As the New World’s beta continues to expand, it has been plagued with bugs. The player population has also seen a steep decline over time, causing some players to doubt whether or not they should continue playing. What is next for this patch that keeps getting off track?

New World’s January patch was accompanied by fresh bugs and worries over population


It’s starting to seem like a trend for New World: Amazon loses a patch, and something goes wrong nearly quickly. That was the case with the January patch, which was released yesterday. Bugs in conversation, which have since been rectified, as well as storage and crafting concerns, were the most significant.

“We’re aware that the storage unit isn’t stacking goods correctly, causing the unique item limit to be reached before the intended limit, as well as players being unable to construct with materials in storage.” The team is working hard to get a solution out as soon as possible. We’ll keep this post updated when additional information becomes available.”

While there are plenty of irritation and “leave” posts on the game’s subreddit and forums, as well as concerns about gearscore downscaling, most people are more worried about the game’s population, which has dropped from almost a million at launch to just over 100,000. Some players have noticed an apparent modification in the game’s API that hides server populations, however it’s unclear whether this was done on purpose or as a result of a fault, or even when it occurred. In any case, it may be more challenging to choose transfer servers.

We asked Amazon last week about the proportion of players interested in mutators and the growing divide between survival players and endgame raiders; Amazon says a “large portion” of players are playing Expeditions and “requested increased difficulty and variety,” which is why the studio is focusing on this content.


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