Rare, the developer of Sea of Thieves, has released a new update for the game that adds new content to it. The most notable addition is an all-new sea fort location and also includes cosmetic rewards as well as a high-level voyage.

Sea of Thieves is adding new sea forts, cosmetic items, and a high-end voyage in tomorrow’s Season Six update.

Sea of Thieves adds new sea forts, cosmetics, and a high-end voyage in tomorrow’s Season Six update


It’s almost time for Season Six in Sea of Thieves, and that means some fresh new content to sail towards (and possibly crash in to if you’re anything like me at the helm). The latest update is on the way tomorrow, March 10th, but players can get a peek at what’s coming in this video.

The introduction of sea forts, which are similar to skeleton forts but considerably more castle-like and filled with spirits, is a prominent aspect of Season Six. This new on-demand content is said to be designed for players with little time to play, with shorter and simpler encounters than previous forts.

Pirates may attack the fort, battle waves of phantoms, and grab a treasury key to open some riches, however it’s also a good idea to go into the fort’s pantries for more goodies. In addition, players may claim sea forts as their own personal hideouts, however they must defend them from other player crews.

Season Six will also include a new replayable journey in the second half for Pirate Legends, offering a range of new obstacles that vary each time, as well as narrative beats that tell more about individuals who lived in the game’s universe before.

A new combat pass of things to hunt, new Emissary weaponry and ship components, a new Plunder Pass to buy, and additional Pirate Emporium cash shop items are all part of the new season. The video below gives you a sneak peek at what’s coming up next.

Attention, pirates: the Sea of Thieves servers will be offline from approximately 10am GMT tomorrow, Thursday 10th, while we make way for the Forts and frolics of Season Six! Please plan your Voyages accordingly. pic.twitter.com/gKTHYOfHNU

— Sea of Thieves (@SeaOfThieves) March 9, 2022


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