Farming games, a genre with roots in the PC era and one that’s seeing a renaissance on mobile devices like never before. What will the future of farming simulators look like?

The “Farm Together” just launched its first DLC in over two years, and it is a multiplayer farming sim. The game has been highly anticipated since the release of the original game.

Multiplayer farming sim Farm Together just launched its first DLC in over two years


In 2021, I got momentarily infatuated with Farm Together, a game that’s similar to Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley but with a clear farming/housing emphasis and none of the horrible monetization methods seen in FarmVille-style games. It’s not an MMO, but it does have a multiplayer component in the sense that you may play “together” with individuals you invite onto your farm; in fact, you’re rewarded for allowing strangers onto your farm in return for benefits (and I saw a number of people doing this and broadcasting it too!).

I sunk over a hundred hours into this thing simply building up my buildings and town, never even coming close to maxing out my farm or gaming, but I soon got weary of it – and my kids, who played with me – and moved on. Plus, Milkstone Studios had discontinued active development on the game in favor of working on a another project at the time, so there wasn’t much to look forward to other than the same old occurrences.

Until today, at least. Milkstone emerged this week with a new DLC pack that is on par with its prior DLC in terms of breadth and pricing, while part of it includes extremely desired animals and crops. The Candy Pack features a new crop, tree, flower, road, fences, building, clothing, haircuts, backpack, décor, walls, flooring, and even a new home, the Candy House, with a clear candyland motif.

“Our objective is to produce four new packs, the first of which is the Candy pack. While the themes for three of them have already been determined, there is one that has yet to be decided, so feel free to propose your ideas,” the company noted on Steam. Ancient Egypt, Fantasy, Wild West, Gothic, Terror, Australian, Cavemen, Urban, and African are among the themes that have received votes.

If you’re thinking about buying any of this, keep in mind that this game and its DLC frequently go on sale during Steam discounts, so I’d wait until then, particularly if you want all of the DLC’s crops and décor. It’s a charming game, but save your money for the sale!


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