This week Lost Ark released a new update that promises to be the toughest yet on cheaters and unauthorized bots. The latest version of the game features an enhanced anti-cheat system, improved bot detection, and much more—all designed to ensure that players playing at their own risk are rewarded for their good behavior in return.

The “new korean mmo” is a new update from the Lost Ark game. This week, the developers have been cracking down on bots and cheaters in their game.

Lost Ark continues its crackdown on bots and cheaters in this week’s update


The Lost Ark patch released this morning includes more than just the start of season one of the game’s competitive proving grounds; it also includes PvE content and a revamp of the game’s fraud and bot-prevention features.

For PvEers, there’s a new casual-friendly feature for guardian raids: players will be under a “scale of balance” buff for the month of the event, which effectively improves their stats to match the raid, dependent on how many other players are participating. Players will earn cash to spend on tiered mats, books, and gem chests — but keep in mind that playing on the weekend earns you more points than playing during the week.

Amazon, on the other hand, is clamping down on cheats. “We’ve incorporated a new protection mechanism in this version to cut down on bots and fraudulent transactions,” adds the studio. “Players with an active Steam account who have satisfied the minor payment requirement to utilize Steam’s social services should be unaffected.” Players who have not achieved this ‘Trusted’ status via Steam or Lost Ark will have limited access to “a restricted number of social and economic services,” including trading, sending gifts and mail attachments, and exchanging certain currencies. “In this version, we’ve enabled more upgrades to our anti-cheat tools to assist prevent cheaters and bots, as well as a few other tweaks we’ve created with Smilegate RPG behind the scenes.”

All players should download the patch after the maintenance is completed later this morning in order to get the new Amazon goodies.


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