Second Life has had a diverse community for many years, but recently it’s been hit by multiple controversies. The project just announced that its founder, Philip Rosedale will be rejoining the company to help build out the next phase of Second Life.

Second Life’s original founder, Philip Rosedale rejoins the project to create the ultimate metaverse. Second life of a gangster is a game that allows players to live out their fantasies as they explore and interact with an immersive world.

Second Life’s original founder rejoins the project to create the ultimate metaverse


Every time I have to type the phrase “metaverse” these days, I swear a piece of my soul dies and my eyes cross a little more. It’s difficult to dispute that this keyword is omnipresent, even if no one really knows what it means.

If a metaverse is defined as a wide and ever-growing immersive virtual environment, Second Life would like to point out that it has already done so — and is going to do much more. Despite being somewhat dismissive of the notion only a month ago, former Linden Lab president Philip Rosedale has rejoined the project as a “strategic adviser,” donating his efforts to develop a more metaversey Second Life. Rosedale is donating the proceeds from his virtual reality firm to the cause of metaversocity.

In an interview, Rosedale remarked, “It’s like a merger.” “We’re shifting over the bulk of our staff, part of our money, and patents connected to the metaverse.”

Every month, around 1.6 million transactions and 1.8 million communications take place in Second Life.

Linden Lab Executive Chairman Brad Oberwager commented, “We are pleased to have Philip advising us and continuing to drive the metaverse discourse.” “This is a unique period in history. And all you really need is some history, some leadership, and a moral compass.”


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