Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is a new, upcoming MMORPG that features work on class creation, pet systems, and foliage visuals. Pantheon had been in development for five years before launching its Alpha test earlier this year. The game has already passed 2 million views on YouTube with over 5500 subscribers and shows real progress from the Kickstarter video released back in 2012.

The “pantheon rise of the fallen” is a new game in development by Grinding Gear Games. It is an action-RPG with class creation, pet systems, and foliage visuals.

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen showcases work on class creation, pet systems, and foliage visuals


Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen’s developers are ready to share their work as the game nears its anticipated 2022 alpha, putting together some snippets to show off on a recent developer livestream.

The program showcased development on the game’s High Definition Render Pipeline, which is used to produce foliage and vegetation, vowing to continue to enhance visual quality while maintaining an emphasis on efficiency. The developers then addressed class formation, noting that class development is still in progress and that classes are being incorporated into the MMORPG’s combat system. There was also a lot of talk about networking upgrades, with the developers showcasing how they’re leveraging Unity’s technology to draw a big number of items without losing packets.

The subject of Pantheon’s pet system came next, with the caveat that the game’s network infrastructure must be implemented first before pets can be properly assembled. Finally, the developers are deferring pet systems until they can be implemented properly; present networking difficulties prohibit the pet system from being implemented properly, and integrating pets now will cause server stability concerns and restrict zone populations to a certain point.

The webcast also included a sneak peek at part of Pantheon’s material library, a discussion on NPC placement and logic (though specifics were sparse since NPCs are “meant to be experienced”), a discussion of the current emphasis on animations, and a mention of UI implementation. The whole broadcast may be seen below.


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