Square Enix’s president is confident that the company can leverage blockchain technology to take games to a new level of immersion. In his opinion, NFTs are just one small step toward achieving this goal.

Square Enix, the company behind the popular game Final Fantasy, has recently announced that they are still bullish on the prospect of NFTs and blockchain in gaming. The company’s president is confident in the future of these technologies, despite their current lack of widespread adoption.

Square-Enix’s president is still bullish on the prospect of NFTs and blockchain in gaming

Good plan!

Have you forgotten about President Yosuke Matsuda’s hyped-up blockchain proposal from earlier this year? It’s very plausible you have, given Square-lack Enix’s of action in the weeks and months afterwards to truly sell this image of an NFT-laden game-adjacent hellscape. However, in a recent Yahoo Japan interview, Yosuke Matsuda reiterated his prior comments. Matsuda uses the platform to repeat the idea that blockchain gaming would enable continuous content generation and provide an incentive for players to create new content for games in the abbreviated piece, which includes a question about buying Microsoft stock 20 years ago and a question about “autonomous game content.”

Of course, it passes unnoticed because player-created material is already highly popular among gamers who have no financial incentive to make it and has been for as long as gaming has been. It’s also worth noting that so far, blockchain gaming hasn’t been very successful, with Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint NFTs failing to gain momentum and the game slipping into maintenance mode soon thereafter. Let’s not forget about the massive Axie Infinity hack, as well as the game’s other issues. In other words, it’s a horrible proposal, but it looks that Matsuda is still committed to it.

It’s also worth remembering that Naoki Yoshida, the producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV, previously said that NFTs would not be included in the game; you can read more about the ramifications of the original letter in our column from the time.)


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Square Enix’s president is still bullish on the prospect of NFTs and blockchain in gaming. Square Enix has been experimenting with these new technologies for a while now, but their CEO says they are still very much in their infancy. Reference: square enix games.

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