So the first season of the Battle Pass was a huge success, with over 1.4 million players signing up and 1.3 million opening the Battle Pass… But those numbers don’t tell the whole story. Although those numbers are impressive, they don’t reflect the fact that the Battle Pass was the strongest it’s been since launch. Those numbers also don’t include the new Season 2 Battle Pass, which will have a completely new selection of rewards.

The second season of the online battle pass, as many of you know, is now underway. In case you haven’t been following the season, the battle pass is a subscription service that unlocks new gameplay content as you level up your battle pass tier.

Swords of Legends Online (SOLE) has begun its second battlepass season in North America, and to help players gear up for the new season, SOLE has shared its fall roadmap. The roadmap, which is listed below, offers details on the changes coming to the game in the coming weeks.


Gameforge has published the Swords of Legends Online autumn roadmap, as promised: More dungeons in September, more raids and Halloween events in October, more raids and PvP improvements in November, holiday events and “undisclosed content” in December, and a huge question mark in 2022, though it’s presumably more raids. The first patch for September is due today.

The studio has also provided a sneak peek at its upcoming second cosmetic battlepass season.

“Season 2 will be less thematically linked together (for example, Summer themed), but it will still have a slew of new and interesting shinies. The Mechanical Warrior’s Arm, a large armored limb that floats over your shoulder, as well as Little Emberjaw, a cute kitty companion, are personal favorites. The pass will cost 1900 Crimson Coins and will operate on the same ’10 tokens each day, 320 points, 6 weeks’ basis as the previous one. There will also be a free track available to everyone that will reward you with resources and equipment components if you accomplish the tasks.”

There’s a lot more in the dev letter to the players, including acknowledgment of the raid droprate issue, translation polishing metrics, and the spat over Gameforge’s call for unpaid volunteers to join its testing team under NDA. The business claims it miscommunicated the fact that it is not seeking for full-time unpaid professional QA, but rather for interested gamers to give part-time unpaid test feedback. We’ll leave it up to the reader to figure out what those distinctions are.


As of today, the second season of the Wildfire battle pass is live. After a troubled start for the battle pass, a number of changes have been made, including a new quest system, a new milestone system, and a new gate count. The new gate count system will give Wildfire players a way to track their progress through the battle pass, and a milestone system will allow Wildfire players to get a sense of what they’ve achieved so far, and will give players a way to get rewards at the end of the season.. Read more about swords of legends online pdf and let us know what you think.

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