I was wondering if there was any new games coming out in 2021, so I looked on the Google, and I stumbled across Kainga Seeds of Civilization. I knew of Kainga Seeds of Civilization before, but I don’t think I ever played the game. “It is a game that tries to create a new game, rather than just copying or updating of other games.”

The game plays like Civilization V but with one major difference; the map is much simpler, with no borders or oceans to deal with. The units are all different, with units having greater combat strength which allows them to attack other units on the map. The game also adds new units like the Jaguar, which is a flying unit that can attack other units on the map, and the Caern which is a building that helps with the attack of other units.

Kainga Seeds Of Civilization Review 2021 is based on the game that was released in May of last year. It offers the same challenge, the same maps, the same players, just with slightly updated graphics. The newest version has a lot of improvements, but what will make or break the new release is whether it will keep the same addictive gameplay that made this a hit among the Android gaming community.

Many city-building games have been announced this year, including Kainga Seeds of Civilization. Will Kainga Seeds of Civilization, with its additional concept of gigantic animals and diverse civilizations, be able to stand out in what is becoming a crowded market?

Roadmap for the Kainga Seeds of Civilization

To begin, it’s important mentioning that the game was in a pre-release form when we played it for our Kainga Seeds of Civilization review. Much of the game remains incomplete and will be added in the future, all of which is being created by a single developer, which is an impressive accomplishment in and of itself.

I noticed a few problems in the present version of the game, like employees refusing to collect resources, getting stuck in strange locations, and general graphical abnormalities. As a result, we enter betas well aware that there may be problems, but rather than concentrating on them, I’d want to concentrate on the game itself and its potential.


There are just two biomes to explore for now, and the game seems a bit barren. Looking at the roadmap, it seems like there will be a lot of material coming to Kainga Seeds of Civilization, which will be released in many named updates.

I’m not sure I’d suggest Kainga Seeds of Civilization right now. That isn’t to say I don’t recognize the game’s enormous potential. In fact, I’m looking forward to doing another playing after the game has been further developed to see whether the general tone of my Review of Kainga Seeds of Civilization changes.

Camps for the Living

This is where Kainga Seeds of Civilization distinguishes itself from the competition. The planet in which Kainga is set is populated by enormous animals that can be tamed and even built atop, enabling you to build mobile cities that can defend your people.


Players must tame and equip saddles for these animals before they may ride them, similar to Ark: Survival Evolved. Once you’ve gone to the effort of taming one, you’ll have additional options for base defenses or even a fully mobile settlement.

Kainga Seeds of Civilization already has a few creatures. These include leviathan-class giants as well as lesser animals like snails that may be domesticated and serve a function for your colony.

Kainga Snail Tame

However, a review of the game’s roadmap reveals that the developer intends to introduce additional species. This involves including many smaller ones into the game during subsequent scheduled upgrades.

Gameplay of the Kainga Beta

When you first start using Kainga, you are given the option of going through a tutorial. While I strongly advise you to complete the lesson, I believe it might have been extended. Kainga is definitely a one-of-a-kind and ambitious game, with a high learning curve to match.

In-game, the tutorial’s lack of depth really jumped out to me. My whole town had been set on fire, and I had no clue why or what I could do to extinguish it.


But, because there’s still some time until the game goes into full production, I’m hopeful the developer will notice and fix this.

After completing the brief tutorial, you will be able to choose a biome and either choose from a list of objectives or create your own to finish the level.


Thinkers are the most significant individuals in your tribe; they are needed to study new technologies and are the most important people in your civilisation. You will lose the game if they die, and you will have to restart the current scenario.

There are many dangers to be aware of in Kainga, including the enormous creatures that wander the land. If you do not fulfill their demands, other tribes will attack you, as will the weather, which may include violent thunderstorms that can damage your structures and kill your braves.

Is it worthwhile to play Kainga?

Is it worthwhile to play the Kainga Seeds of Civilization demo, which was just released?

This roguelike Kickstarter has a lot of promise. It adds a fresh spin to the genre, enabling you to create something new every time you play.

If the game were published in its present form, I believe there would be insufficient material. I can easily see Kainga being a popular village-builder with a little refining and some bugs worked out.

We anticipate Kainga to be released in early access on Steam this Autumn, and we’re excited to see what they have planned for the future. We plan to update our Kainga review once the game is completely launched.

Kainga Seeds of Civilization Review

Kainga Seeds of Civilization Review

Kainga Seeds of Civilization is the name of the game.


Kainga Seeds of Civilization is a one-of-a-kind Roguelite city-building game with gigantic creatures that may be tamed and even built upon.

Unboxed Opinions

The Good
  • Exceptional.
  • Possibilities
  • Inventive creatures
The Bad (& Ugly)
  • More material is required (Coming soon)
  • The tutorial is much too brief.
  • Currently, there are many bugs.

5 6.3 3.15

Score from Unboxed Reviews

On August 12th, 2021, the Kainga tribe will be celebrating their 1,000th day in the desert. At the age of 12, the Kainga children are sent to the desert to wait for their birthdays to come. Out of the five of them, only one will make it. The lucky one who will become Kainga’s first ever ruler.. Read more about kainga download and let us know what you think.

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