This video will show you how to unlock the Risk of Rain 2 characters. If you want to find out how to get the characters in Risk of Rain 2 then go ahead and watch the video. .

Risk of rain is a very interesting game. It’s a game that is a very good example of what well and what badly implemented the industry. The game is not bad, but in many ways it is not free. The developers clearly want to make money and not just to make a good game. But it is very difficult and unnecessary to do so.

Here is how to unlock Risk of Rain 2 characters. You have to beat the game on Normal and higher difficulties. At the end of the game, you need to wait for the game to finish loading. After that, start the game again and end the game by pressing the HOME button. Thats all.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re searching for information about How To Unlock Risk of Rain 2 Characters. Risk of Rain 2 is a multiplayer video game in three dimensions. It’s a precursor to the Rainy Day. The survivors of the crash are the focus of the game. In Risk of Rain 2, there are now 9 courses available. The Commando class is unblocked by default, whereas others must complete Challenges to get unblocked. The players may choose any combination of characters, and each player has access to all of the characters they have unbarred. There are no restrictions on how many people/players may play the same character.

Risk-of-Rain-2-Characters-Wiki Risk-of-Rain-2-Characters-Wiki

Characters in Risk of Rain 2 Wiki

Typically, one new character is introduced every content update, with one character guaranteed for each update. The following characters are currently available in Risk of Rain 2:

Characters in Risk of Rain 2 Wiki

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Risk-of-Rain-2-Characters Risk-of-Rain-2-Characters

Characters from Risk of Rain 2

  • You must play a four-player co-op game in a seamless manner via Steam.
  • Over time, unlock more than 75 things, and each run must be colorful and full of new difficulties.
  • Make sure you play and unlock new survivors as well as returning survivors.
  • Face off against difficult creatures and massive bosses.
  • Explore 3D levels that have been meticulously created.
  • You must collect Monster, Item, and Environment Logs in order to gain knowledge.
  • Finally, challenge your pals.

New Characters in Risk of Rain 2

The amount of characters in Risk of Rain 2 that may be unlocked has been steadily growing. We currently have nine playable characters, each of which is unlocked in a unique manner. Some of them are designed to be difficult to open. REX, Loader, and Acrid are among the new characters in Risk of Rain 2. We’ll show you how to unlock these characters down below.

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risk-rain-2-characters-online risk-rain-2-characters-online

How to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain 2

The character you choose in Risk of Rain 2 is crucial. Your playstyle is determined by this. When you play something you’re familiar with, you’ll be able to win. So, what makes you choose between the Fierce Mercenary and the Deadly Huntress? 

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Because Commando is the default character, you’ll have to play him a few times before moving on to someone else. Don’t assume Commando is weak simply because he’s the first survivor; he’s easy to pick up and fun to play.

Risk-of-Rain-2-Characters-online-commando Risk-of-Rain-2-Characters-online-commando

The basic assault of Commando is quick and simple to target, and his rapid-fire ability may eliminate all opponents in a split second.


MUL-T is without a doubt the most straightforward character to unlock. It just takes five times to complete the first level. It’s a versatile fighter who can switch between two basic assaults at any moment. The first is a short-range first-fire nail gun that is excellent for crowds, while the second is a long-range sniper rifle that is good for selecting opponents.

risk-rain-characters-mult risk-rain-characters-mult

By playing, you can naturally unlock MUL-T, and you can speed up the process by farming the first level. In general, MUL-T is all on successfully switching main strikes while controlling large targets and crowds with your dash and stun grenades.

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You must finish the first three levels without dying in order to unlock the Huntress. This can be completed completely in single-player mode, particularly if you set the difficulty to low, but it will also work in multiplayer. Whatever you do, make sure you play it safe and keep moving forward.

risk-rain-characters-huntress risk-rain-characters-huntress

You can unlock the Huntress quicker than MUL-T, but it will take some practice. The straight-up teleport is one of Huntress’s greatest escape skills throughout the game. This will take you anywhere you want to go, and it can also be used as a jump.


While playing, you may unlock the Engineer in a variety of ways. You must finish 30 levels in order to unlock it. The Engineer is all about turret placement and defense. It makes no difference how many levels you complete, how tough you play, or which characters you select. You have the option of farming the initial level 30 times or clearing three strong ten-stage runs. Simply ensure that you are playing the game; however, playing on easy will definitely expedite the process.

risk-rain-characters-engineer risk-rain-characters-engineer


Artificer It’s one of the most difficult unlocks. To acquire it, you’ll need to gather 10 Lunar Coins and use them to release Artificer from the ice prison he’s been imprisoned in within the blue item store. Lunar Coins are typically dropped by opponents at random. So just try to play in order to gain more.

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When you have 10 coins, go to the Blue Item store, which may be accessed via a special gateway that opens when you beat a boss. Before moving on to the next level, you will have the opportunity to visit a Special Item store. The Artificer is next to a newt-like merchant in the store. Approach her Ice Prison and rescue her with your 10 coins.

risk-rain-characters-artificer risk-rain-characters-artificer

While playing multiplayer, several players have reported that the Artificer does not show in the item store. If this occurs to you and you have your ten Lunar Coins, just start a single-player game and play until you reach the blue gateway. There will be an appearance by the Artificer.


You’ll need to complete seven levels in one run and pass through an unique Celestial Portal to unlock Mercenary. The Celestial Portal, like the Blue Portal that connects to the item store, may be utilized instead of the teleporter. You’ll be sent to a Celestial Realm with a puzzle if you utilize it.

risk-rain-characters-mercenary risk-rain-characters-mercenary

You’ll discover a huge obelisk at the conclusion of this challenge that allows you to “obliterate” yourself. Obliterating yourself at the Obelisk will end your run immediately and provide you access to the Mercenary.


REX is the only one that cannot be unlocked by just playing the game. When you load in, you must first recover the Battery Pack from the rear of your Escape Pod. Simply remove the panel and grab it. Take this battery pack to the Abyssal Depths and insert it into REX to give him a boost. If your health drops below 50%, the battery pack will explode and kill you.

risk-rain-characters-rex-guide risk-rain-characters-rex-guide

Make your way to the Abyssal Depths by remaining calm and purchasing all the healing and defensive equipment you can. Once you’ve arrived in the Abyssal Depths, use the jump jets to ascend to the top of the level. On a little platform at the top, you’ll find REX dormant. Reach him, insert the battery pack, and open the door.

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When you beat Siren’s Call, the new area’s unique monster, you’ll unlock The Loader. This is a unique boss that can only be summoned after a brief ceremony. Siren’s Call is littered with tiny blue eggs. The monster will emerge in the center of the map after you’ve destroyed enough of these eggs. As a result, keep playing until you get Siren’s Call on your fourth level.

risk-rain-characters-loader-online risk-rain-characters-loader-online

This concludes our discussion on Risk of Rain 2 New Characters; we hope you enjoyed it. Which of the Risk of Rain 2 characters fascinates you the most? Please leave your thoughts in the area below.

Risk of Rain 2 is a puzzle platformer developed by Gamewave Studios, which takes place before the events of Risk of Rain 1, with Risk of Rain 2 having a desert setting and Risk of Rain 2 characters being able to use magic. In order to unlock these characters you need to spend gems in the game.. Read more about risk of rain 2 unlock everything and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unlock new characters in risk of rain?

You must beat the game on any difficulty to unlock new characters.

How do you unlock Risk of Rain 2 2021?

You must complete the game in order to unlock Risk of Rain 2 2021.

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