The folks at Blizzard recently announced that, in the upcoming patch 5.4, they plan on implementing “flight” into the World of Warcraft. When this announcement came out, a lot of commenters made the same observation: that this would require an additional purchase. Whether this was true or not was unclear, but if true it would be a very odd and, in our opinion, an unnecessary decision.

“Shadowlands” is a new expansion for the free World of Warcraft MMORPG that will be released in June, and it brings with it the first flying mounts in the game’s history. This could be exciting for many players, but it may have one major drawback: You’ll have to buy the expansion.

WoW players have long been treated to the ability to fly around the world of Azeroth, but with the release of Expansion: Shadowlands, flying mounts and glider have been added as a feature to the game. This addition has been met with a great deal of excitement from the community, but there is one major hurdle that stops people from rushing out to buy the new flying mounts: they’re not cheap.

word-image-6122 Being more specific is always good, right? Well, maybe not exactly. For example, in the developer’s initial announcement for World of Warcraft , which explained how flying would work in Shadowlands , it was said that once players completed the quest level required to unlock flying, they could acquire the Expert Riding skill required to fly and begin gliding through the air. Unfortunately, this wording can also be interpreted to mean that the player must make another purchase after making this particular move. As a result, Blizzard has acknowledged a slight ambiguity in the wording and updated the official blog to clarify that no additional purchases will be required. Once you’ve unlocked the flight, that’s all you need. If you need more proof, the developers have also contacted Wowhead for a concrete statement: The wording of the purchase on the Shadowlands Flying blog was just to emphasize that the player must learn to drive like an expert. The vast majority of active players have had this option for some time, the wording has only been added for accuracy, as expert driving is not automatically given when shadowland flying is unlocked. Here’s how. No, you don’t need to buy anything to fly inShadowlands, except what you need to buy to fly anywhere. It’s simple! ViewWorld of Warcraft fans have been asking for a flying mount ever since the release of Cataclysm. However, Blizzard has been adamant that flying would not be a part of the game, or at least not for at least the foreseeable future. However, recent announcements about a new expansion for the game have sparked new hope among WoW players that flying will be in the game at launch.. Read more about mounts that can fly in shadowlands and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I fly in Shadowlands?

We’ve been following a well-known streamer, who goes by the name of “Awful Night”, for some time now. He said that he was making a flying mount for World of Warcraft called “Shadowlands”, but we never saw it released. Today, he has taken to Twitter to confirm that there is no way to fly in Shadowlands, and no plans to add it to the game. This expansion, titled Shadowlands, will bring a new level of graphical detail and world-building to the MMO. It will introduce new zones to explore, new monsters to fight, and new items to collect, but it will also introduce new ways to play.

How do you unlock flying in Shadowlands?

Flying in the “World of Warcraft” in the “Shadowlands” expansion is a dream scenario for many players, but now that it’s been added to the game it’s actually not possible. If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the new feature, though, you’re in luck: flying has been opened up to everyone in the game. The big story in a lot of gaming circles recently is the announcement that World of Warcraft’s flying mounts will be available to all players in the game, not just those who paid for the expansion. In order to get flying, players will need to complete a series of quests that will give them an “invitation” to unlock flying in Shadowlands, the new zone that will be available in the game when Patch 5.2: Shadowlands releases.

Will you be able to fly in Shadowlands?

Will you be able to fly in Shadowlands?  Of course you can!  And when you do fly, you’ll be able to visit your friends!  All the friends!  All the friends and pets!  It’s a crazy time!  So pack your bags, raid your way up to level 10, and fly to your friends’ cities to visit them and cuddle with your cat!  And don’t forget to take a selfie with your friends’ pets!  It’s just not a great time unless you’re on Shadowlands flying! There’s been much speculation over whether or not you’ll be able to fly in the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion. Personally, I think it’s just a lore question. Shadowlands is a watery world, and it’s not out of the question that they can fly there. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that a class in the Warcraft universe has been given the ability to fly.

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