In Ratchet and Clank: Galactic Threat , Ratchet and Clank go on a mission to find Clank’s long lost mother, and Clank’s mind is put in a Machine that connects his planet to the rest of the galaxy. Clank’s planet is now known as the “Rift”, and Ratchet and Clank must find a way to get Clank home.

This week we have a very special post coming at you. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Clank Puzzles will be released on the PS Vita this Thursday, but since this is the first Ratchet and Clank game to be released on a handheld console since the original 2D Ratchet and Clank we figured we would take this opportunity to show you how the game plays on the PS Vita.

Just like the previous parts in the series,Ratchet & Clank : In the gameRift Apart, you can occasionally take control of a small robot bot to solve some puzzles. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter Clank puzzles that can be a bit confusing. In this guide, we will tell you how to solve them!

How to solve the riddles in the gap Except

word-image-9058 word-image-9059 The general idea for solving Clank’s puzzle in Rift Apart, technically called the Anomaly puzzle, is that you have to follow Clank’s images, called possibilities, to the meta-terminal at the end of the area. Most of these puzzles are solved by using different balls that, when thrown in certain places, cause an effect that helps you find your way. In each of Clank’s puzzle games, you have to go through three rooms to solve an anomaly. Clank’s first puzzle serves as a basic tutorial on how puzzles work. The first room is very simple, take the elevator ball on the right side of the room, drop it on the platform, and your options go on the platform above it and into the terminal. The second piece will also be fairly easy to obtain. This time there is a speed globe to your left and a barrier of hexagonal boxes to your right. Grab the speedball, throw it in front of the barrier and use it to break the blocks. On the other hand, there will be a lifting ball. At the end of the center aisle there are two places where you can place balls. In the first case, drop the speedball, in the second case, drop the elevator. This allows you and your abilities to jump onto the top platform and reach the terminal. This is also where the head of the access roads to the options that take them away from the terminal is located. On the left side of it you see a button, if you press it, the possibilities are redirected to the terminal, which closes this room. In the last room you see a long corridor with pneumatic presses. On the starting ramp you will find a lifting ball with which you can stop the first press. After interacting with him, go to the other side and summon the sphere. On one side of the path you see a branch with another pressure on it, and on the other side of the path a speedball. You use the lift ball again to reach the speed ball. After you pick it up, run to the main path and summon the elevator ball. At the end of the path you will see another fork on the left, at the end of which is a fence. Throw a speedball at the platform in front of you and cross the barrier by opening another platform. Use the height ball on this platform, and in combination with the speed ball, you can make a jump to the raised platform on the other side. Here’s another lift ball. Then you want to go back and remember other areas. At the end of the course, set the same combination of speed and height to make the jump. Then use the second stroke to lift the first press onto the rail. Press and hold the directional key until your options unlock the device.   word-image-3110 word-image-3111 Clank’s next puzzle takes place when you go looking for the phased quartz. As in the previous case, you have to go through three rooms. The first hall will be the main corridor leading to the terminal, with a raised platform and a barrier with obstacles demarcating the terminal. In addition, there will be a directional button on the right side of the track that will be pressed by an occasional fan. At the beginning of the room is a heavy sphere. Take this orb, then run to the end of the path and use it on the raised platform. On the left is another heavy sphere. Use this on the saw above the fence and destroy it. Bring the ball back and use it on the platform in front of the fan. Press and hold the direction key until the terminal is unlocked. The next room will be the main corridor leading to the terminal, with branches to the left and right. Jump to the right first and use the moving platform to catch the lift ball. Then go left and use the lifting ball to get to the heavy ball. Turn around to the right and use the lifting ball on the press. Then use the speed ball on the heavy ball on the opposite platform to bring it to the same level as you. Jump and pick up the speed sphere, then pick up the other two on the way back. At the end of the track, use the speed-lift combination again. They will also use a heavy ball to lower the saw blocking the path. With your skills, you can unlock the terminal and go to the last room. In the last room, the main path will have different compartments, and there will be branches left and right that you can explore. You must first reach the branch on the left and pick up a heavy ball on the way. Use it to lower the saw to the end of the branch so you can grab the lifting ball. Then go to the right fork and call back the heavy sphere on the way. Then use the lifting ball on the press at the end of the branch to pick up the speed ball. Then use it to break the barrier for the terminal. From there, place the lifting ball on the platform for the first fan. On the next platform, you will set up a speed sphere. And the third time, you put down the heavy ball. With this, you should be able to use your skills to reach the terminal and solve Clank’s riddle.   word-image-9060 word-image-9061 On the way back to the Sargasso, you have one more anomaly to solve. The main difference this time around is that you play as Keith, Clank’s interdimensional doppelganger. But since this is the only puzzle, let’s consider it a Clank puzzle. Right in front of you, you will see an electric ball. Pick it up and use it on the platform at the left side so that you and your functions can reach the other side. You find another electric ball, but when you lift it, the guidance panel moves and the platform on which the lifting ball is located drops. Use the second electric bullet on the generator next to the terminal and swing the railing there to the exit. Then use the scrollball on the area between the previously used button and the control panel it hits. Once all options go to the right, move the ball for its new trajectory. This will unlock the exit. In the next room, take the electric ball from the beginning and use it on the metal platform. Once on the other side, pick up the ball and use it on the wire on the left. Take the orb there, go back to the main platform and summon them. Throw one of the balls on the starting rope to have a chance of reaching the end. Then throw the second one on the left wire, causing the right platform to drop. Go to the button and set the guide field. Take the second ball and put it back on the generator. This will open the door to your possibilities. Have them unlock the terminal and proceed to the next step. In the last room, you take, you guessed it, the electric ball and use it on the wire at the beginning of the level. Climb via the rope to the platform and take the elevator ball to the top. You will remember the electric ball and use it on the second wire. Then point your head to the left and you’ll find a heavy ball on the raised platform. Place a heavy ball in front of the fan at the beginning of the room. Then place the ball of the elevator in front of the button that moves the platform to the center. At the same time, capacities must be available to the terminal.   word-image-9062 word-image-9064 Clank’s final puzzle takes place on Savali when you return there to retrieve the dimensional map. Of course, they will be the biggest challenge in the game. Jump out of the room to catch the electric ball, stop on the way to destroy the crates. Drop the ball on the generator to make the platform go up. Then take two heavy bullets on the main path. Use the first heavy ball to lower the platform on which the abilities move. Place the second ball in front of the fan, then run to the next rising platform before reaching the button. This allows you to pick up the second electric ball. You’re on the button where the ball was, so there’s an opportunity to get into the terminal. Throw an electric ball on the wire leading to it and stay there until the terminal is unlocked. After that, you’re good to go. To start the next room, run across the path and take the elevator ball on the other side. Then you have to drop the ball in place on the other side of the room and go to the climbing platform. If the odds are in your favor, you can grab the speedball and go down. Place a speedball in front of the first control panel. To his right, lower the elevator ball. Then use the keys to steer the odds left and right and destroy the obstacles. On the right side you can pick up another lifting ball, then a heavy ball. You put a heavy ball on the saw, which blocks the way to the terminal. Then the lifting ball at the end of the lift. Then lower the lifting combination back to where the lifting ball was previously located. Press the button that lifts the platform and you’re done. In the next room, first activate the L-shaped cable with the electric bullet and use it to catch the elevator ball. The lifting ball is placed in front of the slot in the direction of the L thread. This lowers the platform on the left side and lifts the heavy ball. Stay on this platform, then summon more Spheres. At the top, use the electric ball to reach the opposite platform and grab the speed ball. You remember the balls and go back down. You make a quick lift combo in the opening, then use it to reach the highest platform. Use the electric bullet on the wire above it, then you can raise another bullet. Go downstairs, upstairs and place the heavy sphere in front of the fans on the top floor. Send the electric ball back and jump down. You place the electric ball on the wire closest to the connection point and the lift ball on the point just in front of it. At this point you have completed the final Clank puzzle. There aren’t many Clank puzzles in the game, but when you encounter them, they make you think. I hope this helps you in your adventure. Search moreRatchet & Clank : Rift Separate?

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