This article is an introduction to how you can get better at playing Apex Legends. It’s divided into 15 sections and I will give each section a title that tells what you need to do in order for this tip to apply more effectively. The tips range from general concepts like ‘don’t overthink it’ or ‘stay calm,’ all the way down to specific actions such as using your map, and even things like switching weapons quickly or communicating with teammates.

“How to Get Better at Apex Legends” is a blog post that provides 15 tips on how to get better at the game. Read more in detail here: how to get better at apex legends 2021.

How to Get Better at Apex Legends: Top 15 Tips

Are you sick of watching Apex Legends’ game over screen? When your team is the last one remaining, it’s a lot more fulfilling. Whether you’ve been playing for a long time or are just starting out, we’ve got some pointers to help you get into the winner’s circle. The majority of these are for Apex Legends’ Battle Royale mode, but many of the skills can also be used in Arenas and, most likely, Control.

If you’re seeking for advice on how to improve your performance outside of the game, check out our settings guide. We’ll go over some shooting strategies and how to improve quickly in Apex Legends.

As a result, let’s begin with things you can do to enhance your talents before the dropship ever takes off.


Warm Up in the Firing Range & Improving Aim Fast

training-mode-1024x576 The Firing Range in Apex Legends Jake Bosee / Respawn Entertainment via HGG

If you’re going to be playing Apex for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to warm up your aim beforehand. Whether you prefer to concentrate on a few guns or undertake more thorough recoil training, your mileage may vary with this technique.

Aim training software like Kovaaks 2.0 can actually assist monitor those shifting targets for those who want to go even deeper. Apex moves at a breakneck pace, so becoming acquainted with both the weaponry and tracking targets is the greatest way to enhance your K/DA.


Recruit a Team

no-friends-1024x576 Squad Selection Screen Apex Legends Jake Bosee / Respawn Entertainment via HGG

Apex Legends is largely a team game, since it was created with three-player teams in mind. Knowing who you’re playing with and avoiding random bar gamers will go a long way toward helping you grasp the game. When you have dependable teammates, you may concentrate on other things except why your squad’s Octane is so far away from you. If you don’t have any Apex buddies, there are a number of discord channels where you can find individuals to make stacks with.


Master a Legend or Two

It can be difficult to choose just one main character, especially now that Apex Legends has a roster of nearly 20 characters. I don’t propose “one-tricking” a single character since you’ll be out of luck if a teammate picks it up during the selection phase. Instead, I’d spend my time learning the ins and outs of a few characters while gaining a general understanding of what each legend does. Slowly, you’ll realize how diverse a team’s talents must be in order for it to prosper.

Only a portion of the roster will be available to newer players right away. More aggressive players should try characters like Wraith, Bloodhound, and Bangalore to keep things simple. Gibraltar, Lifeline, and Pathfinder are good choices for defensive players (though Pathfinder can be played aggressively with more mastery.)


Characters and their Functions

Successful Apex team compositions currently revolve around a few determining factors. On the character selection screen, you’ll see that each character belongs to a “class.” The “Recon” class has the ability to scan beacons for the next ring position, which isn’t really useful. Many of these characters, such as Bloodhound, Crypto, and Valkyrie, have “scan” abilities that allow their team to locate enemies. Having a single character like this really aids in the collecting of information.

character-select-1024x576 Character Selection Screen Apex Legends Jake Bosee / Respawn Entertainment via HGG

The “entry fragger” is a new kind of job that teams prize. This position focuses in securing a rapid kill or inflicting significant damage early in a battle. Due to their propensity to participate in and win duals, characters like Wraith, Ash, and Mirage fit this position effectively.

The “anchor” is another crucial role on an Apex squad. This job is defined by its ability to maintain a position while also assisting their team’s ability to reset. Gibraltar, Caustic, and Wattson are the typical “anchor” players, enabling their team to secure the fort and recover a fallen teammate in relative safety. Third parties, which will be discussed further down, are a constant concern in Apex Legends. Having a strong anchor gives you some resistance to cleaning up after a battle.


Get to Know Your Drops

storm-point-overview-1024x576 Aerial view of a map in Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment is the creator of this image.

It’s time to get into the game now that we’ve warmed up and chosen our legend. Depending on your playstyle, there are a few different types of drops you might search for at the start of a game.


Drop the Countdown

First off is the Drop the Countdown. This can mean dropping as soon as the countdown is over and landing in the nearest possible “Point of Interest.” Generally, there will be three to five other squads with the same idea, depending on flight path of course. This used to be more common when the game first launched, slightly less so now that people have played the maps more. Newer maps see more of this action, whereas in older maps people have narrowed down their preferences.


Hot Zone

hot-zone-1024x672 A hot zone highlighted on the minimap in Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment is the creator of this image.

The “Hot Zone,” marked by a blue circle on the mini-map, is the second option. Because legendary loot is guaranteed in this zone, at least two squads will almost always be heading there. You can bet it’ll be a fight if the zone is a particularly popular POI. Landing near the Hot Zone rather than within the zone itself is my advise. This allows you to plunder in peace before cleaning up the area after the battle has calmed down.


The Well-Kept Secret

The third type of Hot Drop is the “Skull Town/Fragment,” as I like to call it. These are areas in pub lobbies that have by far the highest density of players, and are named after the game’s previous and current hottest drops. On the map “World’s Edge,” you’ll often see half of the lobby land in pieces. Winning this combat is really satisfying, but it is quite tough due to the continual presence of other parties.

My viewpoint on these kinds of drops is really about what kind of skills you’re trying to improve upon as a player. If you want to immediately improve at fights, I’d suggest landing near the Hot Zone, looting up and taking engagements from there. A different strategy is to learn by trial and error, meaning landing in The Well-Kept Secret on the map. While this will improve your ability to take scrappy fights and individual skill, it can also be discouraging for you and your team. The initial kind of Hot Drop is really only if you’re trying to play fast. I’ve been there before, trust me, but often times the loot you get after one of those fights is hardly worth it.


Dropping Cold

There are a lot of options for where you may land in Apex Legends with a little more preparation. As the jumpmaster, take a moment to examine the initial flurry of dive trails at the start of the match. Large POIs are sometimes overlooked in the start of the map for whatever reason. Landing there after the incident not only gets you safe treasure, but it also puts you in close proximity to where a lot of combat is certain to happen.

Landing completely off the main flightpath typically results in safe treasure, although it’s not always worth it. There’s nothing more frustrating in Apex than looting for 15 minutes only to get killed by a group that seems to be having more fun than you. This is not the case in ranked, when obtaining your team the equipment they need takes precedence above anything else.


The Catch-22

There are a few things to bear in mind before landing in Apex Legends. The first is your closeness to your coworkers. If you land near to a teammate, you’ll have to divide the treasure pool. The size of such distance should be determined by the number of other squads in the region.

ash-action-shot-1024x576 Ash a new Legend in Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment is the creator of this image.

If it’s only your squad in a POI, spread out to get the treasure as quickly as possible. Accept that you might not even get two guns to start if you’ve dropped hot, as long as you can support a teammate. Remember that even if you don’t have a gun, a few well-placed punches might catch your opponent off guard.


The Beginning of the Game

In an Apex game, your first objectives should be to gain kills and treasure. Often, in the early stages of a game, one will come at the expense of the other. In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference, and the squad and legend selections will define the best line of action.

My own inclination is to take a hybrid approach to it. Landing close to the action and battling against one or two teams immediately after the drop. Squads will not have much treasure at first, but that worth will increase through time. A squad that loots an area alone will usually have more than a team that divides the pool with many others.

The EVO shields, on the other hand, are where things even out. The more damage you deal in Apex, the higher your shield level will be. In practice, this implies that the sooner and more often you battle, the higher your shields will be. Sheilds have a starting health of 50 and may scale up to a maximum of 125. High-level shields are extremely useful in the late game to boost your overall durability.



Being a quick looter is more important than being thorough. Many players will make the error of spending too much time searching through ground loot in search of the ideal loadout. While this isn’t always the worst approach, if you’re in the middle of the game, robbing other teams’ stuff is typically more valuable than plundering a full territory.

In general, your inventory should include a full row of ammunition for each of your firearms (this might vary with shotguns, for example), as well as a healthy supply of health, shields, and grenades. Shields (both cells and batteries) are usually my first priority, followed by medkits and syringes. Pheonix kits are useful towards the conclusion of a battle, but they are unstable due to their length. Then I generally have two or three grenades with me. You won’t be able to carry much without a backpack at first, so getting one is essential. Keep a watch out for when the purple backpack becomes available in the replicators so you can get a head start on expanding your stuff.


The Middle of the Game

The progress of your squad to the next ring defines the midgame. Once round one starts, keep an eye on your map and begin to move in the direction. Having a recon character comes in handy in this situation. If you scan a beacon, you’ll instantly know where the next ring will be, enabling you and your team to prepare ahead.

olympus-overview-1024x576 Another aerial view of a map in Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment is the creator of this image.

The first ring isn’t as bad as it seems. With simple syringes, you can simply out-heal it. However, you don’t want to get too far behind because the third round is when the ring really starts to hurt. At this stage, you should proceed with care in each new location. Open doors/supply bins and death boxes are some indications to watch out for that indicate the presence of another squad. The most surefire methods to win an engagement are to gain the jump on an unwary party or to enter a fight in the middle of it. If you don’t, expect other teams to third-party you, especially as you get closer to the map’s center or other hot zones.



In a team fight, communication is crucial. Knowing which legends you’re up against and where they’re located is crucial information.

“There’s a Wraith on top of the building with a sniper rifle,” as an example. I know one of my teammates is inside, but I’m not sure where the other is.”

This kind of data aids your team in making quick choices about how to proceed with the engagement. Horizon’s tactical and Ash’s ultimate powers are important here, as they may assist you pick out that lone victim. Always attempt to make the most of your movement. Peering from the same location repeatedly is a good strategy to attract the attention of numerous players.

Third parties should be avoided once again. When another team is closing in on you, it’s sometimes best to let the final member of the squad get away. Regroup around crucial defensive and mobility abilities like Gibraltar’s bubble shield and Caustic’s gas traps, and loot new shields from fallen adversaries.


Late Game

Positioning and resource management are often used to determine the game’s conclusion. Take into account the ring’s placement and the most beneficial posture. This is usually done on high terrain with a small number of adversaries on each side. The point of the ring farthest from the map’s center is usually a safe choice, although geography and other considerations do play a role.

Your objective should be to be the last team remaining after everything is put up. Keep this in mind, since concentrating on a weak squad is less useful than assisting them in shooting at a full one. Any advantage you can get by stacking the odds in your favor is beneficial.

the-wall-1024x576 Zoomed out view of a map in Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment is the creator of this image.

The outer circle will gradually close in on a central point during the last ring. Your squad should already be in a good position if you’ve done everything right. Otherwise, gunplay, crucial skills, and explosives may be the difference between success and defeat.

Be a part of the High Ground

That concludes our Apex Legends improvement advice! Though having the upper hand in warfare is advantageous, it is also advantageous when doing study outside of combat. Join our mailing list to receive more tasty articles and tips!

The “apex legends aiming tips” is a guide to help you improve your skills in Apex Legends. The article will list the top 15 tips that are most important to improve your aim and win more games.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get good at Apex Legends?

A: There are a few different ways to get good at Apex Legends, but the first thing you need to do is learn your class. The general strategy for each class can be found in our guides over on our website. Once you have learned all of the classes, its time to start playing with others and learning how they play their characters by watching them playing online or through pre-game lobbies with friends who know what theyre doing.

What is the fastest way to improve apex?

A: The fastest way to improve your apex is by doing a stamina run, which is essentially getting the most out of your stamina meter. You can also increase it by going into options and changing how much youre allowed to use each time you do a sword clash or jump attack.

How can I improve my Apex 2021?

A: As long as your Apex 2021 is functioning properly, there is not much you can do to improve its performance. If it has issues such as slow or inconsistent speed and accuracy, then try replacing the battery for a fresh one that lasts longer.

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