Siege Survival Gloria Victis, a game about surviving in the midst of a war, is receiving a big update today. The patch includes a brand new scenario, The Lost Caravan, as well as new crafts, items and a new combat system.

Siege Survival Gloria Victis is a popular mod for Mount & Blade Warband which adds a new playable faction, the bandit kingdom of The Lost Caravan. The mod retells the legendary defeat of the Byzantine army by the Seljuk Turks at the Siege of Constantinople in 1204. The mod is set in the Medieval period and features heavily armed and armored horsemen as well as a fully developed economy.

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis, an MMORPG derived from Gloria Victis, has only been released a month ago, but players are already waiting for a major update. Although the press release calls the game a content expansion and DLC, The Lost Caravan is actually a free-to-play scenario for owners of the game.

The new scenario tells the story of a team of caravaners who have been ambushed and are now trapped in a caravanserai in the harsh southern desert. Players will face new challenges, meet new characters and test their time and resource management skills in a new economy adapted to the new environment. The new environment adds an extra dimension to the game. The sun itself is now a threat. So the looting takes place during the day, when the enemies are less active due to the heat. But the players shouldn’t stay outside too long, or they will fall victim to the unbearable heat themselves. In addition, sandstorms occur every few days, which greatly affect the game; the choking dust increases the risk of getting sick and also reduces visibility.

In addition to the introduction of overheating and sandstorm mechanics, developer Black Eye Games has promised a balance update with more events and usability improvements.

Source: Press release, Steam


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