The RIG 500 Pro is the second generation of the RIG 500 series. The first one was well received by reviewers and consumers alike, and the design of the new model was based on feedback. So let’s take a look at this updated headset.

The RIG 500 Pro HC Gen 2 Headset’s design is both gorgeous and very functional. It’s an ideal headset for newbies, as it’s easy to use and packed with useful features that make it a great choice for gaming.

When it comes to gaming headsets, there are a ton of different options out there. From the super high-end experience of the HyperX Cloud Alpha to the budget-friendly RIG 500 Pro HC Gen 2, there are a ton of headsets that you can choose from these days. The good news is that the RIG 500 Pro HC Gen 2 is a great option that offers a ton of value for the money. For its price, it offers a great sound quality, and is perfect for the first-time headset buyer.

While controllers are compatible with most headsets with a 3.5mm jack, there comes a time when you need to up your game and invest in a true gaming headset. At some point, with a certain type of player, your headphones just won’t work anymore. If you decide to take the plunge, the wide variety of prices can be daunting. Gaming headsets can cost anywhere from $20 to several hundred dollars. So when buying a helmet, it’s less about the price and more about the value. I have used many expensive helmets, and they are usually very durable. I’ve also used cheaper options, and they may have their share of problems, too big to justify. But that’s not the case with the RIG 500 Pro Gen 2. For those buying gaming headphones for the first time or needing a versatile backup, this model is a good choice.

RIG 500 Pro HC Gen 2 Headset Overview: Smart headset for beginners

word-image-12886 You’ll immediately notice that the RIG 500 Pro has a very similar form factor to the 700 Pro, which has become common with RIG products in recent years. The good thing is that despite being half the price of its supposedly better counterpart, the 500 Pro has a partial metal frame. The 700 is completely devoid of all meaning, but the design of the 2. More robust and mature 500 generation. The RIG wants to differentiate itself from the Astros and Turtle Beaches it’s rubbing up against in every store and digital medium, and in your hands the 500 Pro seems like the smarter, safer choice. It’s also comfortable thanks to the brand’s traditional self-adjusting headband, which can be slid in and out to fit almost any head. My eight-year-old son and I shared the headset during my testing, and it’s a small but valuable feature – you don’t have to keep changing the size of the headset. Another interesting feature that the 700 model doesn’t have is a foldable microphone. In live multiplayer, it’s always better to have this feature rather than having to reach for the mute button on your headset. The 500 Pro has a built-in volume control and blocks out at full volume when you want it to. So there’s no brushing off your shirt or pets climbing on you to change the setting. When the microphone is not needed, it can also be easily detached. I even play single player games with a headset, just to be completely immersed in the game, and I appreciate that I can remove the microphone when I don’t need it. word-image-4710 By far the best thing about the 500 Pro is the two-year Dolby Atmos activation key included in the package. While the 500 Pro is a step below other current RIG products that offer lifetime access, it is best suited for newcomers looking to buy their first gaming headset. That said, you should replace it or make it a plan B before your license expires. Of course, if you want to expand it, you can do so with a built-in app on consoles and PCs. In this day and age, 3D audio is an absolute necessity for good headphones, and it’s quite remarkable that a device with a $60 price tag offers such an excellent feature. Still, the overall sound quality is slightly worse than that of the RIG 700, which makes sense given the price difference, but is somewhat surprising given that these speakers offer better value for money on a number of other parameters. The 500 Pro has a noticeably lower fidelity – ambient and foreground game noise blend together more, which is not what you want from a headset. Like its twice as expensive brother, the 500 Pro doesn’t suppress outside noise as well. RIG wants to position itself as a brand for competitive gamers, but I can’t recommend the 500 Pro to such gamers because they always have to deal with internal distractions like a garbage truck outside, kids running around the house, or anything else that might be nearby. Not to mention the competition. word-image-12887 One of my favorite genres is Battle Royale, which is why I always submit each helmet to the Battle Royale test for review. In this genre, more than any other, I believe that a focused and crystal clear sound is crucial. I only did a few rounds with the 500 Pro before opting for another headset at a similar price, although this one doesn’t have some of the best features of the 500 Pro, such as. B. the built-in volume. But ultimately, the sound profile is the key factor that distinguishes the good headsets from the great ones – the ones you can rely on to convey important in-game information, and the ones you just wear on your head – and in this regard, the 500 Pro is likely to disappoint. Still, it’s strange how this headset sometimes trumps the supposedly best devices in its family. You can buy two 500 Pros for the price of a 700 Pro, and given the versatility of the 500 Pro, you probably should. The 500 Pro HC works not only with Xbox and PC, but also with PlayStation platforms, laptops, phones and everything else. The 500 Pro binds players with a 4.9-foot cable and may not seem as advanced as some other headsets, but it’s still versatile, and for $60 you probably won’t find a wireless headset anyway.

RIG 500 Pro HC Gen 2 Headset Overview – The Bottom Line



  • Stable and comfortable frame
  • Dolby Atmos 3D sound at a great price
  • The detachable microphone with foldable mute is an excellent headset for beginners.


  • No noise reduction for competition use
  • The built-in volume control seems out of place and cheaper than the rest of the headset.

The RIG 500 Pro HC Gen 2 has a better form factor and some desirable features that its more expensive brother and some competitors don’t have, such as a switchable microphone and Dolby Atmos 3D sound respectively, but ultimately it doesn’t offer enough reliable sound to convince me that this headset is preferable for games likeWarzone, Overwatch, orPUBG. When the game is on, the 500 Pro can let you down. But as an entry-level headset priced like a single new game and lasting at least two years for high-quality social multiplayer or an exciting single-player game, it’s a much better choice. [Note: Nacon provided the RIG 500 Pro HC Gen 2 headset used for this review].In recent years, the quality of headsets used in competitive gaming has exponentially improved. However, with the growing popularity of virtual reality, the demand for more immersive virtual audio technology is rising as well. With the release of RIG 500 Pro this year from Logitech, the gaming world finally has a great headset to get you started.. Read more about rig 500 pro headset wireless and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the rig 500 a good headset?

In the days of analog headsets, what you heard in your ear was what you got. You plugged in your headset, fired up your PC and voila, you had crystal clear sound. Today, however, that’s not the case. An increasingly loud chorus of voices has been warning the community about the dangers of digital audio. They claim that the quality of your game may suffer from the use of digital audio, and that it’s impossible to get a true feel for the game’s audio because of a lack of fidelity. So are you really getting the best gaming experience you can? The RIG 500 Pro HC Gen 2 from Plantronics is a new gaming headset from the budget-oriented Plantronics line aimed at those just starting out in the competitive gaming scene. Is it the best headset for the money? Let’s find out.

Is the rig a good headset?

Ever since the gaming community first got their hands on the regular-sized RIG 500, they’ve been raving about it. The small, light, and comfortable design is a huge hit and the microphone is one of the best things about the device. (Seriously, we get whooshes in the ear when we talk on it.) But the RIG 500 is more than just a headset—it’s a community. So, is the RIG 500 Pro HC Gen 2 worthy of the community’s love? Hi, I’m Ashton, and I am an avid gamer. I play for hours every day. As a brand new entry level headset I want to share my experience with you.

Does the rig 500 Pro have 3D audio?

We have reviewed the Sony RIG 500 Pro headset and found the design to be sub-standard for the price. Despite this, we feel the RIG 500 Pro would be a good choice for those who are looking for an entry level headset, but don’t want to spend a lot of money. The RIG 500 Pro is a general purpose gaming headset that’s been designed to be used by newbies and existing gamers alike. While the headset does come in a couple different color schemes, the most common choice is white with orange accents.

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