In the game Lost Ark, you have to choose between two options: save or run. Which option would you take?

The “lost ark secret treasure map” is a choice in the game, where players can choose to save or run away. The decision will affect the ending of the game.

Save Or Run Away Choice In Lost Ark

In Raiders of the Lost Ark, you must choose whether to save or flee.

You are offered a decision to make during the prologue of Raiders of the Lost Ark. This Rescue Or Run Away Decision in Raiders of the Lost Ark guide will explain you what happens whether you choose to save the greedy pirate follower or run away and leave him to his fate.

This game, like many others nowadays, is based on the illusion of choice. It makes no difference whether you rescue the guy or flee; the narrative will continue either. Regardless of the option you choose, the guy will be turned to stone, and the tale will continue in the same fashion. We’ll update the article if we find any influence later in the tale, but I don’t anticipate it.

In Raiders of the Lost Ark, you must choose whether to save or flee.

If you choose Save, If you opt to rescue him, your character will approach him and attempt to release him from his enslavement. You are knocked back by a spell cast by the Priest on the guy. The guy gets consumed by the trap and turns to stone. After that, a doorway appears, and you and the priest enter.

If you choose Run Away, If you select this option, your character will refuse to assist the man. To save you, the priest will not need to use a blast. The priest declares that it is already too late, and the guy is turned to stone.

  • During the Prologue, you are offered the option of attempting to rescue a guy or fleeing.
  • The man’s greed, as well as that of his men, set off a trap that seems to be turning everybody in the vicinity into stone.
  • Whether you try to rescue him or flee, the ending is almost same. You will not be able to rescue the guy as he will turn to stone.


CaptainCamper’s Lost Ark Guides was published on February 8, 2022.

One of the goals in the main plot mission Holy Inquisitors is to employ the /disappointed emote. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already realized that the emote has no effect. Don’t worry, the quest isn’t broken; it’s most likely a translation problem that brought the game to the West.


CaptainCamper’s Lost Ark Guides was published on February 8, 2022.

In Lost Ark, there are several treasure maps. This Lost Ark Treasure Map Guide – Lone Insects Demonic Cave will show you how to locate the hidden treasure in the Saland Hill map using just the clue “Lone Insects Demonic Cave” and a map that will give you a general location.


CaptainCamper’s Lost Ark Guides was published on February 8, 2022.

The Ozhorn Hill region is the subject of the next treasure map. This Lost Ark Treasure Map Guide – Waiting Insect’s Rift will show you how to discover the hidden dungeon entrance so you can finish the treasure map and get the special goodies.


CaptainCamper’s Lost Ark Guides was published on February 8, 2022.

A different decision in Raiders of the Lost Ark influences the destiny of a brash bandit commander. This Rescue Or Ignore Choice in Lost Ark guide will explain what happens if you choose to let the bandit leader get devoured by the enormous worm or try to save him.

The “lost ark mokoko seed rewards” is a choice that players get to make in the game. Depending on the outcome, they can either save or run away from their current location.

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