The latest free update for the well-known MMO, Neverwinter is a new Dragonslayer module. The main quest has players hunting down and killing five dragons that have been terrorizing this land of Sword Coast with their fire breath and powerful magic.

The “Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons” is a module that will be available for players to explore in the upcoming expansion for Neverwinter. The module is inspired by Fizban, the mentor and friend of Drizzt Do’Urden.

Neverwinter’s ‘Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons’-inspired Dragonslayer module launches this June


At this afternoon’s D&D Direct, Cryptic and Gearbox have revealed that Neverwinter’s Dragonslayer is launching in June. Dragonslayer will mark the game’s 23rd module to date and arrive on PC and console the same month; it’s a tie-in with D&D’s Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, and yes, you’re going to be spending a whole lot of time slaying dragons through the Dragon Hunt system.

The Shield of the North successfully drove Valindra Shadowmantle away of the Sword Coast during the events of Dragonbone Vale, but not before she managed to cast a faulty version of the Scaleblight Mythal,” the studios tease. “The wicked spell made many dragons aware of the phenomena of dragonsight, distorting their goals and pushing them to fury.” The appeal for assistance resounds in Dragonslayer, where players must hunt down these terrible dragons with other dragonslayers in the hopes of protecting the Sword Coast.”

“The new module Dragonslayer will let players to experience a new Dragon Hunt system for the first time in Neverwinter, allowing them to become one of Smeriduk Dragonbone’s formidable dragonslayers, counterattacking dragons in their own lairs.” The new system will allow players to battle a variety of chromatic dragons of varying ages (Young, Adult, Ancient), each with its own set of difficulties to conquer, lairs to explore, and prizes to obtain. The forthcoming update will also overhaul Neverwinter’s dragons, offering them all-new attacks, spells, and the ability to fly. Long-time gamers and newcomers alike can expect a big upgrade to the famous “Temple of Tiamat” Trial, which will include new features and challenges, as well as Normal and Master difficulty settings.”

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“Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons” is a new module coming in June for Neverwinter. The “fizban treasury of dragons pdf reddit” will be the first to introduce players to this new adventure that will feature a dragon-slaying protagonist and an epic story with tons of lore.

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