The time is almost here! The Sandrock beta has been locked and loaded for a month long adventure. For those who have taken part in the closed beta, we can’t wait to see your amazing creations come alive on April 18th. If you haven’t gotten your hands dirty yet, make sure to sign up at Check out our latest update with new content that includes:
“Aksis”, “Hell’s Kitchen”, and an all new playable map: Crownall Basin !”

The “my time at sandrock beta download” is a new update for the game that has been released. The update adds new features to the game and fixes some bugs.

My Time at Sandrock April 18 Beta Update Adds New

My Time at Sandrock April 18 Beta Update Adds New Festival, Optimizations

My Time at Sandrock is getting closer to its long-awaited early access release, but in the meanwhile, beta players can look forward to a fresh load of content and improvements due to the game’s April 18 update.

The April 18 beta update for My Time at Sandrock includes a new event called the Running of the Yakmels, as well as new NPCs, game settings, and side missions for characters including Mi-an, Grace, and Elsie.

My Time at Sandrock April 18 Beta Update Adds New Festival, Optimizations

My Time at Sandrock April 18 Beta Update Adds New Festival, Optimizations

Mount interactions have also been added, allowing you to command your mounts to follow, remain, or return to you. The game should use less PC resources, and mount steering should be more responsive. According to the complete patch notes, the following are all the changes made in My Time at Sandrock’s April 18 beta update:


  • A new festival has been added: the Yakmels’ Run.
  • The Commerce Guild Awards have been added.
  • A multi-language option has been added.
  • Added the ability to pick a player’s birthdate.
  • More choices have been added to the game’s settings.
  • The ability to remap controller buttons has been added.
  • When the shortcut bar is chosen, there are now recommendations for utilizing certain specific props.
  • Side quests with X, Mi-an, Grace, Banjo, and Elsie have been added.
  • Several new NPCs and their regular activities have been included.
  • Scripts and behaviors for various existing NPCs have been added.
  • Some everyday interactions between NPCs and other NPCs have been included.
  • When NPCs go away, there are now fading effects.
  • NPCs now have the ability to level up.
  • The behaviors of NPCs opening doors have been included.
  • Some NPC behaviors in sandstorm conditions have been included.
  • NPC’s performance while spinning around their body has been improved.
  • More haircuts for random NPCs have been added.
  • For X, new daily habits have been included.
  • X’s swing performance has been included.
  • Rockyenaroll, Alpha Rockyenaroll, and Thorny Jumper are all new monsters.
  • More information on the ‘Super Armor’ setting can be found here. Some of the enemy’s movements will be protected by a super armor that prevents their action from being halted when their Toughness is destroyed.
  • Horses of various hues have been added to the ranch store.
  • Mount interaction has been added, allowing you to command mounts to follow, stay, or return.
  • In the main quest dungeon, various destructible and diggable portions have been added.
  • Recovery areas have been added to the main tale dungeon.
  • Some new furniture has been added.
  • The Dance Off outfit has been added.

Adjusted and improved

  • The game has been optimized to utilize less PC resources.
  • Added a significant number of important articles, global perspectives, and daily news to the newspaper system, as well as capabilities such as subscription, renewal, and examining historical newspapers.
  • ‘Social Energy’ and ‘Relationship’ were introduced to the play and dating system, and the UI presentation and dialogues were changed.
  • The map has been optimized, and new features such as floor checks and a monster area have been included.
  • Added decorating elements, doors and windows, roofs, and other features to the workshop customization, as well as tweaked the UI appearance and interactivity.
  • The knowledge system has been improved.
  • In The Breach Hazardous Ruins, the stamina consumption has been adjusted. Stamina will no longer be wasted during battle inside The Breach, since it will now cost stamina to enter.
  • Crafting queues have been adjusted so that the same things may be made in several queues.
  • Players who submitted exhibits before beginning the game will get reissued awards as a result of the changes to the exhibit submission system for achieving workshop reputation.
  • The instructional UI and content have been improved, and some new tutorials have been added.
  • Quest requirements’ UI has been improved.
  • In a number of areas, the quest symbols have been improved and standardized.
  • The depiction of monsters’ HP and toughness has been improved.
  • In cutscenes, the performance of quicktime events has been improved.
  • NPC response dialogue for special connection goods has been improved.
  • NPC desires have been optimized.
  • When NPCs are wearing Sand Gear during sandstorms, the graphics and effects have been improved.
  • The workshop handbook’s presentation has been improved, and the ability to query the machine map has been introduced.
  • The herding system’s UI has been improved.
  • The mount’s steering has been improved.
  • When players are carrying two-handed things, their actions are optimized.
  • Planting acts that are more efficient
  • ‘Best Ranking in History’ and ‘My Ranking History’ were added to the workshop ranking.
  • Icons for various sorts of emails have been optimized.
  • Trash volumes and places in town were optimized.
  • NPCs’ actions when playing Whack-a-Mole have been tweaked.
  • The male player’s leg art has been tweaked.
  • In several events, we improved our performance.
  • Add the Blender to the machine research sequences.
  • Drops with creatures and in hazardous ruins have been adjusted.


  • Some quests’ flow and performance have been improved.
  • Errors in coordinates were fixed, as well as several NPC overlap concerns.
  • Burgess’ performance in the ‘Pedagogy Postponed’ quests was fixed.
  • When the player uses a portable item, the interspersed problem was fixed.
  • Some issues with interaction delays have been fixed.
  • Some issues in the animations for getting up have been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where camera-related settings in certain unique game sequences didn’t function.
  • When Sandfishing, you no longer get killed by creatures.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain models to disappear when switching languages.

The developer has also verified that the multiplayer option in My Time at Sandrock is still under development.

Players who pledged for the Multiplayer Early Access Pack during the game’s Kickstarter campaign would “soon get to throw the first Pickhammer swings in the Sandrock of the Past in multiplayer mode,” according to the game’s description, though no exact date was given.

The early access launch date for My Time at Sandrock is set for May 26. The beta embargo will be lifted sooner, on May 11, allowing those who have already played the game to post images and videos, as well as broadcast it.

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The “my time at sandrock beta key” is a game that has been updated for the first time in months. The new update adds new features to the game, and allows players to gain more experience points from playing.

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