Destiny 2 is a complex game, with no shortage of content or loot. However, the one area that seems to be lacking are materials needed for upgrading your gear and guns. Luckily you can find these materials fairly easily in the wild by hunting down certain enemies and performing some light grinding activities while playing through campaign missions.

The “destiny 2 gunsmith materials farm 2021” is a guide that will show you how to farm gunsmith materials in Destiny 2. The guide includes information on what the materials are used for, how to get them, and where to find them.

How to Farm Gunsmith Materials in Destiny 2

In order to continually upgrade, acquire, and combine gear in Destiny 2, you’ll need to grind out a lot of resources and currencies. There’s a lot to keep track of, from common sorts like Glimmer and Legendary Shards to rarer treasures like Bright Dust and Exotic Ciphers. They all have distinct roles and may be obtained via extremely precise means or just by persistently playing the game. In this article, we’ll show you how to get one of Destiny 2’s most common yet unexpectedly important resources, Gunsmith Materials.

What Are the Different Types of Gunsmith Materials?

One of the most prevalent material categories in Destiny 2 is Gunsmith Materials. It’s a generic resource, similar to Glimmer and Legendary Shards, that you’ll stumble across and utilize in a variety of ways. It differs from other basic materials, however, in that it is very valuable for obtaining Upgrade Modules or special rolls from The Gunsmith.

IMG_6207-1024x576 Screenshot of gunsmith rewards in destiny 2 Bungie courtesy of HGG

So, whether you’re short on Gunsmith Materials or just want to stock up on them so you don’t have to worry about them again, here’s all you need to know about farming Gunsmith Materials.

How to Obtain Gunsmith Supplies

Let’s clarify out how the material is obtained before we go into some particular go-to strategies for gaining Gunsmith Materials. There are no special tasks, challenges, or bounties that will help you gain Gunsmith Materials; it’s really lot simpler than that. Dismantling Rare, Legendary, or Exotic weapons and armor will yield you Gunsmith Materials. The greater the rarity of your gear, the more Gunsmith Materials you’ll get, with Rare gear earning one and Legendary and Exotics getting three. 

Now, let’s look at a couple strategies for keeping your Gunsmith Material supply afloat.

1. Dismantle any weapons or armor that aren’t required.

To gain Gunsmith Materials, you must dismantle your gear. That isn’t to say that you should deconstruct everything you come across. Here are a few tips for disassembling your gear.

Items that are very rare

IMG_6204-1024x576 Screenshot of a black shield mark in destiny 2 Bungie courtesy of HGG

Items that are very rare or Blue-colored gear is one of the biggest and most frustrating holdovers from the original Destiny. This type of gear has limited Perk slots, typically lower Power levels, and is generally frustrating to deal with. That’s why, unless you’re a New Light, you should simply dismantle these whenever they hit your inventory. Sure, they’ll only give you one Gunsmith Material at a time, but you’ll likely find that these pop up very often while playing.

Organize Your Vault

It’s all too simple to let your vault get overwhelmed. Holding on to every possible God Roll, ancient Exotics, exclusive Sparrows, and even merely cycling gear out of your inventory may rapidly result in a lot of useless goods being packed away.

IMG_6208-1024x576 Screenshot of a full vault in Destiny 2 Bungie courtesy of HGG

So, if you’re in desperate need of Gunsmith Materials, just go through your vault. Anything that isn’t important, iconic, or beneficial should be removed. After all, you can always reclaim goods from the Collections menu if you need to, so there’s no harm in taking out more gear than you think.

Umbral Engrams are a kind of engram that is found in the

With Season of the Lost dragging on for so long, you’ve likely collected a ridiculous number of Umbral Engrams are a kind of engram that is found in the. If you’ve focused all of the rolls you want, collecting and using them can be a great method for dismantling Legendary items and snagging three pieces of Gunsmith Materials. This is a great method for any season really, but especially for any that goes on for a long amount of time.

2. Put Ghost Shell Mods on your character.

The unsung heroes of gathering materials, Glimmer, and experience are Ghost Shell Mods. There are now two distinct Mods worth equipping to boost your Gunmsith Material collection.

Shell-of-Gilgamesh-1024x576 Shell of Gilgamesh Bungie courtesy of HGG

Special Banshee

With every Elemental weapon last strike, this Economic Mod boosts the creation of Gunsmith Telemetry Data. These are the alternate materials that the Gunsmith accepts as payment. It takes five energy to equip and may help you earn more Banshee reputation in addition to your Gunsmith Materials.


When completing or winning activities, this Activity Mod will allow you to drop one extra piece of Legendary gear. It takes three energy to equip and can only be obtained when your Ghost has been Masterworked. It’s really the ideal Mod for our next suggestion.

3. Perform the activities on the Playlist

Playlist activities are any cyclical occurrences in Destiny 2 that may be repeated over and over again. This contains both Vanguard and PvP activities, and they can all be found in your primary Guide. These tasks are usually easy to finish and yield guaranteed gear, making them excellent for grinding. 

PvP Playlists that Rotate

Depending on the Crucible Modes you play, these can be among the quickest ways to grab additional gear to dismantle. You’re almost always guaranteed at least a handful of Rares and Legendaries every time, meaning that you’re walking away with anywhere from two to six pieces of Gunsmith Materials. However, not every PvP playlist can be completed as quickly as others. So, if you’re wanting to quickly work through a round, keep an eye on the PvP Playlists that Rotate. 

IMG_6209-1024x576 Screenshot of a victory screen in Destiny 2 Bungie courtesy of HGG

Rumble, Mayhem, Momentum Control, and Team Scorched are just a few of the fastest and most enjoyable gamemodes. If Iron Banner is active, it may be worthwhile to devote a little extra time to collecting tokens and earning Iron Banner reputation in addition to your usual Valor reputation. It really comes down to personal preference, since most of these gamemodes will take around the same amount of time and provide similar prizes.

Strikes of the Basics

IMG_6203-1024x576 Screenshot of a strike in Destiny 2 Bungie courtesy of HGG

Standard Strikes are some of the most straightforward tasks you’ll face. They take a little longer than Crucible battles, but you may add more PvE bounties and aim for the weekly Pinnacle gear to make your experience more enjoyable. There’s no real technique to completing this sort of Strike other than keeping things simple, so gather a Fireteam and rush through everything to keep your time under control.


IMG_6205-1024x576 Screenshot of a battleground in Destiny 2 Bungie courtesy of HGG

If you can’t bear running the same Strikes over and again, Battlegrounds is a good alternative. These fast, enemy-heavy PvE activities debuted as part of Season of the Chosen and are among the greatest Playlist Activities to do. The rewards are similar, however there is a larger list of weekly gear to get, which may make doing many of them worthwhile.  


Override is a Seasonal Activity that has been carried over from Season of the Splicer, but with some novel reward twists that may make it significantly more worthwhile to do. For starters, each run grants you access to two chests, and you may quickly rack up Umbral Engram drops. This increases your chances of obtaining Legendary gear to disassemble over common Rare items from other PvE actions. 

Eternity’s Dares

IMG_6085-1-1024x576 Screenshot of the Eternity's Dares activity in Destiny 2 Bungie courtesy of HGG

Eternity’s Dares is the new 6-person activity that came with the 30th Anniversary expansion. It’s free to everyone, features some of the best gameplay in any playlist-like activity, and typically only takes 9-12 minutes to finish. If you complete Starhorse or Xur Bounties, you only increase your likelihood of earning additional gear through specific drops. 

Aside than that, the gear drop rate will be similar to the other activities on this list. This should be your go-to if you’re looking to earn reputation with Xur or any other part of the new DLC. 

4. Improve the vendor’s reputation

Depending on what you’re playing, you’ll begin to gain reputation with various Vendors as you complete these playlist tasks. Lord Shaxx will be subject to PvP, Savallah to PvE, and the Drifter to Gambit. Additional merchants, such as Xur, the Gunsmith, and seasonal vendors, may be improved as well, however reward completions are usually required.

IMG_6206-1024x576 Screenshot of Leveling up vendor reputation rank with Lord Shaxx in Destiny 2 Bungie courtesy of HGG

The advantage of leveling them up is that once you hit a new level, you’ll get Legendary stuff. Additional drops and other more distinctive goodies, like as upgrade materials and weapon skins, will be granted at higher level levels. The key to getting the most out of these systems is to concentrate on one at a time. 

To begin, take up and accomplish bounties; this will offer you tiny increases in your reputation. Then make certain that you repeat the identical Playlist action many times. The longer you play successive rounds of the same activity, the higher your reputation will be. Keep in mind that this is a time-consuming technique of obtaining Gunsmith Materials. You won’t be able to obtain multiples at once or in under 10 minutes. However, it might provide a welcome lift as you go about your daily routine.

What Should You Do With Your Gunsmith Materials?

What should you do with all of these Gunsmith Materials now that you have them? Banshee-44 is where you’ll utilize them the most. The simplest thing to accomplish is to improve your Vendor Reputation and opt for the best weapon rolls available. This will also help you gain Legendary Shards, which can be used to purchase additional equipment at the Gunsmith’s store. Just keep in mind that you’ll need extra supplies to make the purchases.

Be a part of the High Ground

Hopefully, you’re well on your way to acquiring a large number of Gunsmith Materials to enable you go for certain Banshee-44 weapon rolls or upgrade materials for other equipment. While the applications for these materials are restricted, they are essential for either enhancing your present gear or attempting to master the Gunsmith’s finest.

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In Destiny 2, players can farm gunsmith materials to craft new weapons and armor. The “gunsmith materials destiny 2 farm beyond light” is a guide that will help you find the best locations for farming these materials in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I farm Gunsmith materials Destiny 2?

A: Much like other activities in Destiny 2, earning Gunsmith materials can be done via quests and looting Engrams. You will also find them as loot drops from enemies or higher level bosses.

Can you farm Gunsmith materials?

A: Currently, you cannot farm Gunsmith materials for free.

Can you buy Gunsmith materials in Destiny 2?

A: No, you cannot buy Gunsmith materials in Destiny 2. They can only be earned through gameplay.

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