Three years ago, the release of No Man’s Sky was hailed as the space exploration game that would bring the genre to a new generation. However, when the game was released, it was a massive disappointment to many who believed that the game did not live up to its hype. As a result, a lot of players have been quite excited to see the game’s developer, Hello Games, continuously release new updates that address many of the issues the game had when it released. However, one of the most recent updates, titled “Beyond,” has surprised even the most optimistic players. Many who have completed the game’s latest Expedition have reported that it has rewarded players with a claimable Normandy SR1 from the

The No Man’s Sky game has been a hit among content creators since its release. It is not a surprise that it has been constantly updated and that the game designers have added an in-game reference to the popular Mass Effect game. Even though it may be a controversial move, game developers should know that they can rely on the existing community of Mass Effect fans.

A new No Man’s Sky update has just been released, including a new photo mode, resulting in a huge surge in photo uploads to the No Man’s Sky subreddit. One of the most common questions being asked has to do with the photo mode’s camera controls, which players can only access when pressing F1. However, one user on the subreddit discovered a method to access the camera controls without pressing F1, and shared their find with the community. First, players must open their phones’ fullscreen menu by clicking on the little grid icon in the upper right hand corner of No Man’s Sky. This will cause a camera to briefly appear on screen. After this, players must click on the

word-image-10239 In mid-May, Beachhead Expeditions was launched in No Man’s Sky . Players will recall that this is part of the new Expedition multiplayer mode that was added to the survival sandbox in April. This new expedition was a fun but unremarkable destination for the players, but at the end of the expedition a surprise awaited them: the coveted Mass Effect Normandy SR1. The surprising addition of the iconic ship to NMS was revealed on developer Sean Murray’s blog, hinting at the possibility of working with EA and BioWare to create a crossover. Like everyone else, we have rediscovered the wonderful world of Mass Effect with the release of the Legendary Edition. I still get goosebumps when I see this incredibly iconic ship, and I was happy to see that many people had the same reaction, Murray writes. As for the near future of NMS, Murray promises that the developers at Hello Games have even more surprises in store as the game approaches its fifth anniversary. Until then, players have until the 31st. May time to complete the Shoreline expedition and receive a Normandy SR1 as part of her frigate fleet.

. Source: official website (1, 2), thanks to Kinya for the hint! ViewI was admittedly a little skeptical when I first heard about the Mass Effect: Andromeda Initiative, and its claim that No Man’s Sky players could be rewarded with a Normandy SR1, one of the most iconic starships from the Mass Effect series. The MEAI promised that this was the first of many cross-promotional opportunities between BioWare’s and Hello Games’ games, and that the Normandy SR1 would be available to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox players. (Game writers at Gamewe Studios are big fans of Mass Effect, so we were really excited about this!) And, sure enough, the mission to collect the Normandy SR1 has gone live in the popular space exploration game.. Read more about nms expedition 2 rewards and let us know what you think.

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