The team at Palia is developing a game that promises to be different from the typical ‘win, get items’ experience. The goal of this new project is creating an emotional journey with player-driven quests and storylines that sees players navigate negative emotions like anger, sadness, elation and more while playing in VR.

Palia is a new game that promises to be the first of its kind. The game will allow players to discover lore and questlines that see them “navigate negative emotional experiences”. Read more in detail here: what are emotions.

Palia promises discoverable lore and questlines that sees players ‘navigate negative emotional experiences’


Palia, the self-described “cozy community sim MMO,” hasn’t made any big development announcements in January. In between uploads of concept art and digital wallpapers, there have been a handful of teasers about upcoming material.

Two of these tidbits come from developer answers to player questions. One such answer confirms that the game will have “secret lore items for the player to discover and many mysteries to be unraveled,” ranging in scale from smaller atmospheric details to items that unlock secret quests or books that can be collected to piece together a backstory. Another answer promises that there will be quests where players will have to help villagers “navigate negative emotional experiences as [the devs] believe that emotional intimacy can be a big part of what allows you to feel cozy with someone.”

Palia’s Twitter account has otherwise been offering visual peeks at its concepts, including a look at one set of mysterious ruins waiting to be unraveled and a crafted curl-up space that promises players can decorate their home precisely how they want.

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