SWG Legends, Star Wars: Galaxies’ popular player-run server has been running for more than a decade and is now looking to ramp up its game by adding in new features. One of these updates includes the addition of Bespin travel which will allow players to finally have access to this planet that they were previously unable to visit during gameplay. Additionally, house placement got some love too with improved gating and clearer property lines on maps making it easier for players who are already familiar with the map layout to find their way around faster before jumping into combat against enemies or exploring new villages while having a limited inventory space.

SWG Legends recently released a new update that buffed Bespin travel and improved house placement. The update also fixed a number of bugs, including one where players were unable to log in after updating the game. Read more in detail here: star wars galaxies.

SWG Legends’ latest update buffed Bespin travel and improved house placement


It takes a lot to get me enthused about a quality-of-life patch, but SWG Legends, a rogue server for Star Wars Galaxies, has done it with today’s release. How? Of course, there’s player housing.

This is the rogue server that launched the planet Bespin in 2021, followed by genuine non-instanced residences in Cloud City earlier this year. But, in my opinion, Bespin had a severe issue in that you couldn’t utilize ITVs (instant transit vehicles) to go to and from those flats (or anywhere else on Bespin, for that matter). When you could set up methods to teleport right to your residence on a normal planet, it was just more convenient (and from your house to other locations).

Many buildings have been fixed as a result of today’s patch, making Bespin an exceedingly handy area to live and shop. I’m now reconsidering my housing options!

“ITV Travel pads are now available all throughout Bespin. These may be used to summon ITVs or to transport objects like the AT-AT head and the G9 Rigger. Landing pads may be located on the 11th floor of square-style residential buildings, as well as in numerous locations on Cloud City’s ground level. The two Tibanna dwelling platforms are now offered as interplanetary transit destinations. From the Bespin Landing Ring, you may now land on one of the two Tibanna house platforms. The Tibanna Housing Platforms now have starship terminals.”

Although the transport platforms aren’t listed on the planetary or overhead maps, they’re quite simple to find outside most structures. In fact, some of the bigger buildings have travel pads on balconies on the mid-tier levels, so you wouldn’t have to leave the building at all. On the negative, they aren’t actually shuttles, thus you’ll need an ITV that saves particular locations in order to shuttle in there. And, as in Empire Strikes Back, not all of them are hovering in the air; I saw a handful that are just dumped into the ground. Unfortunately, the trader guildhall, which is the main reason I visit Bespin, did not get a platform, but there is one across the street near the merchant flats.


Added housing benefits This round includes 4k textures for multiple houses that are only available on this server, as well as a rework of housing placement that allows for zooming out and switching between wireframe and realistic views, allowing you to see how your house, factory, or harvester will look in the landscape before dropping it.


In addition, the player team has included a waypoint export command, implemented various senate resolutions, and updated built ship components. The official forums have the patch notes.


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