Eternal Threads is a story-driven, time manipulation game set in the world of mythical legends. Players are tasked with unraveling the mysteries of an ancient people who have been conquered by invaders that still live on today. They meet these gods and monsters through a series of puzzles as they seek to free their ancestors’ legacy from oppression.,

The “steam next” is a story-driven time manipulation game that has been released on the Steam platform. Eternal Threads is an emotional and challenging experience that will keep you playing for hours.

Story-Driven Time Manipulation Game Eternal Threads

Story-Driven Time Manipulation Game Eternal Threads Locks Down Release Date to May

The story-driven puzzle game Eternal Threads, published by Secret Mode and developed by Cosmonaut Studios, has been pushed back until the second half of May. Prior to the debut, a demo will be accessible on Steam, offering players the opportunity to play for up to one hour.

Eternal Threads puts players in the shoes of an operator entrusted with repairing timestream corruption and guaranteeing that six roommates survive a home fire that would otherwise kill them.

Story-Driven Time Manipulation Game Eternal Threads Locks Down Release Date to May

Story-Driven Time Manipulation Game Eternal Threads Locks Down Release Date to May

The twist is that you are not allowed to prevent the fire from starting in the first place. Instead, you concentrate on going back in time and changing the characters’ actions in the week leading up to the catastrophe in such a manner that they all survive.

Throughout the beginning, players have “full and unrestricted access to explore the seven-day chronology before to the fire,” allowing them to see and change different events from the whole week “as many times as [they] want and in any sequence [they] choose.”

The timetable is significantly impacted by major changes. They have the ability to change or modify current events as well as introduce new ones. Other options, like as moving things about the home or revealing different secrets and tales, have small consequences.

To rescue all six roommates, you’ll need to piece together the appropriate sequence of events, which will take you throughout the history. You may succeed in Eternal Threads in a variety of ways, but the fastest answer may not be the greatest for the game’s characters.

The release date for Eternal Threads is set for May 19, and it will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Between May 2 and May 8, the game’s demo will be available on Steam. In 2022, a Nintendo Switch version is expected to be released.

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