SEED is a game development studio located in San Francisco, California. We focus on making mobile games, and we have several highly rated titles under our belt:

The best way to stay ahead of the game is to stay informed. That’s why we recently launched the SEED blog, where we’ll be sharing industry news and developments with you. We’ll also be looking to expand our team, and are seeking a talented yet passionate individual to take the helm. If you have skills in web development and/or graphic design, and experience in the games industry, we’d love to hear from you.

As we all know, the gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace, with evermore indie titles being released. Instead of simply being a marketplace for the indie scene, many companies are going the extra mile, and creating their own indie games, or simply taking the indie route, and building games funded by themselves. While many indies have done a fantastic job in creating their games, there are still many who aren’t up to par. Some are simply driven by money, while others haven’t even had the chance to finish their games.

word-image-1046 Are you a fan of the SEED update videos? They won’t necessarily disappear, but the developers at Klang Games have announced that future updates will be published in blog form. You, our community, mean everything to us. That’s why we want to give you a front row seat to the incredible madness that is SEED, the announcement said. Coincidentally, the first announcement of the game’s production update came a day after the announcement and focused on the seedlings’ thought processes, which are implemented in the game’s simulation in the form of various state effects that temporarily alter the state, such as a seedling’s mood diminishing (understandably) when burned by something. When these effects occur, there is a thought that informs the player of what has happened. In fact, anyone who has played The Sims knows this system very well. Today’s developer blog has a heavier topic, as the studio is apparently looking for a new creative director. As we continued to ramp up production and organize ourselves around a very specific set of goals, it became clear that we needed a new creative director (….). An ambitious project like SEED needs someone to bring its vision to life. We are literally building a new world and shaping the future of mankind: no mean feat! New developers blog! Today we’re talking about how to fill big shoes. #gamejobs – SEED (@seedmmo) June 2, 2021 The update videos continue to be released every month, and the latest video is about character animation. You can watch the video below if you are not a fan of reading.

. ViewRecently, the indie game development blog SEED Games ( ) moved to a new blog platform, and they are looking for a creative director to help them keep the blog up to date, and find new reader-friendly content. They are also looking for a second writer, to help them with their number one goal to make SEED Games one of the most informative indie gaming blogs out there. If interested, please email an example blog post to [email protected]. Read more about collaborative city building game and let us know what you think.

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