Kakao and XL Games have revealed the global launch date for their upcoming mobile MMORPG Moonlight Sculptor on May 25. The game, which was previously only available in Korea, is currently being translated into English. It will launch in North America, Europe, and Africa on the same day. The game will also be available in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau on May 26. Kakao and XL Games have stated that the English version of Moonlight Sculptor will be available on Google Play as a free-to-play title.

Kakao and XL Games released a mobile version of its Moonlight Sculptor mobile game worldwide today, adding English to an already Japanese-language version of the game. The free-to-play title is available in both iOS and Android versions, and is currently available in Korea and Japan, with the global release covering 24 languages. Players will be able to play the game’s new English version in Canada, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States.

Moonlight Sculptor is a mobile MMORPG developed by Kakao and XL Games, published by Chinese publisher Tencent Games. The game will be available in English in the West for iOS and Android, starting 5/25.

word-image-17755 In mid-April, we told you about Moonlight Sculptor, a new mobile MMORPG from publisher Kakao Games and developer XL Games (the infamous ArcheAge ) in which players enter the virtual realm of Royal Road in one of five predefined classes or enter the game without a class and later become sculptors. At the time, the game was scheduled for a May 2021 release, but now we have a firm release date: Tuesday, 25. May. The global deployment ofMoonlight Sculptor on will be far-reaching: It will be released in 157 different countries, in addition to South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, where the game has already launched. Players can choose from three different server regions – America, Europe and Asia – and have the choice of English, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese as their native language options. In terms of gameplay, Sculptor will feature a 1v1 PvP dueling arena, a large-scale Battlefield of Valor PvP zone, a Tower of Mirhan encounter that constantly generates new stages, a standby mode for automated battles, several raids to participate in, and a region scramble mode between guilds. On the game’s official Twitter, some historical jams are also posted for those who like context in their MMO games. Moonlight Sculptor will be available on both the App Store and Google Play, and pre-registration is still available for those craving gifts. Sources: Press release, Twitter (, 2) ViewMoonlight Sculptor, a mobile multiplayer online role-playing game, was released in Korea on May 19, but not in English until today. I’ve been playing Moonlight Sculptor since it launched, and here’s my review.. Read more about moonlight sculptor game download and let us know what you think.

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