Dead by Daylight is a popular survival horror game that has players take on the role of Jill Valentine in a game that is played in third-person view. The game is about escaping from a lodge where a killer is stabbing people, using the tools found in the lodge. While the game is set in the Dead by Daylight universe, the game itself is not a part of the Dead by Daylight story, instead it is a standalone game that is set in the same universe as Dead by Daylight.

There are a couple of perks in Dead by Daylight that allow you to perform some great moves. The “Dual Wield” perk allows you to strike enemies with both weapons, and the “Pummel” perk allows you to do so one after the other. It is important to know that you can only use your perks in burst mode, and once you stop using the perk, the timer will reset.

Jill Valentine is one of the new Survivors that will appear in the Dead by Daylight chapter of Resident Evil . It introduces three new survivor perks into the game. Let’s see how they work and what you can do with them.


Jill Valentine’s first unique skill is Counterforce, and a trainable version appears on her Bloodweb at level 30. This is how it works: You eliminate totems 20% faster. After erasing a totem, you see the aura of the totem furthest away from you for 2/3/4 seconds and get an additional 20% cumulative bonus to erasing totems until the end of the challenge. Counterforce will be a great asset to clean up the totems. The ability to reduce the cleanup of totems is very important. The faster the survivor eliminates the totems, the faster he can get back to the generator. Counterforce is an essential part of any Totem Purifier build, and combines well with Inner Strength and Small Game. This perk gives survivors an advantage over assassins who use certain perks. I imagine Counterforce will be used a lot, which will be painful for any Assassins using Hex Perks, as the faster clearing will make it harder for Assassins to protect their totems.   word-image-8330 word-image-8331


Jill Valentine’s second unique bonus is rebirth, and a trainable version appears on her Blood Web at level 35. This is how it works: Immediate 40/45/50% healing progress after being knocked down or downed. Rebirth helps survivors who have recently been forgotten. In many cases, once on the hook, the survivor is immediately pursued again by the killer. So if there is less time to fully heal, the survivor has a chance to be safe. Resurrection fits in well with the usual perks used by other survivors, such as. B. Borrowed Time and We Will Make It. With We’ll Make It, you’re assured of a full recovery before the Assassin has time to latch on again. Borrowed Time gives you the opportunity to escape the killer and heal yourself afterwards.   word-image-8332 word-image-8333 Resurgence can be combined well with Deliverance and Slippery Meat. You may wonder why I suggest letting go, because it leaves the effect of a broken state. But once the effect of the broken state wears off, you can heal. The 50% progress you’ve already made will help you get better faster and get your generators going again. I don’t expect Rebirth to be a meta perk, but it’s worth knowing because it can have a significant impact during the challenge. Rebirth certainly has its place in the specialized Perks.

Explosion pit

Jill Valentine’s third unique skill is Explosive Mine, and a trainable version appears on her blood web at level 40. This is how it works: Explosive mineis activated when generator repair is 66% complete. After repairing the generator, press and hold the capacitance button for at least 3 seconds to activate the trap, which remains active for 35/40/45 seconds. Affected generators are shown with a yellow aura for all Survivors. Only one trap can be active on a generator. When the Assassin damages a locked generator, the trap explodes, stunning him and blinding everyone nearby. The explosive mine is then deactivated. Blast Mine finally gives the survivors a perk that counters the assassins’ hit generators. To do so, the survivors had to touch the generator that Killer had activated to immediately stop the regression. That wasn’t always possible with one survivor around, and the Assassin would go hunting after he destroyed the generator.   word-image-8334 word-image-8335 Furthermore, the survivors have no way of stopping the killer from destroying the generators. So it was impossible to stop Assassin from enjoying Pop Goes the Weasel. An explosive mine changes all that. The power of the explosive mine is its ability to steal an assassin’s time. Not only does it blind the attacker, but it also prevents him from moving or attacking for the duration of the stun. The explosive mine also prevents the generator from being hit. So if the killer wants to use Pop Goes the Weasel or another generator perk on him, he has to hit him again. Basically, this option wastes a lot of the killer’s time. I see explosive mine used often in survival buddy groups. With four of these mines, you can easily take out the killer and ensure the survival of your team. This advantage will still be strong in single player mode, but it will just be better coordinated in a Survivor group with friends.   word-image-8336 word-image-8337 Explosion mine is such a strong perk that I can see it becoming a meta perk. Depending on how the survivors use the explosive mine, assassins can no longer use certain benefits of the generator, such as B. Pop Goes the Weasel. And here they are, three unique Jill Valentine perks in the Dead by Daylight game. To see the benefits of Jill Valentine in action, watch my video below. If you’re interested in another Resident Evil survivor, Leon Kennedy, I have an article about his exploits here. And if you want to know more about Nemesis, I have an article on its performance and benefits here. I hope my article helped you, and stay tuned for more guides onDead by Daylight .

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