There are a few different ways to improve your DPS in ESO. The method of choice will depend on what class you play, how much time you have, and the type of resources available to you. Below we’ll list some methods that can be used by any build or skill tree in order for more damage output.

The “eso how to get 100k dps” is a guide that will help you improve your DPS in ESO. This guide helps players achieve the highest possible DPS by identifying all of their abilities and gear.

How to Improve Your DPS in ESO (2022)

Increasing your DPS in ESO is a significant task that requires a significant amount of games to attain and develop your character to their full potential. Better DPS speeds up the pace of the game while simultaneously allowing for more tough and complicated gameplay. You’ll eventually find yourself whizzing through the Veteran dungeons, trials, and arenas. So, how can you improve your DPS? What should you be concentrating on? Here are the stages to go from 10K to 100K DPS.

When players begin to actively contemplate how to enhance their damage, they ask themselves a series of questions. We’ll go through the most prevalent ones before moving on to what you should be doing to improve your DPS.

Should You Switch to the Most Powerful “Meta” Class to Increase Damage?

Changing to a class based on what is perceived to be the greatest at the moment will not provide you with the best DPS. You’ll want to choose a class that best fits your playstyle. In most situations, experience playing a single class is what elevates a competent DPS to an amazing DPS. If you’re playing two classes with the same skill level, you may always swap to the one that’s superior at the time.

1-Building-Character-1024x821 A screenshot of the character selection screen in ZeniMax Online Studios Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

Practicing one class until you’re an expert at the rotations will benefit you much more than pursuing “the ideal class” mix. Find out what works best for you and try out different playstyles depending on stamina or magicka. If you have the characteristics and skill morphs stored in the Armory, you can swiftly swap back and forth between the two kinds.

Is churning out the perfect settings going to boost my DPS significantly?

No, not at all. It’s crucial to find the suitable sets with the relevant characteristics. However, hammering out a new set that sounds better won’t have the same effect on your DPS as you may assume. Beginning with simple adjustments to your primary resource pool and damage type will undoubtedly help you enhance your damage.

1-Addons-977x1024 1-Addons-977x1024 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

Golding out your weapons will significantly increase your damage, however golding out your armor will have decreasing effects. Also, a character with a monster set, arena weapon, or legendary item will deal greater damage by default than one without, thus sets aren’t irrelevant. You should have at least two separate 5-piece sets across all of your armor, weapons, and jewelry, as well as something else to fill in the final two spots. A monster helmet/shoulder, arena weapon, or legendary + one Slimecraw monster set are often used.

When it comes down to it, armor won’t significantly increase your DPS unless you first understand the class and its abilities. It’s similar to an artist applying a high-quality brush over a low-quality brush; they’ll still need to practice for hours if they want their painting to appear good.

Is it true that I’ll require a lot of Champion Points to do decent damage?

1-CP-Points-1024x666 1-CP-Points-1024x666 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

Both yes and no. While CP does help you do more damage overall, it isn’t the most important aspect in dealing a lot of damage. Making sure you have the appropriate CP for your class and the sort of damage you do will undoubtedly assist. However, without effective skill management, you won’t notice a significant growth.

For example, if you’re a Nightblade who already specializes on delivering high single target damage from behind enemies, both Deadly Aim (10% higher damage with single target strikes) and Backstabber are likely to be useful (15 percent more critical damage from behind enemy). Because these are percentage increases, you won’t see a significant gain in DPS if your damage is already low.

So, what factors play a role in improving DPS?

1-Parsing-Matters-1024x596 1-Parsing-Matters-1024x596 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

Weaving Light Attack, rotation, and skill selection Other essential criteria that will enhance your DPS include, but are not limited to, the following.

Skill Choice & Rotation

Here’s a short rundown of everything you should have covered throughout your rotation. Having the right armor set combination updated to the highest level possible is a wonderful place to start. Setting up your CP points correctly can also help you out. The foods you eat and the potions you use will have a significant influence on your damage. When you combine stat food with a potion that grants you Major Sorcery/Berserk and Major Prophecy/Savagery, you’ll get a significant damage increase.

It’s also critical to be aware of your surroundings if you want to improve your DPS. You’ll find yourself striking harder and for longer if you stand in front of your healer who is dispensing buffs since you’ll have a lower probability of dying. The most important thing to concentrate on to boost your DPS is skill selection and rotation through those abilities. 

Because various skills have varied durations, casting order is critical to keeping them all up to date. It’s typically better to employ whatever benefits you have, particularly your sources of Major Sorcery/Berserk (which improves your spell/weapon damage by 20%) and Major Prophecy/Savagery (which increases your spell/weapon critical by 2629). Next, activate your damaging ground AOEs, starting with the one that has the longest duration so you don’t have to swap weapon bars as frequently.

Between each skill, you should constantly be light attacking since light attacks account for a large portion of your total damage. Because all talents have a one-second global cooldown, this is the ideal moment to perform a light attack while waiting for your next skill to activate.

After you’ve established those AOEs, you may start spamming your spammable while weaving light strikes in between them. You should utilize your ultimate as soon as it’s available and start building it back up while in fight, but it’s often more smart to wait and unleash a massive ground AOE strike when the enemy are more lined up or have just been debuffed. 

Because each class will have its own rotation, we won’t go through everything in detail here. However, if you can master the art of keeping your buffs active while resetting your abilities as soon as they reach their cooldown, you should be OK.

Weaving Light Attack

This is an essential part of increasing your damage within your rotation and deserves its own section. Weaving Light Attack can be thought of as animation canceling, but you are canceling the animation of the light attack. Skills cannot be animation canceled and you can even prevent them from going off light attacking before you set them off. Weaving Light Attack can be really confusing and challenging for newer and veteran players alike, especially when spells with cast times come into play. 

1-Light-Attack-300x263 1-Light-Attack-300x263 1. Simply a Light Attack

1-Light-Attack-Skull-Throw-300x211 1-Light-Attack-Skull-Throw-300x211 2. It’s All About Skill

1-Light-Attack-Skull-Throw-Weave-300x210 1-Light-Attack-Skull-Throw-Weave-300x210 3. Skill + Light Attack

There is a proper order to carry out Weaving Light Attack as well, as you’ll want to activate your light attack first and follow it up immediately by pressing whatever spell you want to cast next.

Instead of watching your character swing their sword all the way through the adversary before casting an ability, you’ll see your character slash through the enemy first, then the skill will activate with its animation. The light attack’s damage will still be dealt, but you won’t take any further damage while you wait for your sword to complete swinging.

You’ll need to practice getting the timing right, but once you do, I promise this will be a genuine DPS breakthrough for you. 

Examining the Damage

The Add-on Combat Metrics may be quite useful in determining the source of your damage. Read this post to learn how to obtain this add-on as well as which others to utilize.

-The Top 15 Add-Ons You Actually Need

1-Parse-Screen-One-1024x683 1-Parse-Screen-One-1024x683 Image: Equipment and Stats Breakdown / Combat Metrics Addon

Combat Metrics will break down how much each skill, champion point, and light attack is contributing to your overall DPS, showing you what skills to drop or keep. What’s great is that Combat Metrics will actually show you your Weaving Light Attack average, which you want as close to 0 as possible. On a parse dummy at either a guild hall or one you obtained for your own house, test out your skill rotation and try to get that weaving average close to 0 so there’s no wasted time where you could be dealing damage.

1-Parse-Screen-Two-1024x691 1-Parse-Screen-Two-1024x691 DPS and Skill Breakdown / Combat Metrics Addon

Take your parsing and utilize it in real battle after you’ve gotten your rotation down. When compared to real combat, getting as high as you did when parsing on a 21m health dummy will be considerably more difficult. The 21m health iron atronach provides all of the buffs that might be covered by a 12-person trial group if properly optimized, therefore coming close to it in a standard dungeon group will be challenging.

In comparison to the innocent parsing dummy, you’ll have to move about a lot more to dodge harmful mechanisms that might affect how you cast your skills. A player who excels at parsing means nothing to their team if they can’t keep up with your damage in a real combat. So, to cut a long tale short, have your parses ready, but also practice using them in battle. 

Be a part of the High Ground

For the most part, getting greater DPS in ESO is an enjoyable grind, but understanding what to concentrate on is crucial to make those gains. We hope that this tutorial will assist you in improving your number parsing skills so that you may use them in actual combat to take your squad through any level of content. Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on ESO and your other favorite games. 

The “eso how to increase dps sorcerer” is a guide on how to improve your DPS in ESO. It includes the steps that you will need to take and what skills you should use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase my DPS in eso?

A: Some of the most popular ways to increase your DPS in ESO are through gear, stats, and enchantments. You can also improve by increasing skill points or attribute points depending on what type of build you wish to focus on.

What is a good average DPS in eso?

A: The average DPS in ESO is about 650, depending on the players class.

What is the average DPS?

A: This is a difficult question to answer without data, but I can give you an estimate. The average DPS for players who are level 40-50 with about 1 million points in total is approximately 20k per minute on easy difficulty.

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