Project Gorgon, the first hack-and-slash game with a blockchain economy is releasing new content and interface adjustments in early access. The updates revamp the user experience to make it more efficient while presenting some of their newest skillful items.

Project Gorgon is a new survival horror game that is currently in early access. The early access updates with new Eltibule content and interface adjustments are available now.

Project Gorgon’s early access updates with new Eltibule content and interface adjustments


Not long ago, we received the disappointing news that one of Project Gorgon’s core developers was receiving cancer treatment, causing development delays and fundraising attempts to employ other developers. We’re all still praying for the best for the developer and her family, but Elder Game has continued to provide early access updates in the interim.

The company released new material in Eltibule on March 11th, which included a narrative and monster-bashing update. “We’ve begun building the game’s plot again after a very lengthy pause,” the developers add. “In this version, we’ve just added a few additional steps, however the direction things are heading may be evident. In future updates, we’ll be introducing additional plot quests.

“Up until now, the plot had come to a close with the task ‘Chasing Dalvos to Eltibule.’ When you spoke with Oritania, the task was accomplished, and there were no further quests. After completing ‘Chasing Dalvos to Eltibule,’ Oritania will give you a new plot mission. First, you’ll need to perform some errands for her (although you may have already done those errands for her in the past). There is also a new dungeon ‘top level’ under Eltibule Keep. Because the top floor has a low monster density, it’s more accessible to players who don’t yet have good level 30 gear. On the top level, there is also a new quest that begins in the first chamber. (The new ‘top level’ links to the previous floors, which are almost identical.)”

Players should go through the whole patch notes, which feature a slew of UI modifications, graphical and animation changes, ability balance, and bug fixes.


Project Gorgon is a game that has been under development for a while. This early access update comes with new Eltibule content and interface adjustments. Reference: project: gorgon eltibule.

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