Stranger Of Paradise is a single player game that was released in the year 2003. The excellent remaster of this game, originally made for Gameboy Advance, will be available on Switch and PS4 from January 31st 2019. After playing through all five chapters and collecting everything there is to collect within it, we learn how to dismantle items without obtaining any rewards or experience points!.

How To Dismantle Items In Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins

How-To-Dismantle-Items-In-Stranger-Of-Paradise-Final-Fantasy-OriginsIn Final Fantasy Origins: Stranger Of Paradise, How To Dismantle Items

You’ll get a lot of treasure in this game. This article will show you how to acquire the Deconstructing option in Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins, as well as some tips and tactics for avoiding dismantling expensive artifacts that you may need to unlock other tasks.

All of the occupations we’ve uncovered in Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins have one thing in common: they all need a weapon to utilize, advance, and improve. As a result, you should avoid destroying the very last weapon in each category while dismantling equipment. This is because if you deconstruct a class’s final weapon, you won’t be able to convert to that class until you have a suitable weapon. The majority of the time, they are simple to replace, but it’s advisable to be careful and have at least one weapon for each class. You never know what obstacles are going to come your way.

In Final Fantasy Origins: Stranger Of Paradise, How To Dismantle Items

You just need to be on the global map to dismantle stuff. After completing a task or side quest, you will be sent to this map. Press the Main Menu button on the World Map, which is located in the bottom right corner of the screen. The R1/RB buttons will then be used to travel between the various displays. You’re looking for the Cornelia menu.

Smithy and Talk are the two alternatives available here. Navigate to the Dismantle option after selecting the Smithy option. In exchange for supplies and resources, just destroy all of the goods you want removed from your inventory.

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