Tennis World Tour 2: Complete Edition is a less ambitious sequel to the successful Golf World Tour. In its way, it’s a cozy, unassuming title that’s a bit better than some of EA Sports’ other offerings, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that it doesn’t quite grab hold of you. There isn’t a major new feature or gameplay addition, but the frame rate is excellent, the presentation is solid, and the visuals are vibrant and very detailed.

It’s not easy being a tennis player. Anyone who has ever picked up a racket has probably wondered, “What the hell do I do with this thing?”

World Tour 2: Complete Edition is a game that’s squarely aimed at the middle of the tennis game market. The game’s developers have been really good about playing to the strengths of the Nintendo Switch, a console that’s not really known for its robust handheld experience. For example, the game includes both a Career Mode and a Tournament Mode, with both offering a variety of different features and modes to keep the player coming back for more.

Big Ant Studios has found an audience with niche sports simulators over the past decade. Between Ashes Cricket and Rugby League Live, tennis has received more attention in recent years, with the team offering a nice AO Tennis 2 early last year. In September 2020, they picked up where they left off, this time with the launch of the Tennis World Tour 2 in partnership with Nacon. Released to mixed reviews, Tour 2 has found a second life in the full edition for PS5 and Xbox Series X, which is a big improvement over the original version, even if that improvement is relative.

Tennis World Tour 2 : Full Edition Review – Mid-Range

word-image-13552 If you just want to play a quick game of tennis, exhibition mode is the way to go. It allows you to play with three other players at the local level in singles and doubles matches. This mode features a selection of 48 different tennis players, including Grand Slam winners Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and Maria Sharapova. Unfortunately, some well-known icons like the Williams sisters and Novak Djokovic are missing, but the lineup is still impressive despite their absence. An online multiplayer mode and several pre-defined and player-controlled tournaments are also available. There is also the tennis school, a practice area with tests to improve your skills. However, the emphasis is on the career mode, where you create an original character to win a Grand Slam tournament. They participate in various competitions, including practice matches and tournaments. They charge an entry fee, and higher fees mean higher profits if they are successful. Little by little, you progress in your career by building your reputation and contracting new agents who offer bonuses such as more power or more XP. Pay attention to your fatigue meter, which goes up after a race and affects your performance. Make sure you take breaks when needed to keep yourself in shape. word-image-13553 Once on the court, you have two ways to hit: with precision and with power. When you’re close to the ball, the club swings automatically, but for a good, accurate shot, you need to press the button as the ball gets closer. You have to hold down the power button and release it at the right time to get a devastating volley. It sounds simple, but the game Turn 2 becomes surprisingly difficult, and this complexity can increase from game to game. Even if you force your opponent to make mistakes by moving him to the other side of the court, poor timing of your shot can undo all your hard work. These seconds are crucial in getting the point or landing off the ground. That’s not to say that there’s a surprising amount of technical depth in the game that will make you seriously rethink your strategy. It’s not as arcade-like as better-known games like Mario Tennis , and it largely mimics real tennis. Of course, such a precise and realistic approach will not be to everyone’s liking. To help you out, Tour 2 also includes a card system that allows you to upgrade your own skills during matches, for example. B. Your stamina, strength, accuracy and agility – or reduce your opponent’s capabilities. You can hold five cards at a time and save predefined decks by buying them in the card shop with coins earned in career mode. The tickets can even be sold for extra money. Because they are only used in extreme cases, they add a good dose of strategy to the game.

Tennis World Tour 2 : complete edition – summary



  • It gives the feeling of playing good tennis.
  • There are many players and locations to choose from.
  • Smooth operation.
  • Many updates from the previous edition.


  • The level of difficulty is uneven.
  • Some character models could be improved.
  • The gameplay is pretty technical.

As for improvements for the next generation, Nacon has done an impressive job. Owners of the last generation of the Ace edition can upgrade to the full edition for free. Complete Edition runs at 60fps in 4K and includes faster load times, ray tracing and improved particle effects. The look is stunning, and this presentation is only let down by a few unfortunate character models that could use a little more detail. Otherwise, the game includes all previous DLC with six new characters (including Murray and Sharapova), four additional stadiums, new cosmetics and additional animations. If you weren’t sure if you’d like Tennis World Tour 2 , Nacon’s next-gen update won’t change your mind, but there’s a fun simulation here, and the full version is the best way to play. If you are a serious tennis fan, we recommend this movie. [Note: Nacon provided a copy of the Tennis World Tour 2 game used for this review].Tennis World Tour 2 is a game that has a lot of potential, and it shows in the variety of gameplay options, the good visuals, and the easy to use controls. It’s also quite fun to use, so I can recommend it if you like tennis games. It’s a good mid-level entry, and it’s certainly not bad, but there are other games out there that are better in several of the areas that the game is weak in.. Read more about tennis world tour 2 ps5 career mode and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a tennis game for PS5?

Tennis World Tour 2: Complete Edition is a game that takes the best elements of the previous games and combines them into a package that is more enjoyable than its predecessors. While there are a few issues, they pale in comparison to the positives. Tennis World Tour 2: Complete Edition seems to be a decent sports game, given that it has amassed some decent reviews from critics. However, its user scores are a bit lower: its current Metacritic user score is around 70, which isn’t as good as the user scores for the first game in the series, which was around 80. Many fans of the series are hoping that a new entry appears on the PlayStation 5, since the series is one of the few sports games that appear to be worth playing.

Does Tennis World Tour 2 have commentary?

It’s official – Tennis World Tour 2 will be available on August 29th, 2018. In the lead up to its release EA Sports have been releasing tournament reviews for the game. Today, they have released the first of the series – a review of the “Mid-Level” difficulty of the game. Tennis World Tour 2: Complete Edition is the latest entry in the long running Tennis World Tour series, which has sold over ten million copies so far. This year’s edition was announced at E3 2017 , and focuses on the game’s career mode, which allows players to customize their players’ lives by taking them to tournaments, building a career, and even managing their finances. But does it live up to the series’ legacy?

Is Andy Murray in tennis world tour 2?

“Tennis World Tour 2” is the sequel to “Tennis World Tour”, which was released on PC in 2009. I’m a big fan of EA Sports’ “Tennis” series, and the first game, in my opinion, was one of the best sports games released back then. “World Tour 2”, however, was developed by a different team, and it’s not a bad game by any standards. It’s a remarkably well-made tennis game that will appeal to fans of the sport for years to come. While fans of Sony’s PlayStation 4 may have come to expect the latest sports games released on that console to be of a higher quality than those released on the Xbox One, those of Nintendo’s Wii U may be taken aback by how energetic the tennis simulation title World Tour 2 is.

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