This guide will be helpful for players who want to play the Lost Ark: Fight For Survival game. It contains all map locations, enemies and treasure room coordinates.

The “battlebound plains lost ark” is a treasure map in the game Lost Ark. The guide will tell you what to do on the battlebound plains and how to find the insect’s rift.

Lost Ark Treasure Map Guide - Waiting Insect's Rift


The Ozhorn Hill region is the subject of the next treasure map. This Lost Ark Treasure Map Guide – Waiting Insect’s Rift will show you how to discover the hidden dungeon entrance so you can finish the treasure map and get the special goodies.

Treasure Maps are one-of-a-kind adventures in Lost Ark that require you to locate a secret place in order to open a special dungeon, battle the boss within, and collect the spoils. Waiting Insect’s Rift is a treasure map found in the Ozhorn Hill location, which you reach after a short time in the adventure.

Lone Insects Demonic Cave – Lost Ark Treasure Map Guide

Lost-Ark-Treasure-Map-Guide-Waiting-Insects-Rift-Treasure-LocationLost Ark Treasure Map Guide - Waiting Insect's Rift This specific hidden dungeon is really simple to locate. You may locate it on the map above, where I am standing. Just east of the Outpost and west of the Assembly Area fast travel point. There’s a clump of rocks nearby, along with several buildings. As you come closer to the proper location, you’ll get a request to engage with a hidden door. After interacting with it, you’ll be able to enter the hidden dungeon. These are very short Treasure Maps dungeons. There’s just a brief boss battle and a way out.


CaptainCamper’s Lost Ark Guides was published on February 8, 2022.

Hunting is unlocked long before you can actually hunt in Raiders of the Lost Ark. How To Hunt Animals In Raiders Of The Lost Ark describes how the hunting Trade Skill works so you can start tracking down your prey, killing them, and skinning them for different materials and components.


CaptainCamper’s Lost Ark Guides was published on February 8, 2022.

Lost Ark, like other ARPGs, features a ton of stuff to acquire and locate. This Lost Ark auto looting tutorial describes how to set up an auto looting mechanism so you can loot quickly and set conditions for what you want to be auto looted as you move through the game.


CaptainCamper’s Lost Ark Guides was published on February 8, 2022.

One of the goals in the main plot mission Holy Inquisitors is to employ the /disappointed emote. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already realized that the emote has no effect. Don’t worry, the quest isn’t broken; it’s most likely a translation problem that brought the game to the West.


CaptainCamper’s Lost Ark Guides was published on February 8, 2022.

A different decision in Raiders of the Lost Ark influences the destiny of a brash bandit commander. This Rescue Or Ignore Choice in Lost Ark guide will explain what happens if you choose to let the bandit leader get devoured by the enormous worm or try to save him.

The “fallout 76 treasure maps” is a guide that provides information on the various locations of lost ark treasures. The author also includes a map, which allows users to locate the different landmarks and places mentioned in the text.

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