The Star Wars: Galactic Heroes team is throwing a huge event for their players on the official server on October 5th and 6th. It’s called “All Hands for the Cause” and it’s very similar to the events they held last year. Players on the official server will be able to demolish over 13,000 houses, and they will be able to purchase those houses with credits.

If you were a kid in the 90’s and enjoyed playing World of Warcraft, you’re probably already familiar with the concept of pack-ups. Pack-ups are free events that occur periodically in-game that let you demolish (destroy) and rebuild (rebuild) your character’s house. Why would they do that?  Well, they think it’s a good way to increase the variety of housing available in-game for players, and also give players a chance to gain new crafting and farming schematics and items.

World of Warcraft is no stranger to world-class events. For example, the Fall of Gilneas pack-up event had more than 12.7 million houses up for grabs. However, the recent SWG Legends pack-up event is looking to pass that amazing milestone, and it’s on pace to demolish 13,000 homes instead.


People spend a lot of work into their MMORPG homes, but that only adds to the fun when the community decides to blow them up, right? I’m mainly joking, but not completely: SWG Legends, the rogue server for Star Wars Galaxies, has started one of its periodic home demolition/house pack-up events as of today’s update.

The following is how it works: Players may claim their demo scrolls and race to every part of the galaxy to destroy any building or structure that has been marked as abandoned by the game – typically due to login status or maintenance issues. The first person to destroy the building earns money, which they may use to buy cool deco things. What about the property owner? Oh, don’t worry; the home just disappears from the owner’s datapad and may be recreated in a different location when and if the owner returns. In an open-world sandbox, this basically frees up territory for new players, which is always a good thing. Even if you don’t wish to blow up homes, you should look about to see if any attractive land has become available – cities are occasionally pushed down a layer as well.

“Legends, the moment has arrived! Get out there and spruce up the place. There are at least 13,544 houses eligible for packup as of the time this event became live! The event does not have a fixed finish date. The duration of this event is dictated primarily by how quickly all of you can find suitable homes due to the nature of the event. When there seem to be no more homes to demolish, we’ll decide when to turn the event off.” EY


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