The lead designer for Playable Worlds, a new game development company, says the company is in the industry because they love games.

The playable worlds games is a game development company that was founded in 2009. The company’s lead designer, Daniel Eberhard, said that the company is in the game industry because they love games.


Greg Costikyan of Playable Worlds, the lead designer for Raph Koster’s forthcoming unannounced sandbox MMORPG, spoke up about how games are created earlier this month. (In fact, if you’re a TTG fan, you should read the comments – our TTG fans were ecstatic about his participation, and he even stopped by to talk.) Costikyan has recently published the second part of that blog, in which he explores the interactions between artists, producers, engineers, and quality assurance specialists – some of the less glamorous but crucial jobs. He repeats Koster’s previous remarks about game creation being, well, a big ol’ mess.

“Two-thirds of gaming ventures never get off the ground,” he claims. “They ran out of money, the publisher lost faith in the project, key individuals departed, their goals were too big, and beta stats were disappointing,” says the author.

“More projects are canceled than are ever completed. I’ve traveled that road more times than I want to remember. Have you ever purchased a game and been dissatisfied with it? It occurs all the time. It wasn’t because the developers were inept or uninterested. I can assure you that everyone engaged in that project believed in it from the beginning and is disappointed that it did not turn out better. However, game creation is a chaotic and difficult process. “Not everything works out.”

He also addresses a point made in our comments, namely, that developers have no morals and would do anything for “a huge bag of money.”

“Are we in it for the money?” says the narrator. Yes, welcome to late-stage capitalism, when money is a need for survival,” he adds. “However, virtually everyone on a development team could earn more money doing anything else,” says the author. Engineers may be able to earn greater money working for Google or Amazon. Artists may be able to earn extra money via advertising. Even designers may be able to earn more money if they worked on productivity software or something similar. We like being compensated, but we aren’t in the gaming business for that purpose. We work in the video game business because we like playing them. We also want to create the greatest game possible.”


The playable worlds co is a company that is in the game industry because they love games. They are currently working on their first game, which will be released in 2019.

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