Rainbow Six: Siege is an incredibly competitive game with a ton of different operators and weapons. You always have to be on the lookout for what’s going to dominate your fight, but sometimes it can feel like there are just too many options out there. This guide will tell you which operators are best suited for each objective in Rainbow Six: Siege.

The “best r6 operators” is a list of the best operators for each objective in Rainbow Six: Siege. The list includes the operator, the objective, and the score.

The Best Operators For Each Objective In Rainbow Six Extraction

If you want to win, you must approach each assignment with the appropriate toolbox. This guide to The Ideal Operators For Each Objective In Rainbow Six Extraction will go through all of the main mission objectives in the game and break down which Operator is best for each one.

You may fulfill three separate goals in each mission in the new Tom Clancy game. Each time you play, the sequence and sorts of goals are changed. Certain goals will be lot simpler to accomplish if you use the right tools and Operator. Each goal in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is listed here, along with tips and tactics on how to execute each one, the best equipment to bring, and the ideal Operator for the job. This assumes you’ve unlocked all Operators, but don’t worry if you haven’t; it won’t take long.

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In Rainbow Six Extraction, the Best Operators For Each Objective

A few pieces of information are included with the list of goals. The mission goal will be broken down first, followed by a discussion of the various equipment and the best Operator to bring. Each goal also has a difficulty setting, however this is purely subjective and fluctuates widely based on player skill, squad size, and the other random aspects that each objective brings into play.


Specimen Probably the simplest of all the goals. You must find a one-of-a-kind elite opponent somewhere in the level. Once you’ve spotted the adversary, hit it to get its attention, then sprint to the helicopter evac location. You must interact with a control panel to set the trap, but it takes a few seconds to activate, so be sure you do it early. The creature is instantly ensnared and the mission is completed once it arrives at the site when the trap is activated.

Because she possesses a fast movement speed, Alibi is particularly effective at this mission. Prisma, her ability, may also serve as a useful safety net if you draw unwelcome attention when fleeing from the specimen. Any Operator will suffice, but Alibi’s speed and agility make her an excellent candidate for both escaping the specimen and diverting further adversaries.

Scan Grenades and the Advanced Drone both assist in rapidly and safely finding the Specimen. While the React Laser may assist in clearing a way if the Sprawl is an issue.

Easy Operator: Alibi Difficulty: Easy Difficulty: Easy Difficulty: Easy Difficulty The best equipment is: Advanced Drone, Scan Grenades, and React Laser

Nest Surveillance

Nest Surveillance If you can dodge the howling opponents, you’ll have no trouble completing this task. To insert a tracker inside an inactive nest, approach it and interact with the proper button. It works on nests on floors, walls, and ceilings that are within leaping distance. The main danger here is opponents who howl, prompting the nests to come alive. There won’t be enough nests left to finish the goal if you destroy too many. This goal necessitates the use of stealth.

In Vigil, the finest Operator for this job. His ability, Erc-8 Distruptor, enables him to instantly turn invisible for a limited period of time. This will allow you to bypass big rooms full of foes without being discovered, giving you ample time to eliminate the nests and move on.

Because you want to avoid arousing adversaries’ suspicions. To identify all of the nests as securely as possible, you should carry Scan Grenades or an Advanced Drone. Stun Grenades are good because they stop alerted enemies from howling and triggering nests if you strike them. Smoke Grenades are a fantastic way to slip into a place, set up a nest, and then flee before your adversaries see you.

Difficulty: Moderately difficult Best Operator: Vigil Best Equipment: Advanced Drone, Scan Grenades, Stun Grenades, Smoke Grenades


Biopsy Depending on the sort of Archaen chosen for research, this goal may be difficult to achieve. To finish this assignment, use your REACT knife melee attack to perform melee takedowns on the specific targets in order to gather samples. You will fail the mission if the opponent is killed in any other way. The goal of this task is to find the adversary, wipe away surrounding reinforcements, then sneak up on it.

On these tasks, there’s a good possibility you’ll run across issues. It’s critical that you pack equipment that will allow you to take out an adversary even if you’re found. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it must be completed.

Lion is the ideal Operator for this job. EE-One-D Drone is an ability that identifies all moving adversaries in a vast area. This enables you to keep a close eye on your target’s whereabouts while waiting for the right moment to attack.

You’ll want to pack Stun Grenades so that even if the target finds your position, you can still take it out. Scan Grenades are a decent option if you’re utilizing another Operator, and Advanced Drones can help you identify nests in the target region quickly.

Medium Difficulty Lion, Vigil are the best operators (Stealth allows for easy takedowns) Scan Grenades, Advanced Drone, Stun Grenades are the best weapons.


Sabotage One of the rare mission goals where raw force takes precedence over subtlety. You must identify two towers and set explosives on both towers in order to complete Sabotage. Waves of Archaens will assault you for around 90 seconds after the explosives have been placed. They will try to detonate the explosives planted on the towers at this time. You must repel them until they explode. Both towers are often close together, enabling you to traverse fire fields while defending both towers from a single place. Barriers and barricades should be used to make it impossible for opponents to approach one of the towers, encouraging them to assault the other.

Tachanka is the ideal Operator for this specific duty. He has respectable speed and armor, but his unique ability and weapon are a mounted LMG and a devastating shotgun, respectively. The Mounted LMG is very precise and has a high damage output. Tachanka can totally shut down regions with ease when combined with appropriate equipment placement.

It’s all about sheer power in this assignment. Claymores are very useful since they fully block the enemy’s path of progress. In a hurry, Stun Grenades work just as well as Frag Grenades for removing a bunch of foes off a tower.

Medium Difficulty Tachanka is the best operator. Claymores, Frag Grenades, and Stun Grenades are the best weapons.


Triangulation Three computers are strewn over the map, which you must find and activate in order. You can’t make a mistake with the sequence. Laptop B is only available when Laptop A has been enabled. They’re generally close together, and you only have 60 seconds to activate all three computers when the first is turned on. Scouting is critical in this situation since you want to find all three computers as rapidly as possible.

Sledge is one of the mission’s top operatives. Tactical Hammer is his ability, which enables him to carve routes through destructible barriers, allowing you to quickly access all three laptops or take bypasses while avoiding big groups of foes.

Scouting gear is the ideal equipment for this assignment. Scan Grenades and Advanced Drones may be used to find the gadgets, while Smoke Grenades can be used to dodge adversaries.

Difficulty: Simple Sledge is the best operator. Scan Grenades, Advanced Drone, Smoke Grenades are the best weapons.

Scan in Sequence

Scan in Sequence This is another mission where stealth is less necessary, yet it’s also one of the game’s most difficult goals. You must first find a specific equipment, which you must then utilize to scan three distinct areas on the map. Archaen waves will assault you as soon as you have the gadget and enter into one of the zones. This game is similar to Sabotage, but there is one major difference: you are unable to leave the region. For the aim to be completed, you must stay in a very confined area for the time.

Gridlock is unquestionably the best Operator for this job. Trax Stingers is her ability, which allows you to set up a trap that simultaneously harms and slows adversaries. Because you’ll be attacked from all sides, these traps can buy you a few seconds to react and dispatch your foes.

Claymores are excellent for controlling a large area. Arc Mines are a useful weapon for rapidly dispatching a big number of foes, while Glue Grenades may assist delay an attack, allowing you some time to reload or take down a few adversaries.

Difficulty: Moderate Gridlock is the best operator. Claymores, Glue Grenades, and an Arc Mine are the best weapons.


Hunt Hunt asks you to locate and kill a lot of allies of a very strong Archaen, as well as bringing out and defeating their leader. You’ll normally have to kill a few targets before the elite spawns, but once it does, it’ll rush right to your location. Because there’s a good risk you’ll be detected throughout this operation, you’ll want to destroy as many nests as possible before drawing out the ultimate bad guy.

We’ve determined that Finka is the ideal Operator for this assignment due to the conflict-driven nature of it. Adrenal Surge, her ability, quickly raises team members’ HP for a few seconds and can also instantly restore any fallen team mates. If the mission gets a bit hairy, this is a wonderful failsafe.

As usual, using the Advanced Drone or any scanning gadget to find teammates without placing yourself in danger will dramatically boost your chances of success. If you are caught, body armor helps mitigate some of the damage, and the revive kit, along with Finka’s assistance, makes it exceedingly impossible to fail this assignment.

Medium Difficulty Finka is the best operator. Advanced Drone, Body Armor, and Revive Kit are the best pieces of equipment.


Rescue In Rescue, you must locate a VIP who has been kidnapped somewhere on the map. The VIP is frequently seen in a room with a slew of formidable adversaries. The solitary chamber is the mission’s actual danger. If any of the adversaries in the area see you or your team, they will launch an assault on the VIP right away. Be wary of exploding adversaries; the gas may kill a VIP in a single strike if you blow them up.

Fuze is the best Operator for this task. Cluster Charge is a special ability that allows you to connect a cluster device to a destructible surface and then activate it to fire a swarm of cluster grenades into the area. Because you won’t be able to harm the VIP unless you’re playing on the toughest setting, this usually clears the room of opponents without incident.

You may also have your squad members toss in some Stun or Paralysis Grenades so you can walk inside and take out the opponents one by one.

Medium Difficulty Fuze is the best operator. Advanced Drone, Stun Grenades, and Paralysis Grenade are the best weapons.


Decontamination If you don’t come prepared, decontamination will be one of the most difficult missions in the game. You must locate and destroy ten unusual green nests, as opposed to the conventional red ones. Every other nest goes active and starts generating opponents as soon as you destroy the first one. With ten distinct nests, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You’ll need to find each of the ten nests and position your squad to eliminate as many as possible. Put one member in a room with four people, another in a room with three people, and so on. Place your squad such that each member can swiftly destroy enough nests to reach the ten.

Pulse is the ideal Operator for this job. Cardiac Sensor is his talent that enables him to identify VIPs, MIAs, and Nests across barriers. This provides your squad with the necessary information to find all nests and appropriately position themselves.

Claymores are the true VIPs in this place. Place a claymore near each of the ground-level nests before assaulting the first one. The claymore will kill the opponent as it spawns from the nest, as well as the nest itself. After acquiring the data, be wary of the deadly gas that the last nest produces.

Difficulty: Moderately Difficulty: Moderately Difficulty: Moderately Claymore, Scan Grenades, and the Revive Kit are the best weapons for Pulse.


Shutdown If you are detected, shutting down might be very tough. You must collect numerous canisters from the helicopter evac point, one for each player, and then transport the canisters to a site where they will be installed into an Archaen tower to destroy its roots. Any nest you destroy while the tower is active will revive after a few seconds. This implies that if you’re caught by a howling adversary, you’ll be subjected to a seemingly unending barrage of spawning foes. You can only use your secondary weapon and no equipment when holding a capsule.

This mission is all about stealth, and you must avoid being discovered at all costs. If you are caught, however, a good support Operator like Rook or Doc may dramatically boost your odds of victory. As you pick up and drop the capsule to deal with adversaries, more health or armor will allow you to take a few of extra hits.

The Recon Vaper Device helps you maintain your scouted route free of adversaries, while the React Laser helps you escape the Sprawl’s slow.

Difficulty: Moderate Rook/Doc is the best operator. Recon Vaper Device, Scan Grenades, and React Laser are the best weapons.

MIA (Missing in Action)

MIA (Missing in Action) When you fail to withdraw from a mission, you become MIA. Until they are saved, your Operator is unavailable for selection. Your Operator will be enveloped in a cocoon-like structure with many tendrils trailing off it when you undertake an MIA operation. These tendrils lead to items that resemble nests. The nests transmit pulses down the tendrils as you try to liberate the Operator. The cocoon structure will try to swallow a pulse that reaches the Operator. To liberate the Operator, you must eliminate all of the nest-like things in order to halt the pulses.

This is simple with two individuals, but it might be difficult alone. As a result of his talent, Active Defense, Jager is the ideal Operator for this job.

Difficulty ranges from easy to difficult. Jager is the best operator. Scan Grenade, Scan Grenade, Scan Grenade, Scan Grenade

There is one extra mission goal that isn’t accessible at the start of the game, but we won’t give anything away. If and when we’re able to finish it, we’ll update the guide. Who are the finest Rainbow Six Extraction Operators in your opinion? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.


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