The highly anticipated mobile card game Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle has crossed the 100 million download mark, offering players a chance to test their deck building skills in the game’s first ever real-time multiplayer mode — as well as the highly anticipated Pre-Order items. The game has been well-deservedly praised for its fast-paced gameplay, deep single-player campaign, and the ability to play against real people online. The Champion’s Battle mode offers players the chance to test out their skills in a series of grueling quests against other players, and take part in the exciting daily events where they can win exclusive cards.

Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle is the latest expansion for Shadowverse , the free-to-play card game where players build decks of their favorite units from the card game and battle against other players’ decks in a series of duels. In Champion’s Battle, players can use their favorite cards from the base game and those from the previous expansions, including the newly released Princess of Doom and Jormungand, as well as a number of new cards introduced in this expansion.

You’ve probably heard of Shadowverse, a new collectible card game from Cygames. If you haven’t, the idea is you play cards in a game similar to Hearthstone, but in a surprisingly deep and strategic way. It’s also a relatively new game, with the main game just released in Japan. This means you can’t really get any in-depth information from most places (with the exception of the official Shadowverse forums – but they can be hard to read even if you manage to get into them), so if you want to know more about it, this article will get you started.

Digital pre-orders and a demo of Shadowverse, the strategic card combat RPG from XSEED Games, are now available : Championship fight.

In the animated world based on Cygames’ hit mobile game Shadowverse, players can meet the members of the Shadowverse club at Tensei Academy in the free demo today. This demo, which can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop, contains the first chapter of the game. Please note that the progress of the demo can be transferred to the full version of the game.

In this game, players take the role of an artist at Tensei Academy who is quickly introduced to the card game Shadowverse by his classmate Hiro Ryugasaki. To restore the club to its former glory, the players must win a national championship.

Watch the trailer below to find out more:

Shadow Verses: Battle of Champions –Launch Date Trailer


The full version of the game comes out on the 10th. August 2021 for Nintendo Switch. Note that the digital and retail versions of the game include a special promo code that gets you two alternate maps (three maps each), 10 seer orbs and cosmetic items that can be redeemed in the mobile or PC version of Shadowverse.

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XSEED Games’ Shadowverse digital pre-orders and demo now available: Battle of the Champions

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System physical version

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News, Nintendo Switch NewsShadowverse is a new mobile game from developer Cygames that features a deep combat system that rewards strategic play. The game is a competitive card-based trading card game that features over 100 playable cards from over 20 familiar anime and video game IPs. As a player, you form a deck of cards to manage the battlefield to your advantage, and you construct new decks by acquiring new cards from different expansions and content updates. Winning battles in a duel will earn you card packs, which can be used to build your deck and increase your chances of victory.. Read more about shadowverse champions battle english and let us know what you think.

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