With new Battle Pass content coming out every week, it’s hard to keep track of the Apex Legends maps. I have ranked all 9 map types in order from best to worst because you can never have too many opinions about a game that is constantly changing!

The “apex legends maps ranked” is a ranking of all the Apex Legends Maps. The list includes Battle Royale and Arena Maps.

Ranking All the Apex Legends Maps: Battle Royale & Arena Maps

Apex Legends is widely recognized as one of the greatest real-time strategy games available. Its gameplay is quick and furious, and each weapon feels fantastic to use. However, strong gunplay alone will not keep you amused in a first-person shooter. Shooters need a diverse set of well-designed and entertaining levels.

Apex Legends, fortunately for us, not only has fantastic shooting mechanics, but also a vast choice of interesting maps for both battle royale and arenas modes. What is the total number of maps in Apex Legends? With nine different maps to choose from, it might be difficult to pick which ones are the most enjoyable to play on and which are the most well-designed.

So, in today’s post, we’ll rate all of the Apex Legends Maps based on their aesthetics, general design, and distinctiveness.

Let’s get started straight now, without further ado!

The Worst to Best Apex Legends Battle Royale Maps

Let’s begin with the greatest maps for the battle royale mode. There are a total of four of them, each taking place in a distinct setting. With the exception of Point Storm, they’ve all seen significant alterations over the Seasons, but they’re still the same maps we know and love at their heart.



olympus-1024x574 Screenshot of Olympus Map Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

Let’s start with Olympus, the dazzling city in the sky. This is a lovely map with wide-open fields and clean streets, as well as numerous interesting sites of interest. It’s no surprise that the wealthy and powerful desire to live here since the color pallet is so bright.

I was anticipating a highly filled metropolis when I initially heard we’d be receiving a city map. Instead, Olympus’ geography has large open fields and just a few areas that I would call “urban.” This makes it seem like the other Apex Legends maps, which all have a low-urban density design and a lot of open space.

Furthermore, these wide-open fields make it quite simple to identify teams engaged in combat from a distance. Third parties are quite ubiquitous, and with the new Terminal POI connecting the two sections of the map, it’s just become worse.

When it comes to POIs, Pathfinder’s Boxing Ring is one of the most distinctive on the map! This is one of my favorite areas in the game since it enables you to battle other players for precious stuff in a fist fight.


Point Storm

Screenshot-2022-02-18-150907-1024x701 Point Storm Map Screenshot Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

Next up we have the newest map in the game! Released just in Season 11, Point Storm is a tropical paradise located on the beautiful planet of Gaea. It is the biggest map in all of Apex Legends and it features a huge variety of different points of interest for legends to land at.

However, although its size is one of its finest characteristics, it is also one of its biggest disadvantages. Because the landscape is so large, it might be difficult to locate other players at times, forcing you to waste a lot of time walking around empty structures. As a consequence, many players just hot drop at the start of the game, resulting in a large number of individuals dying early on, exacerbating the situation!

There are no town takeovers on this map since it was just launched at the start of Season 12. The landscape isn’t completely empty, either, since there are various PvE events to choose from. Prowler Dens and Spider Nests may be found all over the place, allowing players to level up their Evo-shields and earn vital manufacturing materials!


The Canyon of King’s

kings-canyon-1024x477 kings-canyon screenshot Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

Now for second place on our list for All Apex Legends maps, ranked, we have The Canyon of King’s! This is the oldest map in the game, being in Apex Legends since launch day. It’s a good mix of desert and forest, with plenty of unique POI’s to find scattered throughout the area.

The Canyon of King’s features the most town takeovers out of any other map. These locations include Octane’s Gauntlet, Crypto’s Map Room, Caustic’s Treatment, etc. Each of these locations offers something unique, which makes landing there always worthwhile.

You can expose the position of every player on the map by activating a terminal in Crypto’s Map Room! For a chance to earn uncommon and valuable items, interact with a comparable terminal at Caustic’s Treatment. Just don’t get caught in the hazardous muck!

Even with all of these advantages, there are a few aspects of it that I dislike. Third parties are quite prevalent on this little map. There are also regions of the map with wide-open spaces, making it simple for snipers to pick you off if you don’t have control of the ring.


The Limits of the Universe

worlds-edge-1024x629 World's Edge Screenshot Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

Taking the gold medal for the best battle royal map in Apex Legends, let’s give it up for The Limits of the Universe! While I personally prefer to play on The Canyon of King’s for the nostalgia, I have to admit The Limits of the Universe is a better-designed map.

While third parties do happen here, they are not nearly as common as they are on Olympus and The Canyon of King’s. The map is also small enough to find other players quickly, but big enough that it feels fun to explore. The Limits of the Universe is also absolutely gorgeous, and features a huge amount of environmental variety! We’ve got snowy fields, flowering meadows, lava streams, and even dense urban areas!

Bloodhound’s Trials is one of my personal favorite town takeovers. This is a PvE event where you may activate a terminal to summon a swarm of prowlers to attack you and your teammates. Defeat them all to get access to gold riches! You may also visit Rampart’s Big Maude if PvE isn’t your thing. This is a weapon store where you may buy highly customized weapons as well as crafting supplies.

The map is wonderful to play on, although it does have one little flaw. Fragment East is the most popular landing point on the map, and with so many people landing there, finding players later in the game might be difficult. My teammates often arrive here, resulting in several games in a session when I land in the same spot. Apart from this little flaw, the map is well-designed in general.

The Worst to Best Apex Legends Arenas Maps

Let’s discuss about all of the Arenas mode maps now! We won’t include any that take place on battle royale maps since they aren’t really unique. Arenas mode has a total of five different maps. The layouts are all quite similar, but there’s enough variety here to make each one fascinating.



Encore-1024x602 Apex Legends Maps Ranked Encore Screenshot Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

Let’s begin with Encore, which premiered in Season 10. This is my favorite map on the list in terms of design! It has a desert-oasis air about it, and all of the futuristic architecture is stunning.

Playing it, on the other hand, is a very other thing. This map isn’t horrible, but it pales in comparison to some of the others on this list. The map’s center is especially difficult to defend since it is sandwiched between two high spots, giving your opponents the upper hand and placing you at a disadvantage if you are forced to go there from the ring.


Crasher of Parties

party-crasher-1024x507 Crasher of Parties screen shot Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

This next one is a personal favorite of mine. Crasher of Parties takes place on board the downed Mirage Voyage after Elliott crash-landed it! The Voyage is an excellent place for firefights, with lots of places to flank opponents and hide behind cover.

This location is really appealing from an aesthetic standpoint. The action takes place in a futuristic square with pink and blue illumination. Because this is one of the few levels in the game that we get to view at night, the time of day is what truly establishes the tone.


Habitat 4

habitat-1024x552 Habitat 4 Screen Shot Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

Next up we have Habitat 4, the most recent map to be released for Arenas mode! Taking place on the same planet as Point Storm, the island’s habitat is covered in tropical greenery and alien plants. Not only that, but leviathan bones scatter the map, which is also covered in lush green vines!

The map is a tad on the large side, which depending on who you ask may be a good thing or a negative thing. Personally, I believe it is the ideal size, and I’ve never had problem locating foes. Close-quarters engagements are terrific on both sides of the battlefield, and sniping is immensely exciting if you chance to be on the other side of the opposing team.



overflow-1024x536 Overflow Screen Shot Apex Legends Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

Another personal favorite of yours truly, Overflow saw its debut alongside the Thrillseekers Event during the summer of 2021. Taking place on the same planet as The Limits of the Universe, it is an industrial site overflowing with molten lava. Visually it’s very simple compared to the other maps, but the lava amind the futuristic industry is more than enough to turn heads.

The top of the map is wide open, and the only way to get there is via a single chamber with two sets of doors. You can do some amazing things with these doors if you use them as a cover. I have wonderful recollections of flinging open the door to fire down attackers who had emptied a magazine into the door I’m shielding behind.


Runner in Phases

phase-runner-1024x532 Runner in Phases Map Screen Shot Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

And at number one for the best arenas map in Apex Legends is Runner in Phases! Introduced alongside Arenas mode itself back in Season 9, this map just cannot be outshined no matter how many other maps are released.

This is a sniper’s paradise, as there are many vantage points and wide-open spaces to hit your enemies where it hurts. If you are looking for something more up close and personal, taking the map’s Runner in Phases is an excellent way to teleport a short distance and get to the enemy team faster. Firefights are never boring on this map, as its layout accommodates all playstyles.

Be a part of the High Ground

That brings us to the conclusion of our rating of all Apex Legends maps! What were your thoughts about our ranking? Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Have fun gaming!

The “apex legends arena maps” is a list of the Apex Legends Battle Royale & Arena Maps. The list includes the map name, release date, and type of map it is.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the next ranked map apex?

A: The next ranked map apex is called Ruins.

How many battle royale maps are there in Apex Legends?

A: There are currently four maps in Apex Legends.

Is Olympus still in Apex?

A: No, it has been removed.

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