things that would enrage your opponents more than getting murdered by a gnome. As you kite them to death and then dance on their body, savor their salty tears.

Blood Elves are the Horde.

Blood Elves, unsurprisingly, are still the Horde’s best-looking race for mages. Few things exude authority and poise like an aristocratic background and gold-inlaid silk robes. That, and they’re so arrogant with their long lives and love of magic, which is appropriate for folks who look down on peasants wielding pointed sticks.

Plus, if you’re all about playing a mana junkie caster, you can always have a mana wyrm out as a companion pet to truly tie into the opening cinematic of Burning Crusade. While you won’t be able to achieve the Wretched’s slumped over mana-overdosed look, you may act as a mage on the verge of death.

Gnome/Undead are the best races for mages in WoW Classic and Burning Crusade.

Gnomes, Gnomes, Gnomes, Gnomes

It should come as no surprise to anyone acquainted with Classic that Gnomes are the finest Alliance race for mages. Because mana management is still a concern in this period, their Expansive Mind passive offers a welcome boost to Intellect. This indicates you have more mana and a larger probability of crit (which equals more damage).

Given the debilitating nature of several movement-impairing affects in Classic/BC, their Escape Artist talent is ideal for getting out of circumstances when Blink isn’t an option. Especially as the time to die in Classic is usually much shorter than in retail…

Undead Horde

Classic-Undead-Mage-1024x783 Classic Undead Mage Few things are more terrible than a fearless death mage. | Image: Blizzard Entertainment through Jeffrey Hsu / HGG courtesy of ExecutusGaming.

In terms of the Horde, the Undead are the finest Horde race for mages in WoW Classic. This is partly due to the fact that no Horde race has particularly strong racial skills for mage. Troll, with their Berserking ability for speedier casting, is the only other competitor.

The Undead’s Will of the Forsaken is just too excellent to pass up, given how popular and ubiquitous PvP is in Classic. Because harm isn’t guaranteed to destroy fear effects during this period, they’re very potent. With the exception of the Undead, it’s a death sentence for most of them.

It’s also worth noting that in the Burning Crusade, Blood Elf mages gained access to Mana Tap as a unique racial ability. Its performance is mediocre, and if you’re seeking for a PvE edge, you’ll have to go with Trolls. In PvP, the mana regeneration and buff removal are useful, although the Undead are still considered superior.

Be a part of the High Ground

That concludes our discussion on the greatest races for mages in World of Warcraft. Subscribe and leave a comment below if you have a different perspective or other remarks you’d want to share!

The “best race for mage pvp shadowlands” is a question that has been asked many times. The best race for mages in WoW: Shadowlands is argent crusader.

Frequently Asked Questions

What race is best for mages in WoW?

A: Elves are the best race for mages in World of Warcraft.

Are Mages any good in Shadowlands?

What is the best race for Shadowlands?

A: The best race for Shadowlands is Human. You have the best chance of winning by playing as a human, but even if you play as an elf or dwarf chances are good that you will still win.

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