SEED is a place for players new to games to explore the world of gaming. It’s a place where people can get their names out to see what they can do with games. That is why we have launched this blog.

GamesWareStudios is a blog that publishes posts about a few different topics. They have recently started taking posts from the same people. In this post, they will be praising a new blog about buildings, multi-agent activities, and duck and yoga-related bugs.

It’s been a little over a week since we’ve peeked in on the ever-growing library of SEED’s developer blogs, which means there’s another bulleted list of little updates and shares from developer Klang Games to run through. Let’s get it.

  • First up, there’s a follow-up post about further “spring cleaning” including the removal of custom billboards and a temporary removal of player avatars in the interest of testing.
  • Do you like buildings? Then this production post about urban building creation will be right up your alley. The alley that’s between two hyper-futuristic buildings, presumably.
  • While Seedlings perform individual tasks most of the time, sometimes they need to do things together. That’s where multi-agent activities come in, such as playing games or watching TV. You know, important stuff.
  • There’s been another uniform preview post that offers a look at greenhouse worker and warehouse worker uniforms.
  • Finally, there are a couple of amusing bug posts shared by the devs. The first is all about a duck that Seedlings really wanted to be friends with, and another is about a yoga routine that goes from chill to hyper-aggressive in about three seconds flat.

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