Welcome to my Swords of Legend Online Build Guides and the best way to get started with the game is to slowly build up your character. You will need housing in order to store your items and to create the space to place your items. You will also need to build the largest house to get the most money, and then you can start building plots to place items on.

Swords of Legends is an experience crafted by fans, for fans. We went through several iterations of the game to create the game you see before you. The community is what makes it special and what makes it so much fun! The game is far from being completed, but we are hard at work creating new content and features! Feel free to join our community and help out by creating videos and guides.

Swords of Legends is a Free To Play MMORPG, available on Steam. This guide will give you a basic understanding of the game, its features, and how to get started. There are many aspects to the game that require time to fully explore, but it is important to get started, especially with new players.

This guide gives you a quick overview of how to place items in your home. You can do this after you have completed the enclosure manual. Here we show you how to float, position and rotate objects in the game using the editor. After reading this manual, you will be able to work with a single object or a group of multiple objects. So browse through this guide for Swords of Legends Online to find out more.

Swords of Legends Online : Housing Guide

One method that can help manage several manually placed elements at once is a method similar to pivoting. The idea is to use one element as the base object and all related elements are moved and rotated with it. This requires an understanding of how the element depends on the other elements on which it is based. If we are. B. Take a block of stone and put something on it, that thing will move with the block of stone, but the block of stone will not move if you move something else.

Taking this into account, we can place any element we want to move on the base element and not on the floor. In this way it is connected to the base element and moves together. But we don’t just want to build a huge jumble of elements stacked on top of each other. To avoid this, you can use the selection mode mentioned later in the manual and use the Ctrl keys + to position the element placed on the base with the arrows for vertical positioning and with the arrows separately for horizontal positioning.

A floating house is an example. Each component under the house and the house itself were first placed on a block, then manually moved, turned and scaled. The objects in the house are a kind of child of the house. With this technique, everything can be moved effortlessly.

Various mounting types

It can be very confusing at first, but once you get used to the different modes, working with elements becomes much easier. I have given you an overview of the different modes, how to choose them and what you can do with each one.

Sleep mode/Standard mode

In this mode, the following commands can be used to change items:

  • Q and E – turn the element clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Z and X are similar to Q and E, but make a 45° jump when rotated.
  • F1 enlarges the element and F2 reduces it.
  • shift – by holding down the shift key and using one of the actions above, the function can be accelerated. If you have z. For example, if you magnify an object ( F1 ) while holding down the Shift key, it will be magnified much faster, but with less detail.
  • alt – press and hold alt to change the object’s direction of rotation. The object now rotates sideways instead of horizontally on the plane.
  • ctrl – similar to previously , but now rotates forward or backward.

Selection mode

This mode is very interesting because it allows you to levitate objects. This control mode is similar to the move mode , but it also allows you to change the vertical and horizontal position of an item using the arrow keys. After selecting an object, press and hold the ctrl key and move the object up and down with the arrow keys. The product can therefore be freely placed in any position.

Setting the home mode

To place an item, press Tab or Select Item Arrangement . A window should then appear. This window will probably be partially covered on the left side. To see the tabs, you must move the window. In the first tab you can choose an object that belongs to you and place it in the world. I recommend that you check the option Show only hidden actions .

Put the element down first. The buttons on the right side of the assembly control help us to operate it. The third button, labeled Select Items or Select Buildings can be used to toggle between selecting a house or other items such as decorations, trees and tiles. This means that the selected option must be Select objects to interact with objects, and Select buildings to interact with the house.

Once selected, you can edit the desired item in two different ways: drag and drop and select. Always check which mode is active, as the change commands are different in each mode.

This concludes my guide to housing in Swords of Legends Online. I hope you found it useful. How do you like playing this game? Let us know in the comments section. See other similar topics here. I’ll be back soon with more useful information. In the meantime, have a great day!

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